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Near Twenty-third Street


14 APRIL 19


APR 18 1900



:Published · Weekly. :


Martial Law in Idaho. The Puerto

Rican Bill. The Elections.

Admiral Dewey.
The Political Situation in Hawaii.

By Herbert P. Williams.
Paul's Doctrine of Election, By

Lyman Abbott.
Living in Paris in Exposition Year.

By E. R. Cutter.
An Old Quilt. By the Rev. J. H.

Vincent, D.D.
Poet and Critic. Books of the

Week. Correspondence.



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Mrs. B. R. Tillman,

Rev. P. J. Franciscus,
Wife of Senator Nillman, of S. C.

University of Notre Dame, Ind.
Mrs. Ellzabeth B. Orannis,

Mrs. W, A. Harris,
Editor of Christian Nation."

Wife of Senator Harris, of Kansas. Mrs. Belva A. Lockwood,

[the world.

Mrs. Charles W. Fairbanks,
The most prominent woman lawyer in

Wife of Senator Fairbanks, of India
Mrs. Charles D. Sigsbee,

Senora Ines O. de Infante, wife of Captain Sigsbee, O. S. N.

Wie of Minister

from Chill Address Dept. W, THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY, Chicago, Ill.

Vol. 64

April 14, 1900

No. 15


The Doctrine of Election......

859 The Week in Congress.. 841 The Power of the Resurrection...

859 841 The Puerto Rican Bil..


A New Evangelism...... The Hawaiian Problem..

843 The Spring Elections.


CONTRIBUTED ARTICLES: The Kentucky Decision... 844 The Situation in Manila....

862 Martial Law in Idaho....


By Phelps Whitmarsh Political Independence in Pennsylvania.. 847 The Political Situation in Hawall........ 863 Moral Issues in Legislation...

847 By Herbert P. Williams The South African War... 848 The Bluebird (Poem).

865 In the Philippines...

849 By Joel Benton The Queen in Ireland. 849 Paul's Doctrine of Election......

866 The Attack on the Prince of Wales. .... 850 By Lyman Abbott The French Exposition..

850 | Living in Paris in Exposition Year...... 871 Osman Pasha.....

By Elizabeth R. Cutter Antarctic Exploration... 851 An Old Quilt......

873 Creed Subscription....

852 By the Rev. J. H. Vincent, D.D. Sunday at the Paris Exposition..

853 Religious Property in France...


Poet and Critic......

Books of the Week....

878 Dr. Gladden's Election.......

855 Russia in the Far East...


.... 882 Admiral Dewey's Candidacy... 857 CORRESPONDENCE...



The Outlook is a Weekly Newspaper and an Illustrated Monthly Magazine in one. It is

published every Saturday-fifty-two issues a year. The first issue in each month is an Illustrated Magazine Number, containing about twice as many pages as the regular weekly

issue, and many pictures. Price.-The subscription price is Three Dollars a year, payable in advance. Ten cents a copy. Postage is Prepaid by the publishers for all subscriptions in the United States, Canada,

and Mexico. For all other countries in the Postal Union add $1.56 for postage. Change of Address.--When a change of address is ordered, both the new and the old

address musi be given. The notice should be sent one week before the change is to take effect. Discontinuances. If a subscriber wishes his copy of the paper discontinued at the

expiration of his subscription, notice to that effect should be sent. Otherwise it is assumed

that a continuance of the subscription is desired. How to Remit.-Remittances should be sent by Draft on New York, Express-Order,

or Money-Order, payable to order of The Outlook COMPANY. Cash should be sent in

Registered Letter.
Letters should be addressed:

287 Fourth Avenue, New York Copyright, 1900, by The Outlook Company. Entered as second-class matter in the New York Post-Office.

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James Stillman, William Waldorf Astor, Moses Taylor Pyne, S. S. Palmer,

Edward R. Bell, James Roosevelt,

Henry A. C. Taylor, D. 0. Mills,

Edward R. Bacon, Robert F. Ballantine,

John L, Riker, Franklin D. Locke,

B. H. King, Jr. George F. Baker,

H. Van Rensselaer kende Charles A. Peabody, Jr. Cleveland H. Dodge, Robert C. Boyd,

Hugh D. Auchincloss, Henry Hentz,

Daniel S. Lamont, E. R. 'Holden,

Archibald D. Russell William Rowland,

A. G. Agnew,
Edwio S, Marton,

Broadway & 19th SL

New York

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