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But joy shall spread a brighter train,
And mirth indulge its freest strain,
The happy day which absence ends,
And gives me back my much-lov'd Friends.

Cattskil Recorders


Friend to distress and patron of the poor,
The injur'd shar'd his service and bis store;
His time, his talents, all alike design'd,
One universal good to human kind.
Fix'd in the principles which he profess'd,
But gen'rous and humane to all the rest;
Diffusive thus his charity began.
And flow'd in unexhausted love to man.
Hail favour'd spirit! now immortal rise,
And join th' exalted worship of the skies ;
Where bliss perfected flows one boundless tide
And names no more your love and life divide ;
Dissolv'd the narrow tie, th' impure alloy,
And God reveald shines forth your endless joy.*


Mr. Joseph E. Worcester, of Salem, has issued proposals for publishing a Universal Gazetteer and Dictionary of Geography, ancient and modern ; containing a more complete enumeration, than has hitherto been published, of the Kingdoms, Countries, Provinces, Cities, Towns, Forts, Islands, Mountains, Capes, Seas, Bays, Lakes, Rivers, Indian Tribes, &c. in the known world. With a copious account of all the important articles.

The Gazetteer now proposed will, so far as it respects the modern geography of the eastern continent, be founded upon the basis of that of Cruttwell, with additions and corrections. On the subject of ancient geography, the work of the celebrated D'Anville, will be made the principal basis. With respect to America, materials have been collected from a great variety of sources. And the work will be found far more complete, with regard to this continent, than any that has yet been published. It will comprise in two large volumes, and in one alphabetical series, more than four times as many articles of Geography, as are contained in the Gazetteers which have been published in America.

* These lines are but an extract ; whether they have been before published, we are not informed.


Facts relating to the London Society for promoting Christianity among

the Jews ; collected from the Seventh Report.

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The Patron of the London Socie- Church have expressed their conty is the Duke of Kent. The so- scientious objections to unite with ciety has fourteen Vice Patrons, viz. the society, whilst its affairs are one Duke, five Earls, and eight managed by a committee consisting Lords. The President is Sir Tho- of persons of different religions demas Baring. The Vice Presidents nominations, and have intimated are seventeen persons of high stand- their willingness to support it if caring.

ried on exclusively by Churchmen: The life subscribers to the so- this meeting embraces the opporciety are 235; the lowest of the life tunity of proving, that they never, subscriptions is 10l sterling, and the as Dissenters, had any other design highest 2101.

The amount of an but the conversion of the Jews to annual subscription is at least one Christianity: and as it is probable guinea. The annual subscribers are that the assets are nearly sufficient more than one thousand. There to cover the debts, they therefore are between fifty and sixty Auxilia- cannot feel the smallest objection to ry Societies. Many liberal dona- withdraw in favour of such brethtions have been made to the society. ren of the established Church, who One of 9001 one of 6001 and one of testify a lively zeal in the grand 4001. These three are anonymous, cause, possessing also the means and they are the largest which we for promoting it." have discovered in the report.

This meeting of the Dissenters This society is composed of mem- was held Feb. 6, 1815. At a subsebers of the established Church and quent extraordinary General Meetof Dissenters; and the concerns of ing of the London Society, the offer the society were managed for seve- of the Dissenting brethren was acral years, by a committee composed cepted, as manifesting

"å spirit of both descriptions. At length

At length most truly conciliatory;" and they the society became subject to pe- were earnestly requested to favour cuniary embarrassments of a threat- the society still, both with pecunia. ening aspect; and it was found that ry aid and their prayers. This conmany members of the established duct of the Diss ters must have Church had declined affording relief, made a favourable impression on from a conscientious scruple re- their brethren of the establishment. specting the propriety of associat. In the annual Report of May, 1815, ing with Dissenters in matters of the committee say, “ They believe discipline. When this became that, with few exceptions, the Disknown to the dissenting subscribers, senters who were previously subthey held a meeting on the subject scribers will continue their support and passed several votes, the most to the society.” important of which was the follow- The London Society is now wholing :

ly under the control of the mein“ That as it appears that many bers of the Episcopal Church; and zealous members of the established the established forms of worship are the only forms to be admitted in the houses of worship devoted to the converted Jews.

