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In the present infant state of the New Jerusalem dispensation in America, it is believed, that a periodical magazine, appropriated to the dissemination of the doctrines revealed to the world, * in these latter days, in the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, will be highly instrumental, in promoting the best interests of the church. It has so been ordered by the wisdom of Providence, that, whilst no numerous society exists in any one section of the Union, there is scarcely a vicinity, in many of the states, in which the seeds of the Eternal Truth have not been sown. This dispersed and divided situation of the church has obviously been unfavourable to its increase. For want of a general system of co-operation, amongst its members, whereby their exertions could have been united, their faith and zeal strengthened, and an acquaintance with each other promoted, the propagation of the doctrines has hitherto languished, in a degree much to be deplored. It was with a view of preparing the way for a more general communion amongst the spiritual members of the Lord's body, as well as of increasing their numbers, by the circulation of the writings of the highly illuminated Swedenborg, that “ The American Society for the dissemination of the Doctrines of the New Jerusalem Church," was established. Part of the result of the labours of that association has been, an introduction to a number of worthy and respectable individuals, in


different states, with whose names they had not before been acquainted, and from whose exertions and correspondence much benefit is to be expected. Actuated by a desire to render to the cause, which they have embraced, as extensive services as their qualifications and resources will allow, the same society proposes to publish, by subscription, a quarterly magazine, to be entitled, “ The New Jerusalem Church Repository," and to be devoted chiefly to subjects connected with the church. As this work is intended solely for the use of the readers of the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, and those who are favourable to their propagation, it must be obvious, that no support can be solicited from the great bulk of the community. Reliance for patronage can only be placed upon ourselves; and it is therefore confidently expected, that no one who is favourable to the plan, and can conveniently afford the expense, will withhold his subscription. We do not, however, wish to be considered as denying the privilege of subscribing to Christians of any denomination; but, on the contrary, should be gratified at the opportunity of assisting, as we feel confident we can, the liberal and the unprejudiced of every persuasion, in their researches after truth. We desire it, however, to be distinctly understood, that the Repository will be exclusively a New Church work, and that, therefore, those of other professions, who may have the disposition to peruse it, will have no ground for offence, at the unequivocal assertion of doctrines which may not be in accordance with their own.

THE REPOSITORY WILL CONTAIN: 1. Extracts from the writings of Swedenborg.

2. The creed of the New Church, as contrasted with the creeds of other churches.

3. Theological and Biblical investigations, particularly as relates to the original languages.

4. The Life of Swedenborg, and probably, in the course of the work, an engraved likeness.

5. Information respecting the state and increase of the church abroad, as well as at home.

6. Extracts from the reports of societies, established for the propagation of the doctrines.

7. Notices relative to new publications, and new translations or editions of Swedenborg's works.

8. Materials for a future History of the Church in America, as to the particulars of its introduction, rise, and progress.

9. Spiritual explanations of passages in the Holy Scriptures.

10. Catalogues of the books which may be imported or published here, with their prices, &c.

And generally every species of intelligence which may be desirable to those, who are zealous for the promotion of the doctrines.

The committee appointed to conduct the work, aware, that without the aid of their fellow-members of the church, the Repository will not appear with that interest which it is capable of deriving from the talents of some individuals of both sexes, with whom they are acquainted, respectfully solicit the correspondence of all, who, by the habitual employment of their pens, and a devotion to spiritual studies, are capable of instructing and of edifying others.

To avoid the great expense of postage, the labour of multiplied accounts, and the inconveniences of receiving subscriptions from individuals at a distance, it is with due deference requested, that all those persons in a neighbourhood, who wish to subscribe, should do it through one of their number, particularly through the secretary of a society, where one has been formed.


1. The Repository will be published in numbers of at least fifty-six pages octavo, quarterly, viz. on the first of January, April, July, and October, of each year, commencing with the year 1817.

2. The terms of subscription will be two dollars per annum, payable in advance.

3. An allowance of one copy extra will be made to any indivi. dual or society which shall subscribe and pay for five copies. The profits of the work, if any, will go into the funds, and be appropriated solely to the promotion of the doctrines.

CORRESPONDENTS Will be pleased to transmit their lists of subscribers and communications, as early as convenient, (post paid directed to “ The Editors of the New Church Repository,

No. 181, South Fifth Street,

Philadelpliia.“ Philadelphia, October 15, 1816.

The following are copies of a notice and two circulars, which

were published by the Society, at the dates therein expressed.


of the theological writings of EMANUEL SWEDENBORG, in the United States, are informed, that an association has been established at Philadelphia, under the title of “ The American Society for disseminating the doctrines of the New Jerusalem Church.” As this society will correspond with others in Europe, instituted for similar purposes, and derive thence, periodical intelligence of the progress of the Church in the East, it is desirable that as much information as is attainable, relative to the reception of the doctrines in the Western Hemisphere, should be communicated on our part. We, therefore, warmly solicit the individual members of the New Church, wherever they may be dispersed throughout the continent, to favour the society with such communications as are calculated to assist in the promotion of its views.

In thus making public the existence of an institution, which shall act as the common centre of information at home, and as the common organ of correspondence with societies abroad, we cannot omit to mention for the satisfaction of our distant brethren, that the last advices from Europe, represent the prospects of the Church as highly encouraging. In England, especially, has the number of recipients most rapidly increased. In Lancashire alone, they are estimated at nine thousand, and in each of the cities of London and Manchester, there are three temples for worship, in which the sole and exclusive divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ, is preached, as a fundamental doctrine of christian faith. In Sweden, and in Germany too, the doctrines are favourably received, and there is every reason for believing, that the general peace of the world, will have a powerful influence in their more extensive dissemination.

As to the extent of the Church in America, the information of the society is limited. It is known, that there is in Baltimore an established church and pastor: that a house of worship is contemplated to be built in Philadelphia, at an early period : that there is a considerable society in New York, and that there are numerous individuals in the Atlantic and Western states, and in the interior of Pennsylvania. The Church is evidently spread

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