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Mr. Ellerton, of Malda, a genThe transactions in the East. tleman thoroughly acquainted the Capern part of the world continue with that dialect ; and a hope is ved in the to preserve their importance, expressed that the remainder 028 have both with respect to the multi- will soon follow. le forme

plicity of their objects, aod the In the last Report, a discourage Hons, tr" zeal and

perseverance with ing prospect was held out reHling, and which they are carried on. The specting the circulation of the contier translation and printing of the Portuguese New Testaments

Scriptures in the various dialects among the Roman Catholicks in are the of the East, are continued with India ; your Committee are now at they out relaxation. The Correg. happy to announce, that the deto Durel ponding Committee are diligently mand for the Portuguese Scrip umbere proceeding with the works in tures by the Catholicks has very of Chris

hand, and, together with the considerably increased, and even helsdon Calcutta Bible Society, are make among the Priests at Goa. nd the

ing rapid advances towards the In consequence of this inforhe Rei

accomplishment of their common mation, they have sent 1000 PorDuic object.

tuguese Testaments to Calcutta ition : of the exertions of the Baptist and Bombay, respectively, and Missionaries, in effecting trans- to the latter place 300 Arabick

r.G] lations on their own account, an Bibles, for circulation chiefly

interesting report will appear in among the Mahomedans in Surat.
the Appendix. These diligent From Colombo your Commit-
labourers, “in addition to their tee have received intelligence,
numerous versions of the Scrip- which represents the progress
tures,” (observes Mr. Thomason,) the Auxiliary Bible Society, es-
“ publish Grammars and Diction- tablished in that capital for the
aries in various languages, which Island of Ceylon, as highly satis-
will be of inestimable service to factory and encouraging.
future students. “ There is," of the new translations in
(he adds) “ the best understand- which W. Tolfrey, Esq. is eno
ing between us."

gaged, (with suitable assistants,)
In the confidence authorized the four Gospels have been fin-
by this intelligence, and under a ished, in the Pali; and in the
conviction that the wants were Cingalese, the entire New Tes-
great and urgent, your Committee tament.
have resolved to encourage and A small edition of St. Matthew
assist the proceedings in India, and St. Mark in the latter ha-
by renewing to their Correspond- ving been printed and issued by
ing Committee at Calcutta the way of experiment, the Colombo
annual grant of 2000). for three Committee had the gratification
successive years, commencing to learn, from the decision of
with 1816.

numerous and competent judges,
A translation of the Gospel of that the language and style of
St. John into the Bengalee lan- the new version are not only
guage, has also been executed by pure and suitable to the dignity
Vol. IV. No. 11.


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of the subject, but also plain and sively the Chinese New Testaintelligible.

ments, as well as such Books of To further this work, the Cal- the Old, as he may be able to cutta Auxiliary Bible Society complete. have presented a donation of of the Arabick Bibles and 5000 rupees; an act munificent Testaments sent to Java, a very in itself, and rendered still more considerable number have been valuable by the indication it sold: some of the Arabian Meraffords of a disinterested friend- chants and Sheiks are described, ship on the part of the elder as sitting in company whole Asiatick Auxiliary.

nights together, reading them Nor have your Committee with the greatest eagerness and been inattentive to their duty in attention. reference to a work of such merit One Merchant actually delayand importance. In addition to ed his departure from Batavia a pecuniary grant of 300l. they for many days, in order to read have furnished materials for a Bible wbich he had received binding 5000 copies of it, as soon from Mr. Supper, with tranquilas they shall be ready for de- lity and reflection ; livery.

mised to recommend it to his In China, the Rev. Mr. Morri- countrymen, and implored a son, having nearly circulated the thousand blessings on the Bible. 2000 copies of his Chinese trans- The sum of 220l. has been lation of the New Testament, received by your Committee has entered upon a duodecimo from the Treasurer of the Bible edition; a specimen of which he Society in the Island of Maurihas transmitted to England, ac- tius, in payment for Bibles and companied with a request for Testaments sent thither : the assistance, to enable him to en- circumstance is mentioned, as large the impression. He has affording a proof of the circulaalso finished a translation of the tion of the Scriptures in that Book of Genesis, of which a Island. copy has been received. “I am Your Committee take this grieved” (says Mr. Morrison) opportunity of reporting, that the " that I cannot obtain particulars Missionaries at Eimeo, in the respecting the effects of the Di- South Seas, und the patronage vine Book sent into China. of the London Missionary SoThey are but a drop thrown into ciety, had translated the Gospel

we must commit of St. Luke into the Taheitan them to the care of Providence, language; and that the above hoping that they will produce a Society had sent out a printing certain though a silent effect.” press and types, with a Mission

In this encouraging hope, your ary who understands the busiCommittee unite, and have ac- ness of printing. cordingly voted to Mr. Morrison Anxious to assist this desirathe sum of 1000l. to enable him ble and new undertaking, your to print and circulate more exten- Committee have supplied the

the ocean ;

These occupy

paper necessary for printing it. in the last number of the ChrisThe information upon which tian Disciple. this grant was made, states, that more than ten pages of the Rein the School at Eimeo there are port.] nearly 300 pupils, mostly adults. Your Committee cannot re

cord this gratifying detail of the United Kingdom of Great-Britain. publick liberality, without ex

pressing their obligations to AlYour Committee have now to mighty God, who has disposed report the transactions connect- the hearts of the inhabitants of ed with the British and Foreign the United Kingdom, notwithBible Society within the United standing the pressure of the Kingdom; and, under this head, times, and the various calls of a they have the satisfaction to kindred nature, to administer so state, generally, that the object bountifully to the spiritual wants of the Institution continues to of their Christian brethren at excite an increasing interest in home and abroad. the publick mind; and that, In this pure, disinterested while through the medium of benevolence, which can arise, it Auxiliary and Branch Societies, is presumed, from no other and Bible Associations, the local source than love to God and wants of the Scriptures within man, and which has no other the United Kingdom have been object than to promote his glory, largely supplied, the contribu- and the temporal and eternal tions from these sources have good of his creatures, your Comenabled your Committee to ex- mittee recognise, with heartfelt tend the benefits, and enlarge pleasure, the influence of that the efficiency, of the Society holy Book the circulation of abroad.

