A hand-book of the history of the Spanish and French schools of painting, intended as a sequel to 'Kugler's Hand-books of the Italian, German and Dutch schools of painting'.


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Page 125 - A dungeon horrible, on all sides round As one great furnace flamed, yet from those flames No light, but rather darkness visible Served only to discover sights of woe...
Page 5 - Dedimus profecto grande patientiae documentum : et sicut vetus aetas vidit, quid ultimum in libertate esset ; ita nos, quid in servitute, adempto per inquisitiones et loquendi audiendique commercio. Memoriam quoque ipsam cum voce perdidissemus, si tarn in nostra potestate esset oblivisci, quam tacere.
Page 250 - Poussin in the latter part of his life changed from his dry manner to one much softer and richer, where there is a greater union between the figures and...
Page 34 - BELL (Sir Charles). The Anatomy and Philosophy of Expression, as connected with the Fine Arts.
Page 270 - Jacob's dream by Salvator Rosa, and the other the return of the Arc from captivity, by Sebastian Bourdon. With whatever dignity those histories are presented to us in the language of Scripture, this style of painting possesses the same power of inspiring sentiments of grandeur and sublimity, and is able to communicate them to subjects which appear by no means adapted to receive them.
Page 218 - I fear, notwithstanding his good nature, he will put a veto on all my future applications. You will think I pass my time in convents, but I find no other places half so interesting, and you know I always had a fancy that way. In some of these convents there still exist, buried alive like the inmates, various fine old paintings; amongst others, some of the Flemish school, brought to Mexico by the monks, at the time when the Low Countries were under Spanish dominion.
Page 219 - Giordano style ; the same monotony, facility, and "fa presto Luca! " All his pictures are agreeable, and some strikingly beautiful. Occasionally he copies from the old masters, but rarely. Ximenes and Enriquez are not so common, and some of their productions are very good, and deserve to be better known than I imagine they are in Europe. They are a branch of the Spanish school, and afford striking proofs of the extraordinary talent of the Mexicans for the fine arts, as well as of the facilities which...
Page 330 - Chargé avec quatre de mes collègues de préparer pour lundi un plan de Constitution, je vous prie, en leur nom et au mien, de nous procurer sur-le-champ les lois de Minos, qui doivent se trouver dans un recueil de lois grecques. Nous en avons un besoin urgent. « HÉRAULT (DE SÉCHELLES). « Salut, amitié, fraternité, au brave citoyen Desaulnays.
Page 23 - REVIEWS, with copious extracts, of every important New English Book, and of the more important Foreign Works. REPORTS of the Proceedings of the Learned and Scientific Societies, with Abstracts of all Papers of Interest. AUTHENTIC ACCOUNTS of all Scientific Voyages and Expeditions.
Page 14 - What can be more foreign from the respect which we owe to the purity of Our Lady the Virgin than to paint her sitting down with one of her knees placed over the other, and often with her sacred feet uncovered and naked. Let thanks be given to the Holy Inquisition which commands that this liberty should be corrected!

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