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ABOLITION ADDRESS. An address on the subject of slavery, written by some Christian brother of Trumbull county, Ohio, was forwarded to several brethren in Virginia and Kentucky during the last year. As before observed, it would seem, from intelligence received here, as if some person or persons had either taken the names of our subscribers printed on the cover of the larbinger, or otherwise surreptitiously obtained them, and addressed to them copies of said circular without our knowledge or consent. This has given rise to a number of written addresses on the same subject; some of which have been sent to me for publication, respectfully written, but claiming to their authors a inore intimate acquaintance with the whole subject, and an equal conscientiousness as respects the enactments of the Christian Lawgiver on every point involved in said circular. Nay, some of them profess to regard said document as the inhabitants of the Moon, if there be any, would regard a letter written by a committee selected from the four quarters of our globe, and despatched to them, on the subject of the geography, climate, and products of their own planet, with some directions for man. aying their crops and securing god health in certain lunar expositions. They have also solicited their publication on our pages. In the present excited state of feeling on this subject, we have refused our pages to all par ies, believing it to be entirely incompatible with the genius and design of our work to admit any such discussions, involv. ing in them matters much more political, prudential, and local, than either religious or moral. The political press and the legislative halls are the proper theatres for such combats; and to them we refer such subjects so long as we have more important matters on hand.

A. C.

GARRICK'S PRECEPTS TO PREACIERS. The celebra'ed Garrick having been requested by Dr. Stonehouse to favor hin with his opinion how a sermon ought to be delivered, the English Roscius sent him the following judicious answer:

"My dear pupil, you know how you would feel and speak in a parlor concerning a friend who was in imminent danger of his life, and with what energetic pathos of diction and countenance you would enforce the observance of that which you really thought would be for his preservation. You could not think of playing the orator, of studying your emphasis, cadences, and gestures; you would be yourself; and the interesting nature of the subject impressing your heart, would furnish you with the most natural ione of voice, the most proper language, the most engaging features, and the most suitable and graceful gestures.What you would be in the parlor, be in the pulpit; and you will not fail to please, to affect, and io profit.”


RICHMOND, VA., June 24, 1842. Dear Brother Campbell,—Since I wrote you last, many have been brought into the kingilom. Brother Coleman visited us on his way to Bethany, and seven made confessions during his stay. Brother Duval came to help us also. He was much encouraged at the prospects here. The week following I went to Paineville, Amelia co., and preached to good congregations-removed a great deal of prejudice-received five into the Kingdom (four by baptism and one from the Baptists). On my return to our city I went to work, läst Lord's day, in good earnest; and, after preaching in the morning, six persons came to the standard of the Saviour. Five were baptized, and one, a backslider, reclaimed. We keep up the meetings nightly the week through. We have been to the river the two-last evenings, and go again this evening to immerse four that came up last night. So far, we have received since Lord's day morning, thirieen; and I trust the work will still go on. May the Lord bless us, and cause his lace to shine upon us!

Mr. Mafit is here, and has made a very considerable stir in our eity. The Methodists have had to swallow a bitter piil of late. After all their reasoning in favor of pouring and sprinkling-all their bitter invective again:t immersion-- their charges of the risk as to health the impossibility there is, as they allege, in fixing your heart on the Saviour while you are sighing and shivering in the water—and then besides, and added to all, the indelicacy of ihe thing! Still, and nolwithstanding, these same eloquent declaimers against dipping, have had to eat this choke-pear and swallow it. They have lately had 10 immerse some twenty persons or more, and what is singular, they went at it as if they had believed it was right! The preacher looked as solemn as if he had been doing his duty-as if he had been satisfied what he was doing was well pleasing to God! But then, thinks I, put this and that iogether--hat is, compare the preaching and the practice. The preachers are serious when they rail against dipping; and then, when they must dip these lovers of mud puddles, they are serious in doing it! I am constrained to ask what kind of preachers are these? I saw some twelve or fitteen of them immersed, and the thought forced itself upon me- That's very good leaven 10 pilt in that bushel of meal ” Then, again, the preachers do not want it work 100 much; for they never announced the baptizing in their meetings; and some, from brotherly love or sisterly charity, were heard to say - Brother W- would not give notice of the baptizing, but I spread it as far as I could. Others were heard to mutter on the banks of the stream-I don't believe in their dipping and dousing! | fear these people may need the admonition by and by-"be ye all of one mind! 1"

