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Mr. Holland offered to meet Mr. Sawyer at a more convenient season, if he wished. This offer, however, wet with no encouragenent. Su ended the whole maller, greatly to the honor of Christian truth,

I never before saw the fallacy of that system so exposed, and cannot think Mr. S. will preach a universal heaven with the san.e contidence as heretofore. O "vain religion'? how long- how long will deluded men continue to rest upon ihy promises? Yours in Christ,

N. SUMMERBELLA Pleasant Hill, Maury county, Tennessee, December 3, 1841. In the counties of Maury, Giles, Marshall, and Bedford, we have about seventeel congregations, containing about 1376 men:bers in all, of whom 25 ars preachers (of some sori.) The churches in the above district liave agreed 10 hold scmi annual meetings for co-operation purposes. A large portion of time at these ineetings is to be appropriated 10 examining the scriptures, that we may ascertain thereliy what they teachi in relation to all things pertaining to the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ. Our next meeting 1o be holden in Columbia, commencing on Silurday before the 2d Lord's day in Alay next. We invite brethren from a distance to attend; not that we care so much about their preaching, lut we wish to be taught tlie way of the Lord more perfectly. Dear brother Campbell, do exert all the powers of your giant intellect in stirring up the disciples in all the length and breadth ofile circulation of the Millennial Harbinger, to the doing of the sayings of Jesus our common Lord! May the blessing of God rest on Bethany College in all its holy undertakings!


Golconda, Kentucky, December 17, 1841. An attempt was made in this place by brother M.Coul, the only public defender of our claims in any part of inis region, lo establish a church on the pure principles of the gospel. A church has been colistituted, consisting of nine members. Three were re. ceived hy baptism--the hun ble writer of this making one of the happy trun ber. Three weeks from Wednesday last three oiliers will unite themselves liy repentance, faitli, and obedience to the word. Can you not send us livij? A pious faithful, and devoted stryant of the Cross, would be well received here, and mighile instrumental in doing a great amount of good for the Redeen:er's cause in these ends of the earth. Send liels if possi. ble; for we expect great opposition from the sects. I know I speak the sentimenis uf all the dear disciples of this place. Should you send lielp, dircci him to call on ine or brother Richmond, residing at this place.


Hom, Scott county, Indiana, November 10, 1841. Since my last to you the good cause of our blessed Redeemer has greasly advariced. The members of Union meeting house formerly numbered fourteen only, how counts fifty-five, most of whom united with us from the Baptisis, one from the Methodisis, and three from the world.


Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Deceniber 11, 1811. There is a meeting now in progress at this place. Already sixteen persons have been immersed, and a good prospect for many more. Brother Elley has thus far been the princidal laborer. Brother J, H. Jones, of Ohio, and brother Anderson, logether with other proclaimers, arc liere. The citizens of Hopkinsville are much interested. The brethren are talking about sustaining Evangelists; and while tlieir hearts are warnied by the truth, and they sustain the good cause by their liberal contributions, I hope they will not forget or neglect lo contribute something to the Collec.


Georgetown, Kentucky, November 26, 1841. I have just reached home from a trip of nineteen days. I had the assistance of brother A. Kendrick at llarrodsl.urg, where we gained 20 additions; 5 of them were students of Bacon College, and 4 female pupils of ilie Greenville Instilule, conducted liy brother Mullins. Both institutions are in a good condition, and are dolng well. Ofihe students in the College Proper 2 are members of the church, and 5 in the Preparatory Depart. neut. I then made my way io Louisville, wliere Labored with brother llall for eleven days in the city and at a place 6 miles east of it. We were fortunate to gain 28 additions; making 18 in less than three weeks. There is no doubt that our labors will result in many more additioris in a short time. Brother Kendrick at the same time labored at North Middletown and Mount Sterling, whilst brother Rice labored at Sharpsburg and assisted him at the other places. The result of their labors was about 40 additions.Thus we have, hy our joint labors, added near 100 meinbers to the good cause. May the Lord bless the efforts of all the holy brethren in this best of all causes, and enable every one to act worthy of our high calling as sons and daughters of the Lord! May the Lord bless your efforis lo eslaylish your College, and may it prove a blessing to the rising generation!


