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employers, and beneficial to the subsisted by the Herring Fishery, poor but grateful inhabitants of your Committee have been inducthat island,

ed to aid the funds of that InstituThe want of the Scriptures in tion by a donation of 100l. They Iceland was extreme: it was have also granted to the Swedish deeply felt and lamented by the Bible Society the sum of 5001. people; but their sorrow has with a request that 2001. of it been turned into joy : and there may be applied to the use of its is perhaps no part of the world Auxiliary at Westeras, in conseto which the British and Foreign quence of a very urgent repreBible Society 'has extended its sentation of the great want of benevolence, where it has been the Scriptures within its circle, more cordially welcomed, and and the inability of the Society more gratefully acknowledged, to supply them, than in Iceland.

Your Committee have the :. In a pamphlet published by a satisfaction to announce the respectable author at Stockholm, establishment of an Auxiliary in March, 1815, it is stated, that, Bible Society at Lund, in Scania, previously to the establishment under the Presidency of the of the Bible Society in Sweden, Bishop, who is also Vice Channot one out of eighty of the cellor of the University of Lund. poorer classes had a copy of the This is an important station; Scriptures, and that, according and the zeal of the Bishop, and to a well-founded calculation, active co-operation of the Pronot fewer than 400,000 families fessors and leading men of the in that kingdom were destitute of University, authorize an expecthat inestimable treasure.

tation, that this new Society will Your Committee have now prove materially beneficial. A the satisfaction to report, that, donation of 3001. has been prein consequence of the active sented to it. measures adopted in Sweden, The Archbishop of Upsala these wants have already been has also expressed his wish for in some measure relieved; and the formation of a Bible Society that every disposition prevails in the University of that place; in that country to supply them and your Committee have most effectually.

readily encouraged it by the proThe Societies of Gothenburg, mise of a donation of 3002. to Westeras, and Gothland, which assist its operations, in the event have now become Auxiliaries to of its establishment as an Auxthe National Bible Society at iliary to the Swedish Bible SoStockholm, are all active within ciety. their respective circles.

Your Committee have only to In consequence of an Address add, on the subject of Sweden, from Bishop Wingard, the Presi- that the Bible Society there has dent, and the Directors of the Go- not only the Patronage of His thenburg Bible Society, repre- Majesty the King, but that the senting the distressed state of a Crown Prince has been a most large population which formerly liberal contributor to it, as well

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as to the Evangelical Society at will be heard with the deepest Stockholm, and has promised a interest, that His Majesty the considerable pecuniary donation Emperour of Russia, who has towards the establishment of a evinced an undeviating attachBible Society in Norway. ment to the Russian Bible So

The proceedings in Russia, ciety, Iras recommended to the for extending the circulation of Holy Synod, through Prince the Holy Scriptures, are entitled, Galitzin, to procure a translation from their magnitude and impor- of the Bible into the modern tance, to particular notice; and Russian. The Holy Synod, your Committee regret the ne- anxious to promote among their cessity of confining their Report countrymen the knowledge of to a brief and general statement Divine Truth, most cordially of them.

and unanimously adopted the of the thirteen editions of the recommendation of His Imperial Scriptures, in whole or in part Majesty; and it was accordingly printing in Russia at the period resolved that the Scriptures of the last General Meeting, should be translated into the eight have been completed, the Russian language, under the suremainder are in progress, and, perintendence of the Spiritual some nearly finished, making Academy; that the translation altogether, at least, 110,000 should be revised by a Commitcopies, now actually in the press. tee of the most learned of the

