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The Publishers of the Irish Pulpit, hope that the novelty of their attempt, will account for and excuse any deficiency in its execution, and that their humble exertions to extend the knowledge of the character of the Irish Church, will deserve the approbation of the public. It has arisen solely from a wish that the talents of the clergy of that church should be better known, their pulpit exhortations duly appreciated, and their Christian labours fairly estimated : that the benefit of their exertions should not be limited by the congregations to whom they were immediately directed ; but while they were crowned with success in the confined sphere of their duty, the public at large might be enabled to form a judgment of the means which have been so blessed, and to benefit by the knowledge. “ Ireland,” it has been stated in the prospectus, “ Ireland is not yet a publishing country;" and though the publishers would be far from thinking that this attempt could meet that deficiency, they yet hope that the favourable reception which they anticipate for this volume, may induce many to submit their labours to the tribunal of the public.

Into such a plan as that of the Pulpit, it must be obvious, that unity of design cannot enter; and perhaps shades of doctrine may be discovered in it, such as will ever mark the progress of independent minds, that bring energy and piety to the examination of divine truth. The publishers, however, trust that one species of unity will be foundthe unity of scriptural truth, and that the exertions of all, will be acknowledged to harmonize in one common end, GLORY TO GOD, PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD WILL TOWARDS MEN.

To the gentlemen who have kindly com


municated their Sermons, the Publishers return their most grateful acknowledgments; and they trust that the reception which this volume will meet with, will enable them to increase on a future occasion, the number of those to whom they will have to offer their thanks.

Dublin, December 1, 1826.

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