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with his spirit, refine by his grace, and
exalt into his glory. Such do I conceive to
be the occasion, the object, and the tendency
of this sacred song—to me it appears to be
eminently an epinicion, or song of victory-
it celebrates the triumph of the conqueror, i
presents him with the rewards of victory,
and it predicts future conquests as crownin;
his glory ; while elsewhere we see the Captain
of our salvation militant-here we see hip
triumphant,—while elsewhere we see his office
inchoate-here they are perfected by the ap-
proval of the Godhead, and the promise of
eternity-here we have instruction consoli-
dating empire, and the atonement completed
by the everlasting Priesthood.

The view which I have presented to you, I shall endeavour to confirm and extend by an examination of this Psalm on the succeeding Sabbath, if spared by Providence. Permit me now to remind you, my beloved, how awful is our state if these Scriptures be truebut two classes are alluded to in our Psalm those who present themselves as a free will offering to God, and are “made

made willing in ' the day of his power,” and those who will become the victims of his justice, who will be “ stricken through in the day of his wrath.”

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May our God give us grace to chuse that Siwhich is good; may he enable us to bow er before the rod of his power, and to own his

influence here, so may we have communion op sy with him hereafter, where he sitteth at the shda right hand of the Majesty on High.

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When last I was permitted by Providence to address you from this place, I endeavoured to set before you a general view of the occasion, design, and object of this interesting Psalm. Avowing my conviction with the learned Horseley, that the Redeemer can be found in every page of the book of Psalms, by those who read to find him-I stated, that I regarded this one in particular, as exclusively applicable to Christ; that in close connexion with two other sublime, but deeply mysterious poems, it formed what may, perhaps, be termed, by a word well known to all students in Greek Dramatic Literature, a sacred trilogy, and with them completed the awful series of the ascension of the Messiah, and his in

auguration into his mediatorial Kingdom.In this Psalm we are admitted within the portals of Heaven, we hear the Father addressing the triumphant Son in the language of promise and of prophecy-declaring that he had “set him on his holy hill of Sion," and . had “placed all things under his feet;" that his great work had been accomplished-man's redemption completed—his spiritual enemies subdued—and as a Priest and Prophet, intercessor and conqueror, the man Jesus Christ was to be placed for ever at the right hand of God. To: this development of his offices, in subordination to the regal, do I conceive this Psalm dedicated, which opens by that exaltation of humanity in the person of the Redeemer, and closes by the cheering view of his influence poured out upon

his followers; which commences by the execution of the decree that had been from everlasting, and terminates not until the mediatorial Kingdom has ceased, and “God," the inscrutable triune Jehovah “ becomes all in all.” I purpose in this discourse to continue the subject, to point out more minutely the bearing and connexion of the different parts of the Psalm, and to shew their coherence and connexion with the whole design. Before proceeding with this review, I would beseech my hearers to bear in mind, the justice of

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