Theodosia, or Kaffa, is a sea Clergy, and afterwards published port town of the Crimea; and by the Russian Bible Society in the new Society there proposes, two columns, Slavonian and in its operations, to embrace the Russian. The idea of this noble whole of that Peninsula, and in work is the exclusive property general the countries lying on of His Imperial Majesty, the the shores of the Black Sea, in- pure suggestion of his own becluding the Abazi, Mingrelia, devolence ; and the Russian and Anatolia, or Asia Minor, Bible will remain an imperishawithout any assigned limitation, ble memorial, both of his piety, and may, by the blessing of God, and of his paternal solicitude for to use the language of Mr. Pin- the welfare of his subjects. Conkerton, “prove the means of sidering the progress made by rekindling the Christian flame the Russian Bible Society, duamong the Churches of Asia ring the three years of its exisMinor, where first the great tence, the interest which it has Apostle of the Gentiles preached excited in the publick mind, the the doctrine of the cross." co-operation of persons of the

The great importance of this highest rank, both civil and new Institution, which is pro- ecclesiastical, the energy of its ceeding with zeal and activity, operations, and the ardour which has induced your Committee to animates its Auxiliaries, it may encourage its exertions by a grant be confidently hoped, that, by of 5001.

the blessing of God, it will prove Your Committee bave now to the source of permanent and mention a circumstance which extensive benefit, not only to the subjects of the Russian Em- culation of the Holy Scriptures; pire, but to the inhabitants of and, in the language applied by various adjoining countries. the Secretary of the New York

In tbis confidence, your Com- Bible Society on a former occamittee cannot but rejoice, that, sion, to the Members of this Inin addition to the grants already stitution, “ bid them God speed.” mentioned. for particular purpo It is no less pleasing to reses, they have been enabled to mark, that the harmony which assist its general operations by a pervades the Societies in the donation of 1000l.

Western Continent is as conTo the above particulars your spicuous as their zeal.

“ The Committee have to add, that a Bible Societes," in the terms of Bible Society has been estab- one of their Reports, “ make one lished at Strasburg, which has grand whole, because they have been assisted with a grant of one single object in view." of 500l.; and that, at Paris, 3000 their continued regard for the copies of Ostervald's New Tes- British and Foreign Bible Sotament bave been printed, dur- ciety, the proofs are as satisfacing the last year, from the stere- tory as they are abundant. otype plates, under the direction Your Committee have the of the Protestant Consistories, satisfaction to announce, on the an edition of 6000 is now in the authority of the Philadelphia press; making, when completed, Bible Society's Report, that, by a total of 13,000 copies.

the liberality of individuals, and

the contributions of Sister SoAmerica.

cieties, it has been enabled to In the last Report it was ob- print an edition of 6000 French served, that the number of Bible Testaments, for the accommodaSocieties within the United tion principally of Louisiana and States of America, amounted to the adjacent territories; to which sixty-nine, with the prospect of it may be added, that your Coman augmentation. The Sixth mittee have assisted the wants Report of the New York Bible of the inhabitants of Louisiana, Society, in December, specifies hy a large supply of the Scripone hundred and two; of wbich tures in the Spanish and French three Societies are established languages. They have also in Colleges, and thirteen are granted to the New-York Bible Female Institutions. By later Society 2001. in aid of a set of intelligence, it appears, that stereotype plates for an English their number is increased to one

Bible. hundred and fifteen, among

The Committee of the Bible which is an “ African Bible So Society of Massachusetts have ciety," recently established in respectfully declined the propoPhiladelphia.

sal made to them of accepting, Your Committee cannot recite for their own use, the Bibles and these interesting facts, without Testaments originally destined cordially congratulating their for the Cape of Good Hope, and Trans-Atlantick Brethren which they had generously retheir zeal for promoting the cir- deemed from capture. The reą.



sons assigned for their determi- some Dutch Bibles and Testanation are marked by the same ments, sent to Surinam, in South liberality and benevolence which America, found a ready sale. have so strongly characterised The Jews were the principal the proceedings of the Massa- purchasers of the Bibles, as they chusetts Bible Society, during understand the Dutch, but not the whole of this, and another the Hebrew, the language in similar transaction, and which the Scriptures are read in entitled to the warmest acknow their Synagogues. ledgments of the British and The intelligence from LabraForeign Bible Society.