JAMES HENSHÅLL. IMMERSION is becoming fashionable even among Methodists. In the vicinity of Bethany | lately saw some eight or ten Methodists im- . mersed. It was done, if not with much faith, with much decency and solemnity by the preacher in attendance.

A. C.

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Clark county, Kentucky, June 20, 1012 We have had, in a few days past, an accassion to ihe good cause which you, in con. junction with many of our brethren, are plearling, 19 persons, 14 bv confession and immersion, and 5 having been previously buried with our Lord in haptism were added to the Disciples at Mount Zion, Clark county, Ky. The principle speaker at this meeting was our esteemned brother A. Raines, there were several other laboring brethren in attendance.


Dinville, Kentucky, June 30, 1812. Thave been very much engager since I reached rome; have attended the coinmence. mert at Bacon College, and two meelings of Lord's days. At the first 10, and last 25 united - both in Lincoln county, within 15 miles of this place. Within that distance some 500 persons have confessed the lord within the last iwo months! May they hold ont faitliful and continually grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord, until they be coin perfect men and women in Christ Jesus!

The bretiren and friends are much stirred up in these parts Amongst those immersed on last lord's day was my companion in travel, Elias H. Karle, son of brother Samuel G. Earle, of south Carolina, who is on his way to Bethany College. He is about 18 years of age. May ihe Lord accompany him through the journey of life!

E. A. SVITI. Chagrin Fulls, Cugaloga county, Ohio, June 26, 1842. I have just reiurned from a short tour to Michigan. A general meeting was held ncar Marshall, Callioun county, from the 3d to the 6th of June, as had previously been an. nounced in the Harbinger hy brother Goodrich. A number of brethren and sisters came from 2019 80 iniles, glad to hear that an effort was to be made to rally and organize in some measure the forces in the state. Speaking frethiren present were Dr. John Thomas, Corbly Martin, and Benjamin Allion; about 120 disciples present It was concluded to hold an annual meeting in Calhouni county, in or near Marshall, the couniy seal, at the same time next year, unless another time should be announced. They are pendent on help from abrart, and the time of holding the meeting dep.nds on the time they can hest obtain bielp.

(There are about 100 disciples in Calhoun county, collected into three churches, discipled in New York and Onio. They are in good order, and all the churches under the care of excellerit me. I'here were 12 immersed and unreh prejudice removel, and the dis. ciples prpaly encourage! Two good evangelists, with suh an iud:CP as the 100 Heihers, will soon render tile cause coilpletely triumphalit in centraal ilichigan Oil my return I spoke iu Jarksonborg, and minersed iwo young persons whose parents liad not beesituatirely negligent of their duty. There are five sisters and one broiler (Glo. Dengaer) in Jacksonburg.


Palestine, Illinois, July 5, 1842, The gloriosis ca ise of our Divine Master is propressing in the Wabash country more and more. There is scarcely over atwo days' meeting helt now any where about here by any of our preachin: brethren, but more or less believe, contess, and obey. That faet itself lells Hatletongregations are walkius in pace and love. We apprehend very clearly what you are laboring io produce, that ii is far better to do right ihan to gain a greal multitude of proselytes.


