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been educated in the belief of three per- not throughout the State. or Boston sons in one God, and that seven tenths we will at present say nothing. The of mankind are to suffer eternal tor- time we are told is fast coming in which ments in a lake of fire and brimstone; there will not be a single Unitarian and to change this opinion by reading church in the metropolis, and for ourthe scriptures correctly, putting a ration- selves we had rather wait the event al construction upon those passages than prove false prophets. But we have which are not so clear in their mean- before us a variety of evidence like the ing, would be extreme agony to them. following, that, in the western parts of

We are told fro:n the desk of the Massachusetts, a great change of a very Congregational Society, by the Rev. different character is silently taking

that “all those who do not be- place, which perhaps a little exertion on lieve that Jesus Christ, by the revela. the part of Unitarians would do much to tion made of himself, is the almighty accelerate and render complete. The and everlasting God, are either madmen letter we quote is from the town of or brutes.” This I heard myself.

in Worcester County. “Mr H• The Rev. Mr P-- of Massa- of N-, preached at ---, and some of chusettts, was with us four sabbaths. the inhabitants of this town went over He gave great satisfaction. We were to hear him. It produced some excitesorry to part with him. Some sixteen ment, and I found that there were from or eighteen years ago, more than one twenty to forty people amoug us, who third of the inhabitants of this town were well disposed to receive Unitarian were so far distinct in their views of doctrines, and some of them already scripture doctrine from those who call Unitarians; but most of them had never themselves infallible, that a society was heard a Unitarian minister, nor read a formed called Universalist; but I am Unitarian book, and only knew of the told at this day by some of the leading doctrine by hearsay. [Eforts were members of the society, that in reality forth with successfully made to form a not ten members are of different opin- society for the purchase of Unitarian ions from those of the Unitarian Associa- tracts, and large numbers were distribu. tion of New England. It was this soci- ted). There are multitudes of people in ety that paid Mr P., and they would have this neighbourhood,' continues the wripaid $500 per annum had he remained. ter,' who would embrace Unitarianism, if

* I received a letter in June from El- they had the means of understanding it. der B. H. M-, a Baptist of Liberal Mr H. preaches with great effect, and if principles, who resides in Athens Coun- he were enabled to devote himself to a ty, Ohio, about forty miles from this, missionary tour for a few months more, who writes as follows; viz.

would produce a surprising change. In 6“My constant employment is serving the town of G--, formerly Calvinismy generation as their servant for tic, the Unitarians have a considerable Christ's sake. I am engaged on a cir- najority, I understand, but the means cuitous route. I have about thirty congre- of hearing Unitarian preaching are algations to which I statedly minister. most entirely denied them. You may Notwithstanding the former prevalence of depend upon it that if proper exertions sectarian prejudice and superstition, yet are made, an entire change in religious Liberal Christianity is fast gaining sentiments, may be produced in this ground. I fondly anticipate the time as neighbourhood. The people are very not far distant, when the advocates for much alienated from Calvinism, but are the unreasonable and unscriptural doc. generally silent and indifferent, as they trines of tripersonality, eternal wor- know of no other doctrine.' ship, infinite law, infinite sin, proxy sufferings, and eternal justification, &c. &c. British and Foreign Unitarian As. will be few.” This worthy young man sociation.—The following is from a letis doing much good. Truth is mighty ter to the Secretary of the American, and will prevail.'.

from the Secretary of the British and For

eign Association. «In expressing a deProgress of Liberal Opinions in sire that our communications with our Worcester County.-Were we to be- transatlantic brethren may in future lieve the Orthodox publications of the be far more frequent than they have day, Unitarianism is fast approaching hitherto been, I not only convey the utier dissolution ; certainly in Boston, if wishes of our Committee, but of the pub

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lic at large. It will be to us a subject of of controversy between us and other much congratulation if we are able to classes of Christians. They meet on the combine our plans with yours for the Lord's day morning. He reads a prayer furtherance of christian truth; to coop- from the Lutheran Liturgy, then a sec. crate in establishing links of a mightier tion froin Kenrick's Commentary on the chain of exertion, and by that union Four Gospels and the Acts, with the Re. which is strength and success, be en- flections ;-afier singing, a printed serabled to direct sincere and virtuous in- mon is read. I have heard that the conquiry to those principles of faith and gregation has generally attended, and practice, which we consider as eminent- approve of this method of supplying the ly representing the doctrines of the gos- want of a regular minister. I hope to pel.

be able to give them about twelve sab*You will share our satisfaction at the baths in the year. now prosperous prospects in British * I have pleasure in stating that this India.

