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This letter was probably com- knowledge of the true God and municated to us for private in- Saviour, it was agreed, in June, spection, but we venture to pub- 1816, to form a society for this lish it, as an interesting docu- purpose ; encouraged by the ment, which unfolds the circum- pleasing hope, that, while the stances that led to the formation branches grafted into the good of the Female Society in Boston. olive-tree shall continue to flouIt was well adapted to its object, rish with increasing strength, and some of its happy effects and diffuse their healing fra may be seen in what is to fol- grance throughout every realm, low.

the great Husbandman of the vineyard will smile propitious

on the efforts of his stewards, to Constitution of the Female Society restore the natural branches to

of Boston and the Vicinity, for their original stock. promoting Christianity among the With these impressions, a numJews. Instituted June 5, 1816.

ber of ladies met on the 5th of Among the many predictions June, 1816; and, after supplicontained in the sure word of cating the Throne of Grace for prophecy, which have enlivened direction and a blessing, adopted the hearts and the prayers of the following Christians in every age, that portion which respects the ingathering of the Jews to the

1. The name of this Association kingdom of the Messiah, bears shall be the Female Society of Bosan important part. These pre- ton and the Vicinity, for promoting dictions remain yet to be accom- Christianity among the Jews. " plished, and the present signs of 2. The officers of the society the times indicate that their ful.. shall be a First and Second Direcfilment is nigh at hand. In con- tress, a Corresponding Secretary, sequence of the affecting repre

a Recording Secretary, and a Treasentation of their situation, and

surer; to which shall be added, one

Collector to every 25 subscribers. the powerful motives for Chris

These officers and collectors togetians to make some special ex- ther shall constitute the Board of ertions for their conversion, pre- Directors : any two of the officers, sented in a book written by Mr. with three collectors, shall fo Frey, entitled, “ The Converted quorum. Jew," a number of ladies contri- 3. The annual meetings of the buted, in July, 1815, the sum of society shall be holden in Boston, $50, to be appropriated to this the third Tuesday in May, at the

hour and place the Directors shall object. Finding these feeble exertions could do but little to ef- of Directors shall be elected by bal

appoint; at which time the Board fect this great design, and deeply lot. Every meeting shall be openanxious that some more efficiented with prayer. aid might be given to restore 4. The First Directress, or, in this once favoured people to the her absence, the Second Directress,


sball call meetings of the Directors The Directors for the first Year are as at her discretion, and preside at

follows: the same; and the Board may fill

Mes. ELIZABETH B. WINTHROP, any vacancy in their number which

Ist Directress. may occur, or elect any additional

Mrs. MARGARET C. WELCH, collector, if necessary, between the

2d Directress. annual meetings.

Miss Hannah Adams, 5. The Corresponding Secretary Cor. Secretary. shall conduct the foreign corre- Miss AUGUSTA T. WINTHROP, spondence of the society, and keep Kec. Secretary. a record of the same. The Record- - Mrs. Sarah Dunn, ing Secretary shall give notice of

Treasurer. all meetings of the society and of the board, and record the doings of

Collectors. the same ; and shall prepare the

Mrs. Susan Eaton. Report of the Directors for the an

Mrs. Lucia G. Swett. nual meeting. The Treasurer shall

Mrs. Susan Dorr. keep the names of all the members of the society, and shall designate

Mrs. Elizabeth Cummings. to each collector the subscriptions

Mrs. Mary Bowers.

Miss Harriet Moore. to be collected by her; and shall

Miss Elizabeth Codman. keep an account of all movies she

Miss Catherine Scollay. may receive from the collectors, or

Miss Elizabeth Rogers. from any other source, to be holden

Miss Sarab Dunn. subject to the order of the First or

Miss Maria Parker. Second Directress, which shall be drawu from the treasury only by

Miss Charlotte Lane.

Miss Frances Erving. au hority from the board. The Collectors shall severally keep an account with each member whose

The History of the Jews has subscription is assigned for her col

been reviewed, with deserved lection, pay all movies so received, to the Treasurer, and take her re

approbation, in the Christian ceipt for the same.

Observer. In aid of the object 6. The funds of the society shall of the Female Society, Miss be applied for the promotion of Adams has recently published a Christianity among the Jews, and well written tract, entitled, A shall be appropriated to this ob- concise Account of the London ject, according to the discretiou of Society for promoting Christithe board.

anity amongst the Jews.” This 7. Any person who shall subscribe

we recommend to the attention these articles, and pay ten dollars, of our readers, as containing a shall be a inember for life; and any

more full account of the London person subscribing and paying annually a sum not less than 52 cents,

Society than can at present be shall be a member so long as such given in this work. subscription is paid.

The Female Society, as we 8. Any alteration in these articles

are authorized to state, already may be made, hy the vote of two

consists of a handsome number thirds of the members present at of subscribers; and they have an annual meeting.

already collected nearly one hun

dred pounds, to be sent to the memorial of former ages, and is London Society, besides fund- become a tale of other times ; to ing the life subscriptions, which convince them, that there was amount to $200. This surely is no longer danger of having their an auspicious beginning; and we teeth extracted one by one, till cannot do less than to recom- they had disgorged their wealth; mend the object of the society, and to convince them, that they as worthy of general attention. might embrace Christianity, with

That our readers may not out losing the whole, or a moiety view this object with indiffer- of their goods, as in the reign of ence, we shall give some ex- Edward I.-were among the imtracts from the Jewish Reposi- portant objects for which The tory, of the speeches that were LONDON SOCIETY WAS ESTABmade at one of the meetings of LISHED. the London Society. That the “ The heart, appalled with the form of address may be under- cruel treatment inflicted upon the stood, it will be proper to ob- Jews in every preceding age, in serve, that the Duke of Kent every country of the world, Enghad become a patron of the so- land not excepted, turns from the ciety, and presided at the meet- sickening view, to the conteming. The names of the speakers plation of the brighter prospects will be given.

which dawn on our hemisphere.

