Patents for inventions. Abridgments of specifications, Volume 91


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Page 597 - Patents which have become void by non-payment of the stamp duty of 10UZ. befqre the expiration of the seventh year. 12. Colonial Patents and Patent Law. 13. Foreign Patents and Patent Law. 14. Weekly price lists of printed Specifications, &c.
Page 597 - Abstract of Replies to the Secretary of State's Circular Despatch of July 11, 1856, calling for information as to the form of the application to be made by persons desirous of obtaining patent rights in the colonies, etc.
Page 157 - D., of New York, United States of America. A machine for cutting cloth or other material used in the manufacture of all kinds of wearing apparel, and also for cutting all other articles of a uniform thickness, and which are required to be of any particular pattern...
Page 32 - Warwick, for his new invented improvements in weaving, preparing, or manufacturing a cloth or fabric, and the application thereof, to the making of stays and other articles of dress.— 18th December, 6 months.

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