good practice is about to be followed by We have been lately directing'our at my friends in M- where, I informtention to the state of Unitarianism ed you in my last, they are about to among our Hungarian brethren. Some build a church for Unitarian worship. of their late inquiries have respected . It is my wish, if I can find suitable your churches, and in the situation of re- persons, to introduce this good practice ligious matters in the United States, in every place where I have been accusthey have expressed considerable inter- tomed to preach regularly. This will

keep our friends together, will preserve * In France religious inquiry seems among them a spirit of devotion and slowly but undoubtedly awakening; and inquiry, and will render my occasional to an indifference to every thing that visits more pleasant to myself, and bore the coloring of polemics, great cu- more useful to them. In this way it is riosity as to the distinction between my wish that we should supply, as well christian sccts has now succeeded.' as we are able, the want of regular

ministers, which we now so sensibly Unitarianism in Pennsylvania.—The feel, and which we shall much more sencourse pointed out in the following ex- sibly feel ere long.' tract from a letter from a clergyman of Pennsylvania, seems an excellent one in Singular Revival.— The following ex. the emergency described, and might be traordinary scene exhibits all the charadopted with advantage in other places. acteristics of a genuine revival, except, Indeed we know of several instances in perhaps, that it was an evident outpouring which a similar plan has been pursued of the Spirit in direct condemnation of where the means of having regular Uni- the very measures which are commonly tarian worship were denied, and in every considered as the seals of a true work. case with manifestly good eflect. We know not what to make of it. Upon

• I seize this opportunity to state more all acknowledged principles of reviralfully the arrangements which are made ism it is utterly inexplicable. Indeed, for promoting the Unitarian cause in it to our minds completely annihilates N

Some time before I left that all claims, in behalf of similar exciteneighbourhood, I succeeded in convinc- ments, to be regarded as the work of ing my friends of the vast importance of God, instead of the results of human maintaining regular worship on the passion and delusion. It presents a Lord’s day, both as it respected their case not decided or even contemplated respective families, and the general in- by the notorious Convention which en. terest of the cause. They cheerfully lightened the world with such credit to itentered into my plans of engaging a self at New Lebanon, and will certainly young man of unaffected piety, of good require another sitting of that dignified natural parts, and with an education body. The account is taken from the which fits him for conducting an English • Telescope,' a paper published, as we school with considerable reputation, to believe, in New York, and is as follows. take the lead in this good work. When "I was a spectator at the Kehukee AsI went to N- he was a member of sociation in Halifax county, North Caro-the Society of Methodists, but has since lina, on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of October, become a Unitarian, and is remarkably 1827, and beheld the proceedings of well acquainted with all the great points that Association in regard to the « De. claration of the Reformed Baptist praise, instead of the flowery speeches Churches." Last year, (1826), the De- and doings of the rich and great-and claration was submitted to the inspection makes use of the weak things of the of the churches composing the Kehukee world to promote his cause on the earth, Association; and they were to signify instead of learned Rabbies and pompous in their letters to the Association, their and hired missionaries, that no flesh may reception or rejection of the whole or glory in his presence. any part of the articles contained in that • At this time of divine visitation, for Declaration. When the Association met so it must be called, I heard the oldest and proceeded to business, there was a minister in the Association say,—This is motion made to refer it again to the of God-for all the men in the world churches another year, but it was object- could not have produced such a change ed to, and on being put to vote, it was de- in the feelings and views of the Associcided by a large majority to receive the ation as is now felt and enjoyed-nor answer of the churches, in their letters, have brought them so to see, eye to eye. and they were read. If I mistake not, The article on Missions was taken up for there were twenty churches unanimous debate. After soine explanation, the in favor of adopting the Articles, and vote was taken and carried in favor of several other churches were in favor of its adoption with scarce a dissenting all except the word reform. The Asso- voice. The joy that was felt on the occiation is composed of thirty eight casion, tongue cannot express. Then churches, situated between the Roanoke Tract Societies, Bible Societies, and and Tar rivers, and extends fromthe sea. Theological Seminaries, were taken inshore for 150 miles up the country. to consideration, and shared the same The effect of the adoption of the arti- fate of disapprobation by the Association, cles was wonderful; for those that had with scarce a dissenting voice. been engaged on the side of missions, • Thus has terminated a most critical &c. after some debate, did, in many and important period in the affairs of the things, make their humble acknowledg- Association, by the rejection of those ments to their brethren, with tears, and modern schemes and inventions of worldbegged their forgiveness, whose hearts ly wise men, who, like Simon Magny, were susceptible of feeling and forgive think that the gift and favor of God may

