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failed to lecture or attend his class on the regular days appointed for such purposes, the time occupied by each Professor in the delivery of his lectures and the examination of his classes, and the number of limes each Professor shall have failed to make his monthly report.

The College Hall shall be opened every Lord's day morning for religious worship and instruction, to be performed by respectable ministers of various denominations; and it shall be the duty of all Students to attend worship either there or at some other place.Ministers of the gospel, and pious young men of indiyent circumstances, preparing for the ministry in any of the religious denominations, shall be permitted to attend College without charge of tuition.

No Student shall be guilty of non-attendance on school, inattention to the exercises prescribed, misbehaviour, or any indecorum in school.

No Student shall permit any disturbing noises in his room, or make them any where within the precincts of the College. No Student shall introduce, keep, or use within

the precincts of the College, weapons or arms of any kind, or gunpowder, or keep a serv. ant, horse, or dog.

Riotous, disorderly, indecent, or contumacious conduct of any Student shall be punished by any of the inodes hereinafter mentioned, at the discretion of the President, Professors, or Facully.

Habits of expense, of dissoluteness, of dissipation, of playing at games of chance, of profane swearing, or of any immoral or uselessindulgences, obstructive to the acquisition of science, or otherwise pernicious in their influence, shall be subject to any of the punishinents hereinafter prescribed. And every Sudent who shall, within the precincts of the College, introduce, keer, or use any spiritous or vinous liquors, or any cards, dice, or other implemenis of gaming, shall be subject to like punishment.

Any Student violating or contemning any order of the President or Faculiy, or insubordinate to any lawful sentence pronounced against him, shall be deemed guilty of contumacy, and punished at the discretion of the Faculty.

Smoking segars, or any other use of tobacco, is at all times strictly forbidden within the College precincts,

Injuring or defacing in any mannér whatsoever, by writing or other. wise, the buildings, fences, gates, trees, shrubhery, &c., of the Insti. tution, is strictly forbidden; and any Student so offending shall be subject to fine and punishment at the discretion of the Faculty.

Playing at any games, or indulging in any unbecoming conduct on the Lord's day, shall be regarded as disorderly conduct, subjecting theoffender to the action of the Faculty.

The use of musical instruments is interdicted before dinner, after 10 o'clock at night, and on Lord's days.

No Student shall be permitted to absent himself from College without perinission from the President.

Every Student shall deposi'e with the President, or some one of the Faculty, if hio parenis or guardians require it, all the money, checks, bills, drafts, and other available funds, which he shall have in his possession, or under his control, in any manner intended. 20 defray his expenses while a Student of Bethany College.

In like manner, if requested, he shall deposite with the President, or some one of the Faculty, all the funds he shall receive while a Student of Bethany College, for the purposes aloresaid.

At the end of the first hali' session he shall deposite enough to pay the expenses of the second half, or balance of the session; and if any Student fail to pay in advance the last instalment of his expenses, as herein required, and shall be in default ten days, the President shall report him to the Faculiy, that proper measures may be taken to compel performance, and, if necessary, to punish the defaulier.

When the Student shall deposite any funds with the President, or any of the Faculty, he shali take from him a fair receipt, stating the amount deposited and the several purposes to which it is to be applied; and the person with whom he deposites shall disburse the same by payment and setilement with the Treasurer for his College dues, and in payment of such necessary personal expenses and pecuniary advancements as he may authorize or deem necessary-acting for the time as guardian over his pecuniary affairs. And ai the end of each Bession, or when required, he shall render an account of his disbursements, and pay over the balance, if any. No Student, ihus deposiiing, shall contract a debt or make any purchase without the u ritien permission of his Bursar; and for every thing purchased by him he shall forth with pay the cash or draw upon his Bursar, except upon license from the President as hereafter provided.

The President of Bethany College shall be, and is hereby empowered to grant licence to Studenis of this Institusion to contract such debts as he may think proper, in the manner coniemplate d and author ized by the first section of the Act of the General Assembly, regulating and restraining the terms on which credit shall be allowed to Students, passed on the 1st of March, 1838.

Any Studeni contracıing any debt forbidden by the provisions of the Act aforesaid, shall be subject to punishment at the discretion of the Faculty.