Palmyra, Missouri, October 26, 1841. Since my last communication we have, through the joint labors of breinren Browil, of Kentucky, and Hatchell, of Illinois, received hy confession and otherwise, one hundred menibers more-seventy five in Palmyra; and il.e balance at brother Merritt's, ten miles north of this place, on the north of Fabius river. I have not heard of the ancient gospel

triumphing as it does here since the coinmencement of this reformation. The Lord adds daily io the congregations, and the disciples are filled with righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit

Our meeting was carried on during the General Methodistic Conference for the Stare ef Missouri. They reported one hundred and twenty Preachers in the Conference, and a few mourners at the bench; and we had brother Brown and myself, and the above result. The congregations of Shelbyville, Monticello, Houston, and Palmyra have chosen brother Hatchilt and myself to evangelize for the coming or current year.


Vallania, Indiana, October 12,1811. As yod are always gratified to hear of the success of the good cause for which you have so triumphantly and with such untiring zeal contended, I therefore bastily inform you that at a meeting in last August, at Mount Ibird. Kyfive persons were immersed. Also, ten were added in Jefferson county, Ta.-lour by iminersion, and six from the Baptists; twelve at Marion, in the same county, by baptism. Brother Thompson, of Ohio, during last summer, discipled fifty.six, baptizing them in Denning county, la. Frou present appearances it seeins that sectarianism in this state is destined to die temporally, spiritually, and, 1 hope, eternally.


Lexington, Kentucky, December 13, 1841. Since I last wrote you, a few days ago, the good work is still progressing Within the last ten days we have had an acceseion to the cause in this city of 52 persons-40 by con. session and immersion. Among the number one Episcopalian, one Presbyterian, and two Methodists; besides several that had been Methodists on trial Two Baptists and oue immersed Preshyterian, and nine brethren by letter and recommendation. We have meeting this morning and tonight, and confidently expect more additions.

J, G. CHINN. Winchester, Clark county Kentucky, Nove r 22, 1841. I have just returned from a trip to the Green River country, where we had a very pleasant time with the brethren. Brother John Steel was with ine part of the time, who resides in that section, and who is a most excellent brother and fellow.jaborer in the Lord. We commenced our labors in Columbia, Adair county, on Friday before the third Lord's day in September, where we labored in all for nine days. Thirty-two were inmersed, and one united from the Baptists, making thirty.three additions We then visited Bethel meeting house, where we labored for three days Eleven were immersed, and two united from the Baptists, making thirteen additions. We then visited Mount Gilead meeting.honse, in Green county, where we labored for ten days. Twenty eight were immersed, and four united from the Baptists, making thirty-two additions there. We then visited brother Dudley's, where we labored for two days, Two were immersed, one united from the Baptists, and one restored; making four additions there We then visited Jamestown, Russel county, Kentucky, where we labored for eight days. Ten were immersed, and two united; making twelve additions there. We then visited Burkesville, Cumberland county, Ky., where we labored five days. Sixteen were immersed, two united from the Cumberland Presbyterians, and two from the Methodists, who had been immersed, which made twenty additions there. We then vistted Campbellsville, Green county, where we labored three days. One was baptized. 'We then came to Perryville, Mercer county, where we delivered one discourse, at the close of which we gave an invitation. One came forward and made the good confession, and we immersed her the next morning; which makes in all one hundred and sixteen additions to the army of the faithful during our trip of about six weeks. Thanks to the name of the Lord for his glorious gospel, through which life and immortality are brought to light!


