Freedom: From Fear to There

AuthorHouse, 2003 - 452 pages
Everyman's Decision deals with the verification of Jesus Christ's place in world history; His purposes, His life, death and resurrection; and His continuing influence on every person's life and death, whether or not He is personally accepted by that individual. Four major faith questions have been widely researched and reported by the author, because it was observed that these are the questions that seekers find most troublesome.

In seeking answers to these questions, the author for years gathered quotes of persons from all areas of life and periods of time from 300 B.C. to the present about Jesus. Reported are over 100 statements from literary and military figures, historical and legal authorities, politicians, theologians, athletes, atheists, agnostics, believers, and non-believers. Through creditable life experiences, and frequently a personal relationship with Jesus, these persons share their gift of insight regarding preponderant faith questions regarding Jesus.

This book is titled Everyman's Decision because the classic old English morality play, Everyman, so clearly exemplifies the commonality of all humans throughout recorded history. The concept of Everyman is representative of the human struggle in decision-making, and in survival, and it remains the most powerful and most realistic version of the human spirit's struggle with death.

Throughout the book evidence is presented to aid the reader to formulate a decision about Jesus. As he seeks truth, he asks, can all these knowledgeable, and often inspired, believers be wrong? Could all those descriptions of the Messiah made by inspired prophets in the Old Testament be disregarded? Could all of these prophesies be fulfilled in one life at the probability of one in 100,000,000.000,000,000,000 be strangely incorrect? It is beyond all reason!

And so Everyone now realizes that he nor no man can escape answering the-2000 year-old question of Pontius Pilate:

'What shall I do with Jesus?'

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