Elliton, Kentucky, July 5, 18:2. I havo jirst retired froin a trip through the counties of Union anillenderson, where we ita i a very pleasant time will the brethren. Brother R Roberts, who resides in ilat section nfcountry, and is low riding as their evoelii, wils with me at one point, There are five congregations in the allovit naine collities, nuubering aloit three hun. dre disciples in all There were twenty two addinos by contession and baprisin at the distreut points in which Ilahored; among them ore Methodist lady, of hoe reputa:2011 with lier party. Omy arrivalhoine I met witin brother Johnson, who had comniened a meeling in our town; delivered two discourses, and passed on to Hopkinsville. The moeting was continued hy brother Rice, who rcache ua the saine day, for several days) Fift..pre made the good confession and were imajerselinto the naine of the Lord Jesus nuks to the name of the Lord for his glorious gospel through which life an: immor. tality ar: brought to light!


Wallsworth, Ohio, June 22, 1842. I have just returned home froin a tour of nearly five weeks. Our first meeting was in Hanover, Columbiana county, Ohio I spoke there six days, and got 35 From thence to Aurora, Porlage county; spoke five days, and got 5. Froin thence to Shannon Posi. Office; got 5, and 2 inore on ny roail from thence to New Lisbon. Commenced in New Lision on Friday evening, continued there itil the next Weinesday according to a;). pointment, and got 38. My wife toul sick in the meantime and detained me five dai's Jonger. I continued the meeting every evening until the next Monday following, and succerile in caining 86 by iiniersion, and one from the Old Christians,' in New Lishon-inore in Minerva; making in all 136 in the tour.



Jennings county, Indinna, June 5, 1812 There are nine churches or congregations, and some four hundred and fifty or five hundred disciples in this county. The principal proclaiıning bretliren who were instru. mental in selling up the ancient order of things here are brothers John B. and Hickman New. We have been since aided hy brethren John O'Kane, Joseph Fasselt, Newton Short, Jesse Mevety, J. L. Jones, &c. The congregatioi. on Coffee Creek, ten miles frois Vernon, the shiretown, is increasing more rapidly than the others-eleven additions were made there two weeks since through the labors of brotlier Jacob Wright and others. The most of the congregations incet every first day of the week to celelirate the fucis hy which we are saved-lo sing hymns in honor of our King - 10 read his word-10 exhort each other lo more sicadfastness in the faith, &c. May truth triumph, error dis. sipate, and the knowledge of the Lord extend frow shore to shore, and cover the earth as ilie waters do the great deep!


Yorktown, Virginia, June 20, 1842. This day closes my labors, as an evangelist, for the last twelve months. The field of labor assigned me enbraced the counties of York, James City, Surry, and Elizabeth City. Though we cannot boast of great accessions, I think that those who have united wiibus came into the kingdoni understandingly, and will prove faithful to the cause of truth. The Dickory Neck congregation in James City, has had eight addilions during the last iweive mouins, and the church appears to be doing well. You remember, I doubt not, lo have preachei in llamptota (vw years ako. The cause has met with great opposition there from all parties. But notwithstanding the determined opposition, we have gained five additions there, making six within the last eighteen months. There are eight disci. ples there, iwo of whom are members of Grafton, meeting every Lord's day and partaking of the loul. Our beloved brother John B. Carey, who is quite an intelligent brother, speaks for them, in the way of exhortation and teaching, and I hope will soon become a proclaimer of the gospel, We labor oder sone disadvantares in Hampton, having no meeting house.

We have been in the habit of preaching in the court bouse', the sects having closed their doors against us; and llity talk strongly of excluding 18 from the court house,

We wish, if possible, tu erect a sınall meeting house there, and do now call upon our brethren in Vir. ginia lo help us. One thousand dollars will enable us to build quite a commodious house of worship; and that will have a tendency to enlarge ihe audience, anıt thus give the people an opportunity of liearing and deciding for themselves. Will not the brethren help is in this matter? Do, tirethren, respond to this call. Any hrother, brethren, or congregation wishing to aid us in building a meeting house in Hainpton, will please address brother Jobii B. Carty, Iłampion, Virginia, slaling how much they will give.

J. W. T. R. WALSH. Cannot brother Walsh extend his la hors so as nake occasional appointments at Nor. folk? If he call, he will please forward his appointments to J L Hathaway of that place, who will have them published.


