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conquered by the Spaniards, under Cardinal Ximenes, in 1507, the Jews from Spain were permitted to reside upon sufferance. They were exemplary in their fidelity to the Spanish Government, and gained its esteem and favour by their personal services. The valiant families of Cansino and Saporta, originally from Arragon, served the King of Spain against his Moorish enemies in Africa; so that when, in 1669, the Spanish Governor forbade the Jews to remain any longer in Oran, he granted letters patent to the Saportas, making honourable mention of the services that family had rendered, ending with the remarkable declaration, that they were banished for no other reason but “ because it was absolutely impossible for his Catholic Majesty to allow a Jew to remain within his dominions.


(Continued from page 187.) It is impossible for any one who has not passed through such a trial to conceive what were the sufferings of poor

Leila's heart. Her own diary shews that they must have been great, whilst yet grace, victorious grace, was given to strengthen and carry on the work which it had begun. Thus she writes :

“ There is no precept or command in the blessed Gospel, for the performance of which God is not ready and willing to communicate divine strength. The Saviour never gave orders without furnishing the arms to fulfil them. I can therefore look to heaven, and with confidence expect those blessings which I so peculiarly need at this time.


* O Lord my heavenly Father, I beseech Thee endue me


power and courage from on high, adequate to whatever Thou art pleased to lay upon me. Enable me to lay aside this carefulness which now engrosses my spirit. Lord help me ; increase my faith, confirm my hope, and let my love for Thee glow with more and more ardency than ever.

“ I am impressed with awe; I hardly dare to hope; I am determined that God shall be my guide, that I will follow Him in whatever path He shall mark out for me. To the glory of divine grace I have to record that I enjoy seasons of sweet serenity and calmness. May I become more diligent in the use of every means of grace which God has prescribed. May I be enabled to press forward, till I have seized on every privilege which is mine as a child of God, as a believer in Christ Jesus. Amen.


“ The more I drink of the fountain of living waters, the more I feel my thirst abate for earthborn joys. I am in possession of a peace which passeth understanding ; I am happy in the love of God.

" When that dark veil which naturally covers our hearts is thrown aside, we discover a Father of infinite love, who tries us here, that we may be fitted for the hallowed enjoyments of himself in heaven.

* In the presence of the great luminary the stars withdraw themselves. Last evening I them most distinctly; now they are lost amid the brightness of the day, and I cannot catch the slightest glimpse of their sparkling orbs. night advances, and draws her veil before the


But as

sunbeams, they again emerge from their obscurity and shine with lustre undiminished. Emblem of the trials of the Christian. When these have cast a shade over the vanity of our hearts, and thrown a gloom over the brightness of our earthly views, how plainly then we can perceive our inward depravity--what revelations of indwelling sins are made to us, and of a kind, too, whose existence we little suspected. While we were surrounded by everything calculated to insure our ease and comfort, they were undiscovered; but let the clouds of trial and adversity darken the zenith of our worldly happiness, and coming forth from their obscurity they shew their palpable existence. These are the seasons when the world is compelled to confess itself nothing but vanity and deceit, and when the soul is fitted to wing its flight far beyond the things which are seen, to those which are not seen, even the joys of celestial bliss. «No matter how heavy, how impalpable, the cloud may appear, the glorious star of Jacob pierces the thickening shadows, and shows himself our unchanging guide—our morning star. The more weightily our affliction presses upon our spirits, the more valuable and lovely do we feel religion to be, the more do we find its adaptation to our every want. Then it is she stands out in bold relief, and shows herself clad in robes of immortality and eternal life.

“ Let such considerations as these induce me to joyfully take my appointed share of trial. Let me lose sight of the world--of all things earthly, and seek after an increasing resemblance to my Redeemer, that I may be a lucid gem in His crown for ever. He shall be my pattern and my guide. I bless God; I love Him; I love His

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service; I love religion better than ever. what a bitter draught is life without God! and so without hope.

“ Most fervently do I pray that through divine grace


may walk worthy of the Lord, unto all pleasing, and increase in the knowledge of God? May I be enabled to forget those things which are behind, and reach forth unto those things which are before, pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

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“ To-morrow I am permitted to again see and speak to my dear parent. My love for him glows with more intensity than ever. What will be the consequence ? I cannot tell; I have given the event to God. My path is clear-to simply and obediently maintain my belief in the Lord Jesus, as far as seems necessary to make His goodness to me known, to avow my intention, to cleave to my religion; that course will I strictly follow, whatever be the consequence.

Most earnestly do I entreat of God that I


have complete mastery over myself. O, my Jesus! save me from bringing any contempt upon religion; but O, that I may adorn, by my life and conversation, that lovely cause in which all my soul is engaged. I bless God, I record it to the praise of His holy name, that He does not permit me to be harassed by a single doubt of the truth of the religion I profess and believe in, not a single doubt that Jesus is the Messiah ; on the contrary, each day finds my convictions deepened, my faith strengthened, my love confirmed. Glory be to God for what He hath done for my soul.

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“Now, my darling, my precious child !' exclaimed her father, with deep feeling, as she obeyed the permission to again see him, which he had given her, come to the bosom of your inconsolable father, and tell him you have abjured all your sinful opinions and belief.'

“O, my dear papa,' sobbed Leila; “indeed I cannot; my belief is firmer, stronger than ever.'

“ . Then my child, it is my duty-you must leave me as I said. To-day I will write to my brother at ; while you are there I shall have no direct communication with you; all that is necessary will be made known to me by your uncle. Till he answers my letter I shall see you no more.'

".0, it is cruel, very cruel, papa, to put me away from you, when you are the only being in the world I love, and with whom I can be happy. O, how happy we have been together! indeed, I could not have supposed that you would do this ; and you know that my uncle will certainly treat me unkindly now that I am a Christian; it will kill me, my dear father; you have always been so very and so delicately kind to me, that I cannot now bear the very least unkindness or neglect. But I have never murmured against your will, and I trust to be saved now.'

“. My dear daughter feels it much less than her father. What do you think it is I have to endure while I see my choicest treasure removed from my dwelling; my child in whom my every hope was centered. The struggle is deep and severe, and nothing but a stern sense of duty supports me through it. Now, my dear, leave me; I am ill.'

Retiring to her chamber, Leila gave vent to

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