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SE R M O N CX,CXIII. The giving Love of Christ, and the receiving Property of Faith,

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Gal. ii. 20. I am crucified with Cbrist : nevertheless I

live ; yet not I, but Cbrist liveth in me: and tbe life abich I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.



The verse being divided and explained, and the former part of it opened

up at some length, and applied, two doctrines are raised, and prosecuted from the latter part thereof,--who loved me, and gave bimself for ine. The First is, " 'The love of Christ, manifested in the word, " to finners, is a giving love." Fiom this ubfervation the following

leads of method are handled, vim. 1. The doctrine illustrated by a chain of instances, 2. The truth of it confirmed by an induction of particulars, 105 Ž. ' A suecinct application of the whole subject, The Second doctrine is, 66 That it is the property of truie faith to en

" tertain the giving love of Christ, revealed in the gospel, with a “ me, me, by particular application.” And from this proposition,

the following topics are proposed, viz. 1. To enquire into the import of this particularizing property of faith, entertaining Christ's love with a me, me,

133 2. To lew on what grounds faith makes this particular application, 136 3. To allign the reafons why faith bath, and must have, this appropriating quality,

141 4. To deduce some inferences for the application,

143 Ufe (1.) For information, in four inferences,

ibid. (2.) For examination, in four particulars,

149 (3.) For exhortation, both to unbelievers and faints,


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Gospel-Humiliation grounded on Faith's View of Di. vine Pacification,

157 Ezek. xvi. 63. That tbori mayest remember, and be cons

founded, and never open thy mouth any more, because of Jhame, when I am pacified towards thee, for all

that tbou hast done, faith the Lord. The words being viewed in their connection, explained, and a doctrinal

obfervation laid own from them, the following topics of discourse are insisted upon, viz.

1. To speak a little concerning this humiliation,

Page 160 2. Consider the fpring of it, viz. God's being pacified,

165 3. Point out the connection between them ; or, the influence that

the view of God's being pacified, hath upon this humiliation, 167 4. The application of the subject, in ten inferences,




The Word of Salvation sent to Sinners,


Acts xiv. 26.--To you is the word of this salvation sent.

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The words being explained, and a doctrine raised from them, the fol

lowing things ai e proposed, viz.
1. To speak concerning this salvation,

179 of the word of salvation,

180 of the sending of this word,

182 4. To make application of the whole, in ten inferences,



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S E R M ON CXVI, Gospel-Compulfion; or, Ministerial Power and Authority,

196 Luke xiv. 23.- Compel ibem to come in, ibai my boufe

may be filled. The words being viewed in their scope, divided and explained, and

a doctrinal proposition raised from thein, the following topics

of discourse are proposed, viz.
1. To speak of the minitterial commisţion and authority imported in

this word, Gompel them,
(1.) Who have this authority to compel,

(2.) Whom they are warranted to compel,
(3.) What is the nature of this compulsion,

203 2. To enquire into the end and design of it, viz. that they come in, 209 3. To speak of the realons thereof, namely, that his bouse may be

filled, 4. To deduce ten inferences for the application of the subject, 218 A variety of arguments aduced to inforce the duty,

228 An appendix, containing fundry considerations and advices to the people, suddenly deprived of their minifter,





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The Fountain-Head of all Blessings; or, the great
Store-House opened,

242 2 COR: V. 18.--All things are of God.

After viewing the words in their scope and connection, and clothing

them with a doctrinal observation, the following general heads

of method are prosecuted, viz. 1. To mention some of these all things, relating to the new creation, that are of God,

Page 251 2. To enquire how all things are of God,

253 3. To shew whence it is that all things are of God,

255 4. To make application of the whole subject, in several inferences, 261 That effectual calling and justification are of God,

285 That sanct fication, and every thing relating to it, is of God, proved by a variety of confiderations,


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Gad the conquered, yet conquering Tribe; or, the Vanquished at firit, the Victor at last,

296 Gen. xlix. 19. Gad, a troop Mall overcome him; but be

Mall overcome at the last.

The scope and connection of tle words having been considered, and

ti:eir meaning expressed in a detinal proposition, the following

general heads of method are proposed, wiz. 1. To speak of the foils which the Israel of God meet with ; thew

what are the troops that defeat them in this world; and how far these troops may overcome theni,

298 2. Zo speak a little of their victory, and how far they may be said to overcome at the last,

301 3. To allign some reasons of the doctrinc, fhewing why they are many

times overcoine, and why they shall overcome at the last, 305 4. To make application of the wholç subject, by deducing ten inferences,


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Christ the true Moses, sent to deliver his true Israel from their spiritual Egypt,


Acts vii. 34. I bave seen, I have seen the affliction of

my people which is in Egypt; and I have beard their groaning, and am come down to deliver them. And

now come, I will send thee into Egypt. After the words are viewed in their scope, and analized, the following

topics are considered, viz. 1. The designation of the people that are pitied,

323 2. The grieyous case and distress they were in,



Τ Ε Ν Τ 3. Their behaviour under their distress, 4. How the Lord shewed his pity to them, 5. What means he used for this end, 6. Some improvement made of the whole,

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The Power and Policy of Satan bounded and baffled by the Lord Chrift,


LUKE xxii. 31, 32. And the Lord said, Simon, Simon;

bebold, Satan batb desired to bave you, tbat be may fift you as wheat: but I have prayed for thee, that tby faitb fail not; and wben thou art converted, Strengthen thy brethren.

After a suitable introduction to the subject, and the words analized

and explained, the following general topics of discourse are laid

down, viz. 1. Some remarks offered upon the circumstances of the time and occalion wherein there words are spoken,

353 Upon the circumstances of the text,

357 3. Upon the warning itself,

362 4. Some observations concerning Satan and his temptations, 367,-383 5. Some meditations on the whole text,

383 6. Some concluding advices,



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Redemption by Christ, shewn to be of God, as the

first Cause ; and to God, as the last End, 407

1 Cor. i. 30. Rev. v. 9.-Who of God was made unto us

redemption. For thou waft slain, and bast redeemed us to God by thy blood.

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The Author having taken a view of the words as they stand in them

selves, and as compared together, and having expressed their meaning in a general proposition, the following general heads of method

are prosecuted, viz. 1. Some propositions offered concerning this redemption, 410 2. How redemption is of God as the first cause, evinced,

477 3. How it is to God as the latt end, enquired into,

ibid. 4. Application made of the whole subject, by deducing fix inferences, 422


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