In the course of one year ending March 31, 1815, the London society received, from

Auxiliary Societies, 12162,11,10
Penny Societies, 1276, 9, 4

2929, 2, 1 Donations,

528, 0, 6 All the above was exclusive of life and annual subscriptions.


Extract from a Speech of George Griffin, Esq. delivered before the

American Bible Society, at their meeting in New-York, May 13, 1816.

EIGHTEEN centuries ago, the di- under the mighty effort of extendvine author of our religion, about to ing redemption to a world. Kings ascend to his pative heavens, pro- and emperours are vying with the nounced with bis farewell voice, humblest of their subjects in this • Go ye into all the world, and stupendous work. The coffers of preach the gospel to every crea- the rich are emptied into hearen's ture." A little band of Christian treasury, and there also is receivheroes obeyed the heavenly man. ed the widow's mite. But there is date ; and, clothed in their mas- one nation which has stood forth ter's armour, encountered and over- pre-eminent in this career of glory, came the united powers of earth With the profoundest veneration. I and hell. But the apostolick age bow before the majesty of the Bridid not always last, Seventeen tish and Foreign Bible Society.kundred years have since elapsed, This illustrious association, (its hisand more than three fourths of the tory is recorded in heaven, and human_family are still envelop- ought to be proclaimed on earth.) ed in Pagan or Mahoinetan dark- has been instrumental in distribut

A lethargy, like the sleep of ing a million and a half of volumes the sepulchre, had long fastened its of the word of life ; and bas magself on the Christian world. It was nanimously expended, in a single the tremenduous earthquake of mo- year, near four hundred thousand dern atheism, that roused them dollars for the salvation of man. from this slumber : and while, dur- This transcendant institution is the ing the last twenty years, the vials brightest star in the constellation of God's wrath have been pouring of modern improvements, and looks upon the nations, convulsing to its down from its celestial elevation on centre this distracted globe, the Bi- the diminished glories of the Greble has re-commenced its triumphs. cian and Roman name. This tree of heaven's planting has The electrick shock has at length stood and strengthened arnidst the reached our shores. Local Bible prostration of thrones, and the con- Societies have been heretofore escussion of empires. The aposto- tablished in this country; but they Jick age is returning. The countries wanted extent of means, compreof Europe, which lately rung with hensiveness of design, and consolidathe clangour of arms, are now filled tion of action. It was to be expectwith societies for the promulgation ed, and the Christian world had a of the gospel of peace. Through right to expect, that the American those fields, but lately drenched in nation would arise in the majesty of Imman blood, now flow the streams its collected might, and upite itself ef salvation, Europe is bending rith the other powers of Christena

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dom, in the holy confederacy for Him who gives them, than nations extending the empire of religion wasted with war ? and civilization. This auspicious Surely, Sir, we shall not refuse era has now arrived. The last week to run the race which is set before has witnessed an august assemblage us, nor to contribute towards the of the fathers of the American cause of mankind.

What charity Churches, of every denomination, can he greater, to what can there convened in this metropolis from all be stronger motives? parts of the country, not to bran- How many are there who thirst dish the sword of religious contro- for military glory; and what sacversy, but to unite with one heart, rifices wonld they not make to ob in laying the foundation of the ma- tain it! We have long been spectajestick superstructure of the Ameri

tors of the great tragedy which has can Bible Society. Athens boasted been acted on the theatre of Europe, of her temple of Minerva; but our and our imaginations have become city is more truly consecrated, by inflamed. We have beheld mighty being the seat of this hallowed edi- hosts encountering each other ; desfice. It is not a mosque, containing, perate battles fought, and victories or reputed to contain, the remains We think of the triumphant : of the Arabian prophet, but a fa- march, the blood stained banner, brick reared and devoted to the the captured artillery, and all the living God by the united efforts of pride, pomp and circumstance of the American Churches. Fellow- glorious war, till many among us citizens ! will you coldly receive would willingly face danger and this honour, or will you not rather death itself, to acquire a renown show yourselves worthy of this sa- equal to that of some favourite hera. cred distinction ? I am persuaded, Yet the laurel of the conqueror that your munificence and zeal in grows only in a soil which is moisthis holy cause will be recorded as tened with blood. It is stained an animating example to the nation. with the tears of the widow, and it For to whom should it be reserved thrives in the midst of desolation to electrify this western continent, Nor is it durable : amid all the anbut to the London of America ? nals of destruction, how few are Our country has long stood forth the names which we remember and the rival of England in commerce pronounce ! But is there glory which and in arms ; let her not be left be

