Lord God of Hosts God of Israel: none

AuthorHouse, 6 juin 2007 - 232 pages
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God has a perfect plan designed from the beginning involving Israel. This book is dedicated to this plan. Did you know that the word Israel means " prince with God?" The story is complete throughout scripture. All one has to do is read from the very beginning from the book of Genesis through the book of Revelation and you would see the perfect plan unfold. As you read,  you would be convinced of not only a perfect plan that He desires to reveal to all people but also His mighty power,  mercy, and love expressed in every page. The hope is through this book we would explore every fiber of His perfect plan.  

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À propos de l'auteur (2007)

During the writing of her first book,  "God's Divine Plan through Jesus Christ", the author already had this second  book in mind. Attempting to combine both books in God's  divine plan as a completion of the desire of God for His people.

       God's plan being to combine the true son of Abraham under the law, with the gentile believers.  Making  all one people under the covenant from the blood of the perfect unblemished sacrifice. The lamb of God,  Jesus Christ.The author of this second book,  desires all to come to the knowledge of the truth and shed off the traditions of men which is attempting to scatter His people into permanent exile, through the sons of disobedience.

     Christ wants all to come to this knowledge of faith,  as His will is for all to be saved. The author's prayer is for all to join hands with Christ and His truth.      

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