Kabbalah: New Perspectives

Yale University Press, 1 janv. 1988 - 419 pages
In this prizewinning new interpretation of Jewish mysticism, Moshe Idel emphasizes the need for a comparative and phenomenological approach to Kabbalah and its position in the history of religion. Idel provides fresh insights into the origins of Jewish mysticism, the relation between mystical and historical experience, and the impact of Jewish mysticism on western civilization.
"Idel's book is studded with major insights, and innovative approaches to the entire history of Judaism, and mastery of it will be essential for all serious students of Jewish thought."--Arthur Green, New York Times Book Review
"Moshe Idel's original, scholarly, and stimulating study of Kabbalah contains the promise of a masterwork."--Elie Wiesel
"Moshe Idel's book can help the nonspecialized reader to reconsider the whole of Kabbalistic tradition in comparison with many aspects of contemporary thought."--Umberto Eco
"There can be no dispute about the importance and originality of Idel's work. Offering a wealth of complementary insights to Gershom Scholem and his school, it will command a great deal of attention and serious discussion."--Alexander Altmann

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Kabbalah: new perspectives

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This major reinterpretation of Jewish Kabbalah and mysticism offers new perspectives on its origin, development, and relationship to general mystical writing from antiquity to the modern era. Idel ... Consulter l'avis complet

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Remarks on Kabbalah
Methodological Observations
Varieties of Devekut in Jewish
Unio Mystica in Jewish
Mystical Techniques
Kabbalistic Theosophy
Ancient Jewish Theurgy
Kabbalistic Theurgy
Kabbalistic Hermeneutics
From Jewish Esotericism
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