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7. Why was Israel so much disliked by the heathen nations which surrounded them?

8. Where is it stated in the Old Testament that the Lord chose the Jews as a peculiar and special people unto himself?

9. Where is their conversion promised ?

10. In what Prophets do we read of their restoration ?

11. Where is it said that we should pray for the Jews ?


“ Keep not silence, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth."--Isaiah lxii. 6, 7.

“ They shall call them, A city not forsaken.”---Ver. 12.

FIERCE wrath hung o'er a nation,

And the sun no longer shone,
On a land with blessings crown'd,

Which God had called His own.

Outcast and undefended,

By the hand of man oppress'd,
The weary sons of Israel,

In vain were seeking rest.

Their days of joy had faded,

And the spoiler's hand was seen,
Where once the stay of Israel,

The hand of God had been.

Yet this land was not forgotten,

And Judæa's fallen race,
In the Christian's earnest prayers,

Still held its wonted place.

Oft his prayer would issue forth,

And his God would he implore,
That in mercy He would pardon--

His Israel He'd restore.

Prayer's the incense that God prizes,

And the incense that ascends,
And to the throne of mercy,

Its way resistless wends.
And God heard His praying people,

And their prayer was not in vain,
That He'd Judah's land restore,

And wash away her stain.

To Salem's land returning,

With the songs of God they come,
To hail the long despised,

From His fold no more to roam.

The word of God has promis'd,

And that word is not in vain
“ With the songs of joy and gladness,

Salem's walls shall rise again.”

Cease not “watchman" then to utter,

To pour forth the words of prayer,
And the God of love and mercy,

Shall again for Israel care.

Thy prayers shall gain an entrance,

in the hearing of thy Lord, Thy reward shall be to see Israel's land again restored.

T. H. A.

London : Printed at the Operative Jewish Converts' Institution,

Palestine Place, Bethnal Green.





(Concluded from page 225.) We were conversing the other day with an old and faithful friend of the Society on its state and prospects, when he remarked, that of all the Reports which had been published, this, for 1852–53, was he thought the most encouraging. It was not, that we read of so many conversions in our different missions ; as, that the strongest evidence was afforded of the wonderful change which has been produced in the Jewish mind.”

In this is the true ground of encouragement, so far as it should be dependant upon success. The state of preparation for that wonderful change which has been foretold by ancient prophets, tells us of shaking amongst the dry bones, and the coming together of bone to his bone, and gives the earnest of the full restoration of the slain and of their standing up “an exceeding great army!” Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain that they

may live !"

[blocks in formation]

The proof of this great change affords the answer to our fourth question, What are the prospects before us ?” We are sorry that we can only illustrate it briefly and imperfectly.

In London one very striking and encouraging fact is, that Mr. Whitehead, an agent of the Society, visited no fewer than 1546 families of Jews in the space of twenty months. These were all English-speaking Jews, and reside in the crowded streets and alleys, which are enclosed between Bishopsgate on the one side, and Leadenhall-street and Aldgate on the other. Thus the good seed has been sown very extensively, and cannot have been sown in vain.

The labours of Mr. Ewald, and the great success which has attended them have already been spoken of, and from these facts we may learn that in London the prospects of the Society are most encouraging, there is an open door, though there are many adversaries. Even in places the most opposed to the spread of the Gospel amongst the Jews, there are encouraging tokens.

With respect to CAIRO we read : “ There are growing evidences that God will not permit his word, even in this place, to return unto him void.” The Missionary has gained the confidence of his Jewish brethren, and rich and well-educated Jews frequently call upon him for the purpose of purchasing Christian books, so that they may make themselves acquainted with the nature of Christianity. Social meetings are also held amongst the Jews themselves, at which the subject of the religion of Jesus is introduced, and even some of their own body are advocates of its cause.

From BAGDAD the Rev. H. A. Stern writes :“ One of the most animating and cheering

features in our field of labour, is the readiness with which all classes listen to our message, and accept the books which we offer them. Rabbies and teachers, bankers and merchants, toiling artizans and itinerant pedlars, all are grateful for one of these silent messengers of the Gospel, which have already greatly agitated the stagnant waters of Jewish unbelief, and will continue to exert a benign influence among the thousands of Israel, who reside in this place. The leading rabbies have made many attempts to oppose the irresistible tide of light and knowledge, which is sapping the foundation of their revered system, but their endeavours have only tended to stir up disunions and controversies amongst their respective flocks."

Of BUCHAREST the Missionary says :-“When I

compare the present state of the Jews in Wallachia with that which existed at the commencement of our Mission, I can confidently say, that there is the most marked and perceptible difference. The ignorance of Christianity which then prevailed, has been dispersed. The Jews do not now confound the

pure religion of Jesus, with the idolatrous and superstitious practices of the Greek and Roman Churches. The gigantic edifice of Rabbinism has been greatly shaken, and even partially destroyed. The Word of God has been extensively circulated, and although actual conversions or baptisms have not been as numerous as we could wish, yet the Lord has showed us that He has a people here amongst the sons of Israel.”

The Rev. H. Lawrence, speaking of the state of the Jews in East PRUSSIA tells us, that, “ We have arrived at a period in the Jewish

and holy

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