The bell shall be rung every morning throughout the collegiate year at dawn. The Students shall rise at this signal, and assemble in the rooms for general meeting, lo altend on worship, at such hour as the Faculty nay determine.

It shall be the duty of the President to keep a general supervision of the internal management of the Steward's Inn.

On matriculating each Student shall sign liis name in a book, to bo kept for that purpose by the Secretary; in which shall be siated his age, the name and residence of his father or guardian, under a caption in the following words, which shall be distinctly read to him before he sigas his name, viz.After having carefully read the Rules and Regulations of Bethany College, I subscribe myself a Student thereof; and promise to be punctual, orderly at worship, recitations, and all the College exercises; to be diligent in study; 10 be strictly moral in language and conduct; to be respeciful to the Officers of the Institu. tion and courteous to my fellow-Studenis; and that I enter the Col. lege with a desire to reap the benefit of its instruction, and with a determined resolution to conform to all its laws and regulations.'

The dress of the Students shall be uniform and plain--shall be of a dark grey, or black colormat a price not exceeding six dollars a-yard mand the coat shall be made single-breasted, and the collar bound

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round with braid, and a star worked in black silk on each end of it: Provided, that a Student may be allowed to wear any clothes which he may have had when he matriculated; and in Summer any cheap light garments approved by the Faculty. It is also recommended by the Trustees that the Kentucky Jeans be selected as the cloth for common wearing apparel.

The punishments shall be-1st. Reproof by a Professor, or by the President, privately, or in presence of the class of the offender, or of the whole school, or dismission from the class during the day. 20. Rustication, dismission, and expulsion. The first may be executed by the President or any one of the Faculty. The second shall require the action of the Faculty; and in case of expulsion the sentence shall not be final till confirmed by the Trustees.

Rustication shall be a suspension of College privileges, and remov. al from the precincts to some retired place, designated in the sentence of rustication, for a term not less than one, nor more than four weeks.

Dismission shall be a discharge and removal from the College, and onlire severance of all College rights and privileges for the balance of the collegiate year during which such sentence may have been pronounced.

Expulsion being a sentence of reprobation, shall be a cancelling of of all College honors, rights, and privileges forever; and no Student who may have been expelled from this or any other Literary Institution, shall, during the continuance of such sentence, ever be permitted to enter the precincts of this College.

Upon the infliction of any of the second class of punishments, it shall be the duty of the President promptly to inform the parent or guardian of the Student, of such sentence.

It shall be the duty of the Steward to visit the rooms of the Students at least once-a-week, for the purpose of seeing that the servants do their duty, and that the comfort of the Students is sufficiently attend. ed to.

The Steward shall furnish the Students with clean sheets and pillow-cases at least once-a-fortnight, and with clean towels at least iwice-a-week.

It shall be the duty of the Steward to have the rooms of the Stu. dents well swept and ventilated every day, and to take such other means for promoting the comfort and health of the department as the President may require.

The Steward shall be required to furnish to the President a list of such Students as may be absent from any meal, and of those who do not appear till half an hour after the bell has been rung.

The Steward shall not be required to furnish meals for Students who are not in the dining room within half an hour froin the ringing of the bell-unless good reason can be shown for such absence.

From the 1st of September to the 1st of March following, the hour of breakfast shall be from 7 to 8 o'clock; of dinner, 1 o'clock; and supper, 6 to 7 o'clock, as the Faculty may decide. From the 1st of March to the 4th of July, the hours shall be 6 10 7 o'clock A. M., I o'clock, and 6 to 7 o'clock P. M., as the Faculty shall determine; at which hours the College bell shall be rung, and the dining-room opened

When any servant about the Steward's Inn, from bad habits or misconduct, shall be deemed by the Faculty unfit to remain at Bethany College, it shall be the duty of the Steward to dismiss such servant; and upon failure to do so, upon proper notice, he shall be liable to fino at the discretion of the Faculty.

The Steward shall be responsible for the cleanliness of the tenements and grounds in his occupation, and shall cause the sweepings and offal from them to be daily

removed to such places as may be designated by the President or Faculty. If he fail herein he shall be fined for each offence at the discretion of the Faculty.