Bethany, July 25, 1842. My dear bro! her-Your efforts to expose error in every form, indacıs we lo conclude that it would give you pleasure, during your absence, lo receive good news even from Bethany: An individual well know! 10 you, a Bible student, having been strongly tinctured with one of the grossest fictions ever presented to the human fallen family or Adam - Mormonism-has renounced its delusions. I ground this assertion not on my own ipse dixit, hut on numerous credible wildesses Meeting him, I stated that we had a full, persect, and clear revelation from God of every thing pertaining to saivation; that we neeiled noi, nor did we expect another; that the age of miracles bad passed away.His reply was, “I believe in the prophecies which have been given- I expect no other. I renonce my belief in Mormonisin ” The person spoken of not being a member of Christ's church, I atfectionately adoionished him to look into the word of life, and lose no time in becoming a servant of that Lord whose sword can prostrale all the Dagons of the or any other day,


EXTRACTS FROM THE MINUTES Of the 4th General Annual Meeting of Elders and Brethren of the

Church of Christ in Indiana. Whereas, among the wall things, ," which the Apostles were como missioned !0 teach the disciples of Christ for their observance, we have been tanght that "they who preach the gospel should live of the yospel;' and that, in primitive times, "the word of the Lord sounded out from the congregations: and whereas, there are at present in the

state of Indiana many preachers, but sew of whom, if any, are sustained as they ought to be; and, consequently, have been unable hitherto to extend their labors, as they might be extended for the conversion of sinners And whereas the fields are many and inviting which now open before us, white already for the gospel harvest: and whereas the reason why the preachers of this stale have not been sustained and done so little, we believe is chargeable more upon themselves to their extreme modesty and a criminal neglect of teaching the disciples they have made and ine congregations they have constiinted, that all are but stewards of the manifold favor of God—that it is their duty and privilege to be workers together with God in the glorious work of the reformation and regeneration of a world lying in wickednessrather than to a want of liberality and a willingness on the part of the disciples generally to co-operate and contribute according to their ability, and sustain all who should be sustained: and whereas no plan of co-operation has hitherto been adopted by us, we believe the iiine now has fully come, when some plan should be submitted should be received, adopied, and acted upon: Therefore,

Resolved, That it be recommended to all the disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout this state, to contribute for the support of evangelists to labor within our bounds, not less than twenty-five cents each, for the present year.

Resolved, That the State of Indiana be divided into four districts, to be bounded and numbered as follow::—The First District to consist of all that region of country lying and being north of the National Road and east of the meridian of Indianapolis. The Second District to lie south of the first. The third district to le west of the second, bounded by the meridian of Indianapolis on the east and the National Road on the north; and the fourth District io lie north of the third.

Resolved That this meeting will take the responsibility of selecting, appointing, and sending out with our approbation four evangelists for the present year, to visit all the congregations in this state; to ascer. tain their location, the number of their inembers, the names of their Elders, their order, &c; and to enforce upon them the observance of all things which are enjoined by the Great Head of the Church, in which they may have been remiss; to ask their co-opera:ion in the · work of the Lord, and to preach the gospel within their bounds.

Resolved, That these evangelists go forth 1o be sustained by the contributions of the disciples throughout the stale.

Resolved, Tha! they be authorized to ask collections from every cine gregation; that they receive and receipt for them to their Elders; that they be entitled to the sum of $150, if married men, and $300, if unmarried, for their services the current year, to be retained by them out of their first collections; that they keep an account of all; make a report thereof to the district meetings hereafter 10 be appointed by them so scon as they may deern it expedient in the fourquarters of this state, at which times they shall hand over to the receivers of said districts, two of which may be appointed by each of said neetings, any overplus of monies then in their hands, to be by thein advanced for the suppost of others as the churches t'y their messengers to the said district meetings may direct.

Resolved, That the next annual general meetiog be at Noblesville,

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