The Civil-engineer & Surveyor's Manual

Fergus printing Company, 1879 - 586 pages
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Page 8 - ... one person being in fault will not dispense with another's using ordinary care for himself Two things must concur to support this action. An obstruction in the road by the fault of the defendant, and no want of ordinary care to avoid it on the part of the plaintiff.
Page 32 - In any plane triangle, the sum of any two sides is to their difference as the tangent of half the sum of the opposite angles is to the tangent of half their difference.
Page 11 - ... and shall plant all such intermediate posts or monuments as he may be required to plant, in the line so ascertained, having due respect to any allowance for a road or roads, common or commons, set out in such original survey...
Page 10 - ... post or limit; but if the same cannot be satisfactorily ascertained, then the surveyor shall measure the true distance between the nearest undisputed posts, limits or...
Page 34 - The velocity of a fluid issuing from an orifice in the bottom of a vessel kept constantly full, is equal to that which a heavy body would acquire in falling through a space equal to the depth of the orifice below the surface of the fluid...

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