Annaes da Bibliotheca Nacional do Rio de Janeiro, Volume 9,Partie 2

Tip. G. Leuzinger & Filhos, 1881

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Page 1056 - Geological Notes made during a Journey from the Coast into the Interior of the Province of Ceara, in the North of Brazil, embracing an Account of a Deposit of Fossil Fishes.
Page 1145 - Commercial, of the Empire of Brazil and its Resources; Together with a Suggestion of the Expediency and Mode of Admitting Brazilian and Other Foreign Sugars into Great Britain for Refining and Exportation, Londres, 1837.
Page 1630 - Spain by Don George Juan, and Don Antonio de Ulloa. Translated from the original Spanish; with notes and observations, and an account of the Brazils, by John Adams, esq. of Waltham Abbey, who resided several years in those parts.
Page 1111 - Historia de la Literatura Española, escrita en Alemán por F. fíoiUerwck, traducida al Castellano y adicionada por D. José Gómez de la Cortina y D.
Page 1629 - Pilgrimes," published in 1625, by the same author — which has been often, though hardly ever quite rightly, cited. The chapter is entitled, " The strange adventures of Andrew Battell, of Leigh in Essex, sent by the Portugals prisoner to Angola, who lived there and in the adioining regions neere eighteene yeeres.
Page 1629 - A New Collection of Voyages, Discoveries and Travels: Containing Whatever is worthy of Notice, in Europe, Asia, Africa and America: In respect to The Situation and Extent of Empires, Kingdoms, and Provinces; their Climates, Soil, Produce, &c.
Page 1034 - Versuch eines Commentars über die Pflanzen in den Werken von Marcgrav und Piso über Brasilien, nebst weiteren Erörterungen über die Flora dieses Reiches. I. Kryptogamen.
Page 1006 - Etudes sur le curare, comprenant des recherches et expériences sur les animaux, la dosologie, les voies d'introduction, les propriétés physiologiques et thérapeutiques de cette substance chez l'homme, suivies de considérations pratiques et médico-légales.
Page 1301 - Provas da Historia genealógica da casa real portugueza, tiradas dos instrumentos dos archivos da Torre do Tombo, da sereníssima casa de Bragança, de diversas cathedraes, mosteiros, e outros particulares deste Eeyno, por d.
Page 1027 - Ornithologie Brésilienne ou histoire des oiseaux du Brésil, remarquables par leur plumage, leur chant ou leurs habitudes.

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