Illustrations of the Geology of Yorkshire: Or, A Description of the Strata and Organic Remains. Part I. The Yorkshire Coast, Volume 1

John Murray, 1875 - 354 pages
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Page 303 - WOOD (SV) A Monograph of the Crag Mollusca or Descriptions of Shells from the Middle and Upper Tertiaries of the East of England.
Page 300 - On the relation of the New Red Sandstone to the Carboniferous Strata in Lancashire and Cheshire.
Page 68 - The materials which fall from the wasting cliffs between Bridlington and Kilnsea are sorted by the tide according to their weight and magnitude; the pebbles are strewed upon the shore, beneath the precipice from which they fell ; the sand is driven along and accumulated in little bays and recesses ; whilst the lighter particles of clay are transported away to the south, making muddy water, and finally settle on the growing boundary of Lincolnshire, or enter the great estuary of the Humber, to enrich...
Page 58 - Yorkshire, is composed of a base of clay, containing fragments of pre-existing rocks, varying in roundness and size. The rocks from which the fragments appear to have been transported are found, some in Norway...
Page 291 - FAREY, J. Short Notices of Geological Observations made in .... the South of Yorkshire and in North Wales, and of some Inferences therefrom, as to the Structure of England and Wales.
Page 288 - A Tour to the Caves in the Environs of Ingleborough and Settle, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, &c. Also a large Glossary of old and original Words made use of in common conversation in the North of England.
Page 302 - MILNE-EDWARDS, Prof. H., and J. HAIME. A Monograph of the British Fossil Corals. Third Part. Corals from the Permian Formation and the Mountain Limestone (the latter in part Yorkshire).
Page 299 - Ann. and Mag. NH IV. p. 476. 6. On Deposits in Springs, Rivers and Lakes from the presence of Infusoria. — Rep. Brit. Assoc. 1841, p. 72. 7- An Account of Askern and its Mineral Springs, together with a Sketch of the Natural History of the neighbourhood. Lond. 1842. —Ann. and Mag. NHX p. 355. 8. On some peculiar Inorganic Formations and Fossils characteristic of the Magnesian Limestone. — Rep. Brit. Assoc. 1842, p. 55. 9. On the occurrence of Calothrix nivea, and the Infusoria of Sulphureous...
Page 50 - ... quotations above given, I confess that I have grave doubts on the subject, so far as regards the chalk area, where there are neither running streams on the surface of the valleys nor any subterranean, as far as can be ascertained, in the same lines. Speaking of the Wold dales, Professor Phillips writes : " Where several of these valleys meet they produce a very pleasing combination of salient and retiring slopes, which resemble, on a grand scale, the petty concavities and projections in the actual...
Page 298 - Observation on the Occurrence of Boulders of Granite and other Crystalline Rocks in the Valley of the Calder, near Halifax.

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