dor is calculated to excite parYour Committee have also the ticular interest. In the Autumn pleasure to remark, that several of 1814, the three Gospels of St. Bible Associations have been Matthew, Mark, and Luke, were formed at Philadelphia, New- solemnly distributed in the York, and in other parts of North schools, among those of the America, which have been estab- Esquimaux who could read well, lished with the most gratifying of whom the number is considerunanimity.

able ; and were accepted with In the British part of America, delight and gratitude. the Nova Scotia Bible Society, The Esquimaux are now in at Hallfax, which has fourteen possession of the four Gospels. Branch Societies connected with The translation of the Acts of it, appears to be proceeding with the Apostles, the Epistle to the great vigour and success. Of Romans, and the First Epistle this Society His Excellency Sir to the Corinthians, has also been J. C. Sherbrooke, Governour in finished, and will be printed as Chief, is the President. It has soon as convenient. remitted to the British and Fo- It cannot but rejoice the reign Bible Society a second Members of the British and Focontribution of 2001. Your Com- reign Bible Society, to have been mittee have great pleasure in instrumental in furnishing this transcribing from its First Report poor and benighted people with the following passage :

the Gospel of salvation; a pre"As in England, so in Nova sent most highly appreciated by Scotia, Christians of

every them. Church, forgetting lesser diffe- Your Committee, in conserences and distinctions, have as- quence of encouragement offered sembled round the standard of to them from St. Domingo, have the Bible, and have formed a sent to that island a large assortbond of union, in their efforts to ment of French Testaments for maké known far and wide its distribution. blessed truths, proclaiming glory Some French Testaments to God in the highest, on earth were very judiciously distributed peace, good-will to men.

at Port au Prince, in Hayti, To what has been stated re- among the schools, by Captain specting America generally, it F. Reynalds, of the Merchant may be interesting to add, that ship Hebe. One of them, pre

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sented to Petion, President of require a minute detail. NotHayti, and another to his Secre- withstanding the institution of a tary of State, Monsieur Ingi- Bible Commission at the Cape nac, were thankfully received, of Good Hope, as noticed in the and respectfully acknowledged. last Report, contributions have The letter from the latter ob- been received from the former serves : “ It is a work which is subscribers in that colony, to scarce in this country, and which, the amount of 100l. sterling, and if circulated, would greatly con- with a promise of their continutribute to the welfare of the Haytians."

Your Committee have the Your Committee have taken pleasure to notice, that they advantage of this information, have sent a supply of 200 Dutch to send a supply of French Bi. Bibles, and an equal number of bles and Testaments to that Testaments, for the use of Chrispart of St. Domingo under the tian Hottentots at Bethelsdorp, authority of President Petion. in Southern Africa, and that

The transmission of a set of they have also supplied the Rev. the Society's Reports, and a copy Mr. Latrobe with 200 Dutch of the French Bible, to Chris- Testaments for distribution in tophe, whose authority is estab- that country. lished over the northern part of A letter from the Rev. G. R. St. Domingo, has produced an Nylander, at Yongroo, in Westequally favourable result. The ern Africa, intimates a disposithanks of this Chief have been tion among the Mahomedans in communicated to the President that part of the continent, to by his Secretary of State and receive the Scriptures. It parMinister for Foreign Affairs, ticularly states, that many Maho Count Limonade ; and your medians had applied for Arabick Committee, in compliance with Bibles, of which a number had a wish expressed through that been sent to Sierra Leone for communication, have sent 500 distribution. Bibles, and 1000 Testaments, in A translation of the Gospel of French and English, to Cape St. Matthew into the Bullom Henry' and are also proceeding, language, by Mr. Nylander, hain consequence of a request ving been submitted to your from the same authority, to print Committee, they have under the New-Testament, with the taken to print it at the Society's French and English in parallel expense, with the English Text columus, for the benefit of the in parallel columns. The BulHaytian population.

loms are a very numerous people

on the western coast of Africa. Africa.

A supply of English Bibles

and Testaments lave been sent The intelligence from Africa to Gorer, for the use of the Miliis not sufficiently important to tary in that Garrison.

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