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THE Indexes to Patents are now so numerous and costly as to render their purchase inconvenient to a large number of inventors and others, to whom they have become indispensable.

To obviate this difficulty, short abstracts or abridgments of the Specifications of Patents under each head of Invention have been prepared for publication separately, and so arranged as to form at once a Chronological, Alphabetical, Subjectmatter, and Reference Index to the class to which they relate. As these publications do not supersede the necessity for consulting the Specifications, the prices at which the printed copies of the latter are sold have been added.

The number of Specifications from the earliest period to the end of the year 1866 amounts to 59,222. A large proportion of the Specifications enrolled under the old law, previous to 1852, embraces several distinct inventions, and many of those filed under the new law of 1852 indicate various applications of the single invention to which the Patent is limited. Considering therefore the large number of inventions and applications of inventions to be separately dealt with, it cannot be doubted that several properly belonging to the group which forms the subject of this volume have been overlooked. In the

progress of the whole work such omissions will from time to time become api ent and be supplied in future editions.

This volume contains Abridgments of Specifications to the end of the year 1866, From that date the Abridgments will be found in chronological order in the “Chronological and Descriptive Index (see List of Works at the end of this book). It is intended however to publish these Abridgments in classes as soon as the Abridgments of all the Specifications from the earliest period to the end of 1866 have appeared in a classified form. Until that takes place, the reader (by the aid of the Subject matter Index for each year) can continue his. examination of the Abridgments relating to the subject of his search in the Chronological and Descriptive Index.

The subject of this volume is the second division of Abridgments relating to wearing apparel (i.e. body coverings).

It embraces machinery or apparatus specially intended for the manufacture of articles for body coverings, as distinguished

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from fabrics generally, namely machinery for cutting out garments and gloves, for fastening buttons to garments, for manufacturing crinoline steel and wire, and for fixing eyelets. There are included also such looms as are used for weaving particular fabrics and articles for dress (especially stays) and such stocking frames or framework knitting machines as are chiefly intended for knitting gloves and mittens and for shaping and repairing socks and stockings; but looms and stocking frames generally must be looked for in the two series entitled “Weaving," and "Lace and other Looped and Netted Fabrics,” &c. The same restriction has been observed as much as possible respecting the manufacture of shawls, veils, and fringes. Railway and other wrappers will be found in this volume. Inventions relating to the employment of new kinds of threads or yarns in the manufacture of hosiery are included. Processes and apparatus for getting-up hosiery for sale are admitted. Warm stockings for invalids are included; but elastic stockings for surgical purposes, as well as other articles of apparel specially designed for surgical or medical purposes and not for ordinary wear, must be sought in the volume of Abridgments relating to “Medicine, Surgery, and Dentistry.” Dresses used for prevention of drowning or for protecting persons from injury by fire are excluded.

Some sewing machines have parts specially adapted for sewing gloves, button holes, and trimmings for dresses ; these and these only are included in this division. Tailors’ irons claim a place herein, but not apparatus for heating them unless it forms part of the iron, Tailors' and glovers’ shears will be included in the series relating to cutlery. Modes of fastening gloves, stays, leggings, trouser straps, &c. will be found in this division; but improvements in the fastenings themselves belong to Division IV. of the present series. Goffering or fluting machines for quillings, ruches, &c. have been abridged in Division I.

The titles of patents sometimes describe the invention as an improvement in an article or articles of wearing apparel, whereas the improvement is only in the fabric; such inventions will be found in the series of abridgments to which the process of manufacture relates.

B. WOODCROFT. August, 1875.


(The names printed in Italic are those of the persons by whom the inventions

have been communicated to the Applicants for Letters Patent.]


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G. jun.


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