is pure and enduring, and which dehind in the glorious career of evan- serves to be sought? Yes, the love selizing the world.

of fame is a noble passion, given us not to be extinguished, but to be

used aright. There is a glory which Extract from the Speech of Peter A.

a wise man will covet, which a Jay, Esq. before the American good man will aspire to, which Bible Society.

will follow him from this world to The nations of Europe are now the next, and there, in the preawake and active ; they have sent sence of an assembled universe of forth the gospel into all lands, and angels, and of just men made perits sound unto the ends of the earth. fect, place a crown upon his brows Their exertiops are strenuous and that fadeth not away. unremitted. They eagerly emu- It is the peculiar province of the late each other in the glorious clergy, to teach how to acquire this strife. And sball we alone be idle ? heavenly crown; but I may be perBlest as we are with opulence and mitted to say, that an irrevocable case, shall we be less grateful to decree has gone forth, an inviolable


promise has been made, that they dant sects will meet together, enwho turn many to righteousness, gaged in a common cause ; prejudisball shine like stars for ever and ces will abate; asperities will be

softened ; and when it is found, as But how shall those who are undoubtedly it will be found, that doomed to business and labour, turn the same love of God and of man many to righteousness. Such is the animates all real Christians, whatconstitution of human society, that ever may be their outward rites, or all cannot be missionaries, all can- forms of ecclesiastical discipline, not apply themselves to the spirit- that most of them agree in fundaual concerns of others. This Socie- mental doctrines, and that their ty enables all to contribute to the differences principally relate to spiritual improvement of all. The points of little practical importance, Bible is the best of missionaries. there must be an increase of brothIt will reach where no preacher can erly love, and of a truly catholick penetrate; it will preach where he spirit. cannot be heard; it will reprove, Sir, I pretend not to see inore alarm, advise, console in solitude, clearly than others through the dim when no passion interferes to drown veil of prophecy, but if the predicits voice. Of these missionaries tions which foretel a millenial perithousands may be sent abroad, and od of happiness on earth, are ever where the seed is abundantly sown, to be literally fulfilled, it can only we may reasonably hope for an be by the accomplishment of anoabundant harvest.

ther prophecy, that " The knowThough the diffusion of the scrip- ledge of the Lord shall cover the tures is the great end of our Insti- earth, as the waters cover the sea." tution, yet another blessing will Let us then be blessed instruments also spring from it. Too long have in the diffusion of this knowledge, Christians been divided. Sect has that having contributed to the tri. been opposed to sect; angry contro- umph of the Redeemer's cause, we versies have agitated the church ; may be permitted to partake it. misrepresentations have been made Then we shall be entitled to ad and believed ; and good men, who dress the Christian Church in the ought to have loved each other, bave exalting strains : been kept asunder by prejudices, which were the offspring of igno

The seas shall waste, the skies in smoke decay; pance.

Rocks fall to dust, and mountains melt away ;

But fixed his word, his saving power remains, In this society, the most discor- Thy realm for ever lasts, thy own Messiah reigas,

Extract from the Pastoral Address of the General Association of Massa

chusetts Proper. Christian Friends and Brethren,

believe, of moral and religious im· The General Association of Mas- provement. sachusetts again take the liberty of The tremendous events of war addressing the churches and people among the nations, which long ex, in connexion with them. It de- cited our astonishment, have passed mands our grateful recollection, that away ; passed away, we would dethe year past has been a season of voutly hope, to return po peace, of general health and pros- Still, events, not less interesting, perity, and, as we would hope and but infinitely more delightful, crowd


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