Critical Mass: Transport, Environment and Society in the 21st Century

Pluto Press, 20 sept. 1997 - 251 pages
Despite demanding enormous resources, transport policies are incapable of resolving basic problems of safety, health, welfare and congestion. This book, pointing out that car-dependency is shared throughout Europe, Asia and North America, argues that the problems can only be solved globally by a shared recognition of common needs. In addition, with transport inextricabley linked with consumerism and the lifestyles that car ownership has created, the book argues that the challenge is to replace the current technology with an alternative that is sustainable and will solve the fundamental problems of poverty, inequity and social development.

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Perranporth and China
A Faustian Bargain
Free to Choose and Free to Grow
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John Whitelegg is Professor of Environmental Studies at Liverpool John Moores University and Managing Director of the transport and environment consultancy Ecologica, based in Lancaster. He has written widely on transport issues.

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