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“And can you tell me any of their contents ?”

“ Yes, they are all about the Messiah ; that Jesus Christ is the true Messiah, and no man can be saved who does not believe in him ?” " And do


believe in him ?” “Yes, we do;" they replied, as with one mouth. “ But if


believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, you must be baptized; for it is written, · he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved.'”

“ Yes,” they replied, "we intend to be baptized when we are grown up; for at present our parents would not permit it.”

The Colporteur relates that he was moved to tears when he heard this confession and simple faith of these children. Here is a proof of the truth, that out of the mouth of babes and sucklings He hath ordained praise.


Rev. F. W. Becker's Journal.

Sept. 11.–After posting a letter, I had a pleasing conversation with an Israelite, whom I met with at the post-office. As he seemed to wait for some one, I began by observing, the Jews were waiting for the Messiah, but he had come already; for which I then quoted several proofs from Scripture, which were well received by him. On the whole, he appeared well aquainted with us and our object, and listened, in a quiet manner, to what I set before him.

"Sept. 14.-Being the Jewish New-Year's Day, I saw an immense number of Jews proceed towards a pool of water, around which a crowd was stand


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ing already, saying prayers, and having books in their hands. It would have been in vain for me to have attempted that moment speaking to any of that multitude, as the street was crowded so far as my eyes reached; I therefore reserved this for the next day.

Sept. 15.—Spoke to-day in the same street to a Jew whom I knew, observing that, if they truly repented of their sins, God had promised that He would cast their sins into the depths of the sea ; instead of which they now turned their pockets, pretending to cast their sins into the water; it was just the same as what they did when crying,

Hear, O Israel,' &c., when God required them to hear: so they did just the reverse, &c. He answered me very little, and there was another Jew and his wife present, who also kept silence. But two other females, I believe daughters of the former, took up the conversation, and one of them said she had read the paper fastened behind one of our windows, •Ho, all ye that thirst, come ye to the waters,' &c., and asked what that meant; to which I replied, we wished to speak to them about the invitation given them, to accept, without money and without price, eternal life through the Messiah, promised under the sure mercies of David, &c. A little further on I addressed an elderly Jew, who was accompanied by two young men, also on the subject of their casting their sins into the water. He denied this altogether, saying, they only said prayers near the water ; and seeing, he said, who I was, he declined having any conversation with me, and desired the young men also to leave me. On returning home, I found four lads standing before our house, asking for tracts. I took them

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into my room, and giving a tract to each of them, I also spoke to them about the subject.

Sept. 17.-A Jewish soldier, to whom I spoke about Christianity, listened with attention to what I said to him, and the word seemed to fall on good ground.

Sept. 18.-A Jew from the country called to ask for a certificate of the baptism of one of our proselytes, in order that his wife might marry again. I spoke to him also about the truth, and offering him tract No. 8, (• Proofs that the Messiah must have come,') he accepted of it. When he called again in the afternoon, I asked whether he had read it, but he said he had not yet had time to do so; but he showed me the tract, and said he should read it when at home; and may the Lord bless it to his soul. I also showed him the New Testament, giving him an account of its contents; but he showed no inclination to accept of it. Addressed three other Jews, who were joined by a fourth one, and had a pretty long conversation with them about the coming of the Messiah, the Prophet like unto Moses, the New Covenant, &c. They behaved in a friendly manner, but manifested little desire for the truth, and defended their error, which went so far that one of them said, that in the words • Hear, O Israel, God was desired to hear. Gave another tract to several boys who stood together, desiring them to read it.

Sept. 21.-As to-morrow night the Day of Atonement commences, I said to a Jew, who carried a hen, he should not think that that could atone for his sins, which could only be, and had already been, done by the Messiah, &c. He willingly listened to my words, and said the



hen was intended for another purpose. Spoke
also about the same subject to old Mr. M-
the father of two of our proselytes, who said, he
could not kill a hen, to make atonement for
him, being too poor.

Sept. 24.-Yesterday I spoke to a Jewess on the true atonement made by our Saviour, and to-day to a Jew, at considerable length, both of whom willingly attended to what I said.

Sept. 25.–After the lecture, I went out at one of the gates of the town, and seeing a number of Jews together, I addressed them, asking whether they had kept the Day of Atonement, and whether they thought that they now had obtained forgiveness of sin I thus got into an interesting conversation with them on this important subject, telling them that forgiveness of sin was to be obtained through the Messiah only, as was said in Isaiah liii., 'God laid on him the iniquity of us all,' &c. A teacher,, hastened

A , to join the party, and took upon himself to answer me, but did so in the usual Jewish way and manner, explaining Isaiah liii. of the Gentiles, &c. The conversation lasted about half an hour, and was listened to by from twenty to thirty Jews, who collected around us. Although there were so many Jews present, yet all behaved quite orderly until the end. May the Lord bless His word to them. At another place, I again addressed several who stood together, beginning by asking them the same question ; but I had scarcely done so, when one of them began to make a great noise, and as others followed his example, I was obliged to leave them,

Sept. 28.--Yesterday and to-day I addressed four Jews, who for the most part listened atten

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tively when speaking to them about the truth of Christianity ; only one of them was exceedingly proud of his Zizith, saying what they were good for, and upbraiding me for not wearing any.

Oct. 7.-Saw two Jews standing looking at the building erecting for new water-works, and asked the one nearest to me whether he had read of the waters that were to flow from Jerusalem, by which I got into a pleasing conversation with him on the spread of Divine knowledge in the world through the Messiah, by which the thirst of the Gentiles had been quenched, whilst the Jews were languishing," &c.


The ravages of the Cholera, with which Poland and other parts of the Continent have again been visited during the past summer, appear to have been more severe and fatal than in former years. It seems to have raged with peculiar severity among the Jews. In Warsaw alone three thousand of the latter are stated to have fallen victims to the disease. Would we could record indications, showing that those thus visited had been induced to seek God in prayer and repentance. But it is a melancholy fact, that so far as we can see, these judgments from on high serve either to harden the heart of the wicked still more in their wickedness, or to lead them only to a mere outward zeal for God, not according to knowledge. The visible result is either increased levity, or increased superstition and bigotry.

Thus one of our missionary brethren in Poland writes : “ So far as I have had occasion to ob

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