The practice of keeping or raising hogs within the precincts is for. bidden; and any one living within the precincts and violating this prohibition, shall be liable to a fine of not less than one, nor more thau ten dollars, for each hog or pig kept within the precincts more than 24 hours, to be assessed by the Faculty.

The Steward shall not furnish luxurious fare to the Students; but the fare shall be plentiful, plain, served neatly, and well dressed-of good and wholesome viands--and in all its details conformable to such rules as the Faculty may prescribe.

The Steward shall furnish boarding, lodging, washing, fuel, and ono candle for every two Students till bed hour; also, proper attendance of servants for domestic and menial duties, and atiendance upon the immediate vicinage requirements of Students; the details of all which shall be regulated by the Faculty; for all of which his compensation shall be one hundred dollars for each Student per collegiate year. The clothes to be washed for each Siudent shall not exceed nine pieces in Winter, and twelve in Summer, per week; and whenever the washing shall not be done in (proper manner, the Faculty may authorize the Students to have it done elsewhere, and deduct the price thereof from his board.

Students entering College after the commencement of the collegiate year, shall pay board only for the time unexpired, at the yearly rate.

If at any time the Steward shall fail to comply with the rules herein before prescribed, or with such as may hereafter be prescribed by the Faculty, there shall be such deduction made from the amount of board allowed him as the Faculty shall judge proper.

The Faculty shall have power from time to time to prescribe regulations of police, not inconsistent with the laws of the land or the enactments of this Board; which regulations shall be submitted to the Trustees at their next succeeding meeting, and shall be in force till disapproved by the Trustees or repealed by the Faculty.

The President, in connexion with the Professor of each department, shall decide upon the course of studies, the times to be occupied in lecturing and examining, by each and all the details connected with the studies, &c. of the Instirution; and shall report such arrangements as may be adopted to the Board of Trustees at their next meeting thereafter.

Any person residing in the vicinage of the College may be permitted to attend College studies, boarding at his residence, subject to such tuition fees as the Faculty may think proper.

A, CAMPBELL, President, W.F. MARNY, Sccretary.



COMMENCEMENT OF BETHANY COLLEGE. This Institution commenced its career on the day appointed, under more favorable auspices than could have been expected. The contemplated number of Sindents were not all in attendance, a few having been detained through personal or family afflictions, and some other difficulties, till the ensuing spring. Seldom have so many students from regions so various and remote, been assembled at the commencement of any literary institution. The Professors also, accord. ing to expectation, were all present-one only, Mr. W. W. Eaton, of St. John's, New Brunswick, excepled. The appointment of this gentlemen to the chair of English Literature at the October meeting of the Board, was so recent as to preclude his presence at our commencement. Meanwhile, till his arrival, his place, in part, is filled by the other Professors, and in part by a special teacher appointed pro tempore.

To organize, arrange, and classify a new Institution, composed of so many youth of such diverse studies and attainments, from the Græca Majora, and various branches of mathematical and physical sciences, down to the elements of literalure, without any previous knowledge of their habits, proficiency, or the methods of instruction under which they had been so far educated—is a task and a labor which none but the initiated and experienced can comprehend.

We have already formed more than twenty classes. Of these the first meets at half past 6 in the morning. To form and establish that most healthful and useful habit of rising early, I chose that early hour for my lectures on sacred history, for Bible-readings, and worship. My residence being just three-fourths of a mile from the College, gave me, for November and December, a very invigorating exercise of riding or walking that distance every morning before day-light. For January and February Professor Stuart will occupy that hour, while I occupy his from 8 to 9. Our clasees are not all disposed of till about half past 4 in the evening.

Having been no little retarded and disappointed in getting some rooms of our College edifice finished before this time, we have to contend with the difficulties of having the class.rooms in the Steward's lon. Studying, reciting, and boarding in one edifice, though spacious, is by no means so desirable. A degree of confusion under the best poliee imaginable is, in such cases, inevitable. This calls for greater labors on the part of the Professors, and occasions more discipline than would likely occur under our anticipated arrangements. We expect to be in the College Edifice early in the Spring. It affords,

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