These things were like an elec- be purchased and extended by means of tric shock, spreading to all in the Coun- money. The Association hope never cil, about seventy persons. Nor did it again to be annoyed and disturbed by stop here--for even their brethren stand- these new invented and money getting ing round to hear, were so overcome schemes of men, nor by their runners and with joy that they broke into the Asso- agents in their support, since they will ciation in their rapture-and all was love be under a necessity to discountenance and tears, with kissing, shaking hands, them as disturbers of the peace and embracing each other, confessing, for- union the churches. The joy, union, giving, peace and fellowship, the like and peace now spread over this tract of of which, though I am an old man, I country, between ministers, churches, have never seen before among Chris- and people in general-in place of mistians of any denomination. I was forced sionary schemes, strife, and contention, is to turn aside and weep, and say to my- the Lord's doings, thrcugh his instruself, God is here among this people of a ments, to your and others' encouragement truth, from the great love and joy which be it spoken. Go on-for the Lord has I saw among them.

here signally shown that he is on your I do not think that if the greatest side, and will in the end prosper your sticklers for modern missions and other labours, though in many places for a long schemes of the day, had witnessed this time you will only be paid with the anscene of love and affection, but that swerof a good conscience, reproaches and they must have confessed that God was ill will. This is the reward you must in favor of the reformation from these expect from most for sending tire through practices, and acknowledged that such the world to burn up the trash and stubmoney collecting and pretended soul ble of men's inventions, which has been saving projects were anti-christian and done to some extent in this part of the injurious to the peace and prosperity of country ; for it was said by the oldest the kingdom of Christ, who out of the minister in the Association, that at this mouth of babes and sucklings perfects time he did not know that there existed a


missionary society in North Carolina.- Works of Rammohun Roy. An ediThe resolutions are not given, as their tion of the writings of this extraordinary import may be gathered from the narra- man, is to be published in a few days. It tive.

is matter of astonishment, and a proof of

very uncommon powers, that a stranger Orthodox Policy. Will it be believe and once a believer in another faith, ed that the following paragraph is taken should be able to write on a christian from the ablest and most respectable controversy with a power and a comOrthodox print published in this country? mand of the subject which would be hona print, of course, which is issued under orable to any the most thoroughly eduthe surveillance of the leaders of the Or- cated christian divine. We hope the thodox party, and which is therefore to volume forthcoming will receive the atbe supposed to countenance no meas- tention in this country which on every ure for getting money, getting influ- account it so well deserves. ence, or for getting anything else, in which that party is not committed, at Rammohun Roy.---The character of least in so far as to approve of it? Yet this distinguished reformer having been, such is the fact. The paragraph is from for obvious reasons, attacked by the “Orthe Christian Observer published in New thodox” in the United States of AmeriYork. It is to shameless appeals like ca, the Unitarians there have rigorously this that we must, in a great measure, at- examined every charge, and the result tribute misguided conduct like that ex. has only served to place the Hindoo hibited in oue preceding article of intel- Christian still higher in public estimation. ligence.

In reply to the allegatiou' that this emiTO THE BENEVOLENT.

nent man is no Christian, the following “THERE is within two miles of this city extract of a letter of his has been puba Presbyterian church and congregation lished, to which we are desirous of givin an infant and feeble state, but who ing further publicity. have within a year and a half erected,

Calcutta, Dec. 28, 1824. and almost finished a sanctuary large «« After I had been tired of the gross ab. enough to hold an audience of from 800 surdities of the Hindoo doctrines, I directto 1000 persons. They have progressed ed my inquiries to the Christian faith (I so far that five hundred dollars will en. mean the Trinitarian system of Christian able them to complete it, meet every en- faith, the naine of Unitarian Christianity gagement, and in three months to hold not then being known to me). But in property unincumbered in the least, proportion as I made myself acquainted worth five thousand dollars. If any be- with this system and its published denevolent individual, or any three benev- fences and illustrations, my resolution olent individuals, will bestow this chari- increased to abandon it entirely, finding ty, they shall have their names engraven the Christian doctrines resemble those of on marble inlaid above the pulpit, as Hindoos in substance, though they difbenefactors to the church, which shall fer from each other in minute interpreremain so long as the society shall exist. tations. I, however, was so fortunate A line left at this office, addressed to A. as to become intimately acquainted with B. will lead to a satisfactory explana- a Scotch gentleman of great acquiretion on the part of said church and con- ments, who kindly proposed to me to gregation.

read the bible with him, and to examNew York, Nov. 28, 1828.'

ine whether it was more conformable to Who is not reminded by this of Pope's another system of Christianity called lines ?