which it is directed so essentially In support of these observa- to promote. tions, your Committee might While they offer their cordial refer to the popular feeling in acknowledgments to the various favour of the British and Fo Benefactors of the Society, whereign Bible Society, which is ther associated or individual, in obvious to all; but, for particular England, Wales, Scotland, and proof, they can confidently ap- Ireland, they are persuaded, that peal to the specification which the most satisfactory return for will now be given of Auxiliary these benefactions, is, the proof Societies, reported to be formed of the successful application of since the last Appual General them to advance the great object Meeting, and of the contributions of the Institution, and the confrom them, and the old Associ sideration of the inestimable benates of the Institution.

efits which they are adapted to [Here follows an enumeration convey. of the many Auxiliary Societies, The Auxiliary Societies have with their several contributions; justified their claim to that tisle the amounts of which were given in the most extensive interpre.

tation, as, independently of their the diffusion of them, and in the liberality to the Parent Institu- extension and enlargement of tion, and their local efficiency in charitable feeling, without emodistributing the Scriptures, they tions of the purest delight, the have contributed, by their influ- warmest gratitude, and the most ence and example, to excite an cheering anticipation. attention to the establishment of Your Committee, most corother Auxiliaries, of Branch So- dially congratulating their fellowcieties, and of Bible Associa- labourers all over the world, on tions—the whole exhibiting a their past success and encourag. system of benevolent co-opera. ing prospects, have only to extion for the best end, and through press the confidence which the the purest means. By these preceding observations authorize, gradations the lowest orders of that this country, which had the society become connected with honour to give birth to an Iostithe bighest, in one great work tution which has attracted the of Christian charity; and the admiration of foreign nations, bounty of all, accumulated into and exalted the character of this one stream, is again poured forth in their esteem, will, by a conto enrich the spots from which tinuance of its liberality, enable it flowed, or to fertilize the bar. the British and Foreigo Bible ren tracts of distant regions. Society to prosecute, with una

The Hibernian Bible Society bating zeal, the great object of have continued their exertions, its formation to its desired and during the past year, to circulate glorious completion. the Scriptures among all classes The gratitude of the United and denominations of their Kingdom is peculiarly called for, countrymen. Between 20 and under the circumstances of peace 30,000 Bibles and Testaments and security, in which, by the have been issued from their De- gracious interposition of God, it pository since their last Anni- has been again so happily and versary, in addition to more than triumphantly placed. Let it 200,000 copies antecedently dis- then persevere in its endeavours persed. Many thousands more to promote his glory, by extendwere called for, which the de- ing, to the utmost attainable pressed state of their funds, from limits, the circulation of that the unexampled pressure of the Divine Book in which his mercy times, rendered it impossible for and truth are revealed; and let the Society to supply.

the Members of this Society, the It is indeed impossible to con

honoured instruments of his pro. template the effects produced by vidence for disseminating bis the British and Foreign Bible Holy Word, unite with their Society, so conspicuously dis- Committee in devout supplica. played in the attention which it tion, that the nations and indihas excited to the supreme im- viduals to whom, by means of partance of the Holy Scriptures, this and other similar Instituin the unparallelled efforts for tions, the Scriptures are convey.

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ad, may duly appreciate the IT SHALL NOT RETURN UNTO value of the benefit thus confer- ME VOID, BUT IT SHALL ACCOMred on them, and experience the

THAT WHICH I PLEASE, blessing which the Almighty AND IT SHALL PROSPER IN THE bimself has promised to the dissemination of his Word: (Isaiah lv. 11.)







We have now exhibited the among Christians of different principal facts contained in the nations, and among men of high Twelfth Report of the British raok in different countries, may and Foreign Bible Society-a be regarded as a pledge, that it human Institution established on will eventually operate in favour divine principles; the most won

of universal peace. derful, the most powerful, the In the view of an enlightened most prosperous, and the most posterity, how contemptible will extensive in its influence, that all military conquerors appear, the world has ever witnessed. when compared with a TeignThe principles and objects of mouth, a Galitzin, and a Boudithe Institution embrace the not, as Presidents of National whole human family, as brethren Bible Societies ! Heroes like and children of the same benevo- these may be eulogized for their lent Father; and so far as these exploits, without insulting a beprinciples and objects shall benevolent God. Christians may carried into effect, they must pray for success in these entereradicate the barbarous prepos- prises, without implying that they sessions by which Christians of regard the Father of all as a God different sects, and people of who can delight in seeing one different countries, have felt au- portion of his children distress thorized to invade each other's and destroy another. rights, to destroy each other's The Report was too long to comforts, and to shed each be given entire in a work like other's blood. Every well-in- . this. It fills nearly seventy pages, formed Christian who cordially exclusive of the Appendix. In prays for the peace of Zion and making the abridgement, the the peace of the world, or who less important details bave been can from the heart adopt the omitted, some things also of a petition, TAY KINGDOM COME, local nature, some of which will must pray for the prosperity of probably be hereafter given in such an institution. The mutual extracts from the Appendix, and love, the tender sympathies and such things as were given in the kind affections, which the Insti- last number of the Christian tution has already occasioned, Disciple,

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