Chagrin Falls, November 8, 1841. After a rough passage on Lake Erie, I arrived at home the night of the 5th, having been gone eight weeks with my brother, A. S. Hayden, in the state of New York. The church at Williamsville, where A. P. Jones lives, is doing well. At our meeting there, September 12, seventeen were added. In Bennington, Wyoming couyty, nine.

It was a new place: brother Jones had spoken there a few times, and immersed three. The people (a few only at first) heard with piuch interest and profit, and a first rate impres. sion was made. One elderly lady who, with her two sons, were immersed, on parting with us at the water, said

"This is the way I long have sought,

And mourn'd because I found it not.” The few converts there were exceedingly happy; and the Baptists, though their Elder opposed, came and heard, and said to us, "You should stay a week longer."

We went thence to Somerset, Niagara county, and immersed two. Thence to Throops. ville, Cayuga county, 6 days-immersed eight. Brother Lowell came a few days after, and three more added. The church there have had much difficulty in consequence of the “anti preach" doctrine, which has kept them back for years; but they are completely sared from that now, and a happier people I never saw-united and affectionate. The good brother J. M Bartlett labors with them, and has added one since

VOL VI.-N. 8.

In Pompey five were immersed. We stopped in Syracuse, and saw those few good brothers and sisters that remain there; but did not preach in the place.

The church in Cicero only wants a prudent patient man to take care of them, to render the church happy and triumphant over all opposition.

We passed thence to Ira. Cayuga county, where the Baptists cheerfully gave us their house from Friday to Tuesilay morning, and came also to hear. The Presbyterians who, having ito preaching, came to hear, the house was filled, and a happy effect upon all was apparent. The church was inuch aroused, and four were added." in Victory the breth. ren had been quite on the back ground; but began to revive before we came; and in the short stay of two nights and a day, ten were iminerser!.

Spent but one day in Butler, Wayne county. Doing well there.

Wespent four or five days in Tyre, Seneca county-eight immersed. Brother Bartlett has immersed a number there within the last year.

We parted then, and I came to Elba, Gennesee county-labored in company with bro. ther Jones three days. A number evidently convinced, but none obeyed the gospel.

A.S. Hayden went to Jordan, in Canada, where the people came some twenty, some thirty, and some sixty miles to hear the gospel. Three were immersed. They have had no visit of any of the preaching brethren for a year. The church is doing well, having a Lood eldership. There is good reason to believe that injustice has been done brother Z. T. Green on the pages of the Millennial Harbinger by one Mr. Ash. Brother Bradt, of Jordan, is a man to be depended on, and he informed us of Ash's character.

The brethren south will perhaps think that 70 additions in two months is small for two men having the help also of others on the way. But they must remember we are not equal to the mighty men in the South; also, there is a vast difference between the influ. ence of the reformation at the South and at the North. I have no doubt but if many churches were planted all over New York, they would flourish and shine to the glory of Christ and his uncorrupted word, at least equal to any in any other part of America. But

more difficult to begin Indeed, there is no other way but to take a thorough course of teaching the people. Eloquence without it, will avail nothing.

William HAYDEN,

THE COMING OF THE LORD.-No. XI. From recent indications our periodical is likely to be more worthy of its title than was anticipated. Its fourteenth volume, or the seventh of the new series, will certainly usher in the Millennium if our friends and brethren of the North are competent and veritable interpreters of the prophecies. The new or millennial dispensation will commence in eighteen hundred and forty-three. The expectation is most delightfully entertained and loudly proclaimed by many fervid spirits in the North, and from them the contagion is spreading to the West and South-West. It is confidently believed and positively asserted that the present earth and heaven, and the present world, will come to their end in 1843-at the most distant moment. An eternal Millennium then commences; and, for the first time since the Sermon on the Mount, will the third of the nine benedictions of the Saviour be fulfilled-—"Happy the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” The dead will be raised within two years, and all the wicked shall be destroy. ed. The kingdom will be given to the saints, and they shall for ever possess it. The Jews will neither be converted nor restored. Babylon will never fall any more than Jerusalem and Philadelphia, in the general catastrophe. The world will be 6000 years old in the month of September, 1843, and as a thief in the night will the Son of Man certainly appear about that time.