Unitarianism, and believed to have been Who builds a church to God, and not to Fame,

the religion of primitive Christians. In Will never mark the marble with his name.' following the advice of that best of all

friends, I have felt thoroughly convinced New Church in Philadelphia.—We that the Christianity which the majority are happy to learn that the Unitarian of Christians profess is a mixed system Society of Philadelphia, under the care of the Romish and Christian religions, of the Rev. Mr Furness, has so increas- and that pure Christianity has its suped that a larger house has become neces port both from revelation and from the sary for their accommodation. The old human understanding; a circumstance one has been taken down, and another which not only has happily deterred me is forth with to be built on the same site. from manifesting hostile feelings towards this religion, but has rendered it incum- very valuable one, if we may judge from bent upon me to exert myself in extend the character of several discourses of ing its influence by every possible means. Mr Little's already published, and we I hope I shall at a future period lay be- sincerely hope the enterprise will be fore the public a statement showing the generally patronised by the Unitarian close resemblance existing between the community. doctrines maintained by Hindoos and the majority of Christians.” Christian Ordination at Littleton.-Mr William Reformer.

W. White, from the Theological School

at Cambridge, was, on Wednesday, Jan. Unitarian Advocate.—Two oumbers 2d, ordained as pastor of the Congregaof a monthly periodical with this title, tional Society in Littleton. Introductohave been published under the editorial ry Prayer by Rev. Mr Lincoln of Fitchcare of the Rev. Edmund Q. Sewall. burg; Selections from the Bible by Rev. That gentleman is already favorably Mr Robinson of Groton ; Sermon by known to the public as a writer, and the Rev. Dr Thayer of Lancaster; Consework he is now conducting is well re- crating Prayer by Rev. Dr Kendall of ceived and liberally patronised. It pro- Plymouth; Charge by Rev. Dr Lowell mises to be a very useful and an able of Boston; Fellowship of the Churches support to the Unitarian cause.

by Rev. Mr Stetson of Medford ; Ad

dress to the people by Rev. Mr Allen American Journal of Education. of Bolton; Concluding Prayer by Rev. This very valuable work, still under the Mr Osgood of Sterling. editorial care of Mr Russell, has lately changed proprietors, and efforts have Ordination at Northfield.-On Wedbeen made to extend its circulation and nesday, Feb. 27th, Mr Samuel Presto increase its value. It has been great- bury was ordained pastor of the Second ly improved in many respects, and es. Congregational Society in Northfield. pecially by connecting with it the Introductory Prayer and Reading of the Teacher's Guide and Parent's Assistant, Scriptures by Rev. Mr Lincoln of formerly published in Gilmanton, N. H. Fitchburg; Sermon by Rev. Mr PierIt is certainly one of the most important pont of Boston; Ordaining Prayer by and interesting periodicals published in Rev. Mr Rodgers of Bernardston; this country, and the talent with which Charge by Rev. Mr Bailey of Greenit is conducted deserves to be well sup- field ; Right Hand of Fellowship by ported.

Rev. Mr Gage of Nashua Village, N. H.;

Concluding Prayer by Rev. Mr Hall of Kenrick's Exposition.—Messrs Mon Northampton. roe & Francis, of Boston, have issued proposals for publishing this work by Dedication in Boston.-The South subscription. A Unitarian commentary Congregational Church in Boston was on the scriptures is certainly a great de- dedicated to the worship of the only sideratum, and perhaps Kenrick's, God, on Wednesday, Jan. 30th. Introwhich, however, extends to the histori- ductory Prayer by Rev. Mr Young; Secal books of the New Testament only, lections from Scripture by Rev. Mr is the best that can at present be had. Frothingham; Dedicatory Prayer by Still it is in different parts very defective Rev. Mr Pierpont; Sermon by Rev. and very redundunt. We hope the pub- Henry Ware, Jr.; Concluding Prayer lishers will engage some suitable per- by Rev. Mr Gannett. son to revise and abridge it, before it is put to press. They will then be entitled Dedication at Newton Upper Falls. to the thanks of the friends of free in- A meetinghouse recently erected at this quiry and rational religion throughout place, was on Wednesday, Feb. 27th, the country.

dedicated to the One God, with appro

priate religious services. Introductory Little's Sermons.-Mr James Kay of Prayer by Rev. Mr Francis of WaterPhiladelphia, has issued proposals for town; Selection from the Scriptures by publishing by subscription, a volume of Rev. Mr Kimball; Dedicatory Prayer sermons by the late Rev. William Lit- by Rev. Mr White of Dedham; Sertle, of Washington, D. C. The profits mon by Rev. Mr Ritchie of Needham; of the work are intended for the benefit Concluding Prayer by Rev. Mr Ripley of his family. The volume will be a of Waltham.

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