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THE History of Persons and Nations, the De

scription of Places and Things, the Customs of particular Countries and Ages, together with the Rites and Ceremonies of Worship, may be represented to the Reader with much greater Exactness and Perspicuity, by Affistance borrowed from Maps and Figures, which set them plainly before the Eye. But there were two things which hindered me from making so great Use of these Aflistances as I could have desired.

The first is this: It would have increased the Expence, and rendered the Book perhaps too chargeable to common private Families, and their Children, whose Instruction in the Knowledge of Things relating to the Church of God in all Ages, I have chiefly designed.

The other thing that discouraged me, was the great Difficulty to adjuft the exact Form of several Places and Things mentioned in this Book; particularly that of the City Jerufalem, and the various remarkable Parts of it; and the Temple built by Solomon, and rebuilt, first by Zerubbabel, and afterward by Herod; together with the several Courts and Edifices that belonged to it. There is so very wide a Difference among the several Opinions of learned Men, who have laboured in describing the Temple, such as Villalpandus, Arias, Montanus, Witfius, Lightfoot, Father L'Army, &c.


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