Domesday People: A Prosopography of Persons Occurring in English Documents, 1066-1166, Volume 2

Boydell & Brewer Ltd, 1999 - 563 pages
This is the first of two volumes offering for the first time an authoritative and complete prosopography of post-Conquest England, 1066-1166. Based on extensive and wide-ranging research, the two volumes contain over eight thousand entries on persons occurring in the principal English administrative sources for the post-Conquest period -- Domesday Book, the Pipe Rolls, and Cartae Baronum. Continental origin is a major focus of the entries, as well as the discussion of family and descent of fees which characterise the whole work; genealogical tables are included. An introduction discusses Domesday prosopography; an appendix gives the Latin texts of the Northamptonshire and Lindsey surveys. Post-Conquest genealogy and manorial history start with Domesday Book: genealogists will welcome this work. Dr KATHERINE KEATS-ROHAN was awarded the Prix Brant IV de Koskull 1998 by the Confederation Internationale de Genealogie et d'Heraldique for her work on Domesday People. She is Director of the Linacre Unit for Prosopographical Research.

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Domesday Book and Domesday Prosopography
Territorial Descriptors and Domesday
The Bretons and the Norman Conquest
the Continental Origins of Domesday Book
The Lindsey Survey
The Northamptonshire Survey
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Dr K S B Keats-Rohan is Director of the Linacre Unit for Prosopographical Research and Fellow of the European Humanities Research Centre, University of Oxford.

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