We are, from our editorial position in society, and under the broad banner which we have assumed, compelled to attend more particularly to Millennial affairs, and propose during the current volume to give our readers both sides of this soul-absorbing question. We will impartially set their arguments in order before our readers, and as candidly state our objections:

Extracts from the Signs of the Times. “I believe the glorious appearing of the Saviour will be between the fall of the Ottoman empire, which will probably take place this year, and the termination of 1843; and that by the end of that year all the scenes of judgment and trouble will be passed, and, in the expressive language of inspiration, the sanctuary will be cleansed.' But at what point of time between these periods Christ will make his appearance, whether in 1841-2, or 3, I know not. The signs of the times, as foretold in the Bible, will indicate his near approach; but for the precise time we are commanded to watch."

J. Leitch. “Mr. Miller has recently given a course of 18 lectures in this city. The effect has been very powerful on all classes of the community. The church has been aroused to action. Multitudes are under deep conviction of the truth. A goodly number have turned to the Lord with purpose of heart, and are now rejoicing in hope.

The great body of the clergy in this city affect to despise Mr. Miller for his ignorance, &c. But they have been made to feel his power, and from their various pulpit preparations it would seem that they were perfectly aware that Mr. M. and his subject are of more imporiance than they are willing otherwise to admit. Some are preaching against it. Some few are favorable: some are wise enough to avail themselves of the good influence produced, to build up their churches.

Well, the subject is agitated, and we rejoice. Whether they oppose or defend it, it will do its work—it cannot be suppressed it will accomplish the object which God designed. It will prove a savor of life unto life, or of death unto death."

Solution 3. •And they shall not teach every man his neighbor, and every man his brother,' &c. When shall they not?—Answer: When this old covenant of faith lasts, it is incumbent on the faithful to say to their neighbors, Know the Lord.' But when this dispensation ends, and the Lord appears in his glory, every eye shall see him; every knee shall bow before him; no man shall need say to his brother, Lo, here! or Lo, there! •Know the Lord; for all shalí know me from the least to the greatest.' This vision is not of this world, but of the world to come. So long as the gospel stands, it must be preached; •Know the Lord;' and when the glorious appearing of the Lord puts an end to the gospel dispensation, all will know him

without the aid of a teacher, or preacher, a coming in his kingdom.

Solution 4. "The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ, and he shall reign forever and ever.' For the explanation we need only read on, as follows:-'And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God, saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned, and the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead that they should be judged, and that thou shouldst give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to thy saints, and to them that fear thy name, small and great, and shouldsi destroy them that destroy the earth.' Rev. xi. 15 to 18. The whole passage perfectly explains itself. The kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ, not by the repentance of all living nations, but by his resurrection of the dead; "the times of the dead, that they should be judged.' And Christ's reign óforever and ever' is not over this world of mortality; but over his servants, the prophets, saints, “and them that fear thy name, small and great,' in immortal bodies; and them that destroy the earth he will destroy. This scene, therefore, has for itself no place in this world; it belongs with all the preceding, to the great day of judgment, and to the resurrection of the dead

Solution 5. And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory io him; for the hour of his judgment is come; and worship him ihat made heaven, earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.' Rev. xiv. 6–7. This passage perfectly explains itself. The flying angel carries the gospel to all nations, for a warning to them that dwell on the face of the earth. The angel does not say, "Give glory to God; for the time of this world's conversion is come!'-although this is the idea that the god of this world contrives to infuse into the hearts of the Lord's people. The angel does not say, Fear God; for Christendom is now to be made co-extensive with the earth; the saints are to rule over all nations;' although such is the language men are ready to put into their mouths; and on it