The Jews may now see disciples Mr. Stevens—“I shall next pro of Jesus Christ exhibiting the ceed to draw your Royal High- traits of their Master's character; ness's attention to that which is, they may now see princes, peers, in truth, the leading objection of privy counsellors, clergy and laity the Jews, in every conversation of the established Church, unite which they have with Christians with the more excellent of all upon religious subjects; viz. That other denominations, in exhibitas there are so many sects and 'ing to the Jews this main fact, denominations amongst the pro- that Jesus was and is the true fessors of Christianity, they should Messiah-He of whom Moses first settle their own differences, and the prophets wrote. This, and then they might expect, with then, is our PALLADIUM! this is a some degree of confidence, to pre- fortress of impregnable strength! vail upon the Jews to embrace While we continue to act on this their system. To obviate this principle, no human power can objection, and to induce the assail us with effect. Whenever Jews to regard the professors of this principle is violated, the Christianity in a different way walls of our castle, yea, the from those who have hitherto very keep itself will crumble inattempted their conversion ; to to ruins." convince them, that the propagation of Christianity by fire and Rev. Gerard Noel.-" There sword, by torture and depriva- are two considerations, which, tion of wealth, only exists in the make me look with the deepest Vol. IV. No. 8.


interest upon this society. One more exalted term !-We are the is, the unspeakable blessings most valuable and efficient Ale which we have received from LIES of every other society, the Jews. Every blessing we whose object is the advanceenjoy at this time, every pros- ment of the Gospel : our success pect of eternal happiness which must include theirs. Are we revelation opens upon our souls, not attempting (and, with God's we are debtors for to the Jews; blessing, we shall succeed) to and too long have we neglected illustrate, by Jewish preachers, that people. Another circum- those Scriptures which the Bri. stance is, that, in my mind- tish and Foreign Bible Society, and I believe almost every one with unwearied zeal and activi. conversant with the Scriptures ty, is dispersing among the gawill agree with me in the opini- tions? Are we not endeavouron-we are not to look for very ing, as humble instruments in great progress in the introduc- God's hand, to silence, by means tion of Christianity into the connected with the accomplishworld, until after the conversion ment of prophecy, all the claof the Jews. In the proportion, mours of the infidel against ditherefore, that I value the Chris- vine truth? Shall these efforts tian religion-in the proportion fall to the ground ?-No; they I feel it dear to me, as the only cappot. It will ultimately be ground of hope and comfort-in found, that, though the rising that proportion I look with in- cloud • is little, like a man's terest upon this society, which hand,' it will spread over the is the harbinger of that glorious whole earth, it will descend in period, when the knowledge of showers of blessing." the Lord shall cover the earth, as the waters cover the sea. I We might fill many pages am sure we are met for an ob- from the excellent speeches of ject, upon which Almighty God the members of the London Somust look down with peculiar ciety-of members, too, of emifavour."

nent talents and rank. We have

selected such passages as were Rev. Dr. Draper. The con- adapted to give a concise and version of the Jews will assured- impressive view of the objects ly promote the universal diffusion of the society, and of the moof the knowledge of God; it will tives by which its members are accomplish those animating pre- animated. dictions, which have so long By the Corresponding Secresustained the faith and hope of tary of the Female Society of the Christian Church. The Son Boston and vicinity, we have of God has ascended the chariot been favoured with the Seventh of salvation : we are his pioneers, Report of the London Society; bis servants, to prepare his way. from which, farther intelligence We are the auxiliaries--auxilia may be expected, in a future ries, did I say? Help me to a number of this work.



At a Meeting of the London Society, when the foundation of the Episcopal

Chapel was laid-after the Duke of Kent had officiated in laying the first stone-the Jewish children, under the patronage of the Society, walked round the room, and were introduced to his Royal Highness. One of the Hebrew youths repeated an Address, which had been prepared for the occasion. The following lines are a part of the Address :

So, by degrees, through England's happy land,
Increasing strength was gain’d to Israel's cause :
From heart to heart the kindred warmth was spread,
As if the Apostle, whom, tradition says,
First told, on Albion's land, a Saviour's love-
The Apostle, whose desire and prayer to God
Was their salvation-hovering o'er the Church
He planted here, has cried - It, through their fall-
If, through their loss, you now such riches gain,-
Much more, by their return, shall life abound;
For God hath not his people cast away
They shall be grafted in !--As if that voice
Has rous'd the nation--as, at Africk's call,
Reeking with tears and blood, the chain she snapp'd ;
And casting at her feet, with mighty hand,
Its ponderous fragments, bade a world be free!
So now, from Israel's prostrate neck, a yoke
More galling would she tear, and freedoin give
To those who errour's slaves too long have been.
Such is the progress made in this great work,
From step to step, from bright to brighter deeds,
Till now, this happy day-while it affords
Sweet hope of greater acts, has bid us cease
To wonder why, on Britain's land alone,
Love universal should her seat have fix'd.
Our King, our Princes, lay aside their state,
The first that bright example to display."

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In the Recorder, for July 3, we have an animating list of Bible Societies in the United States. The whole number then known, is stated to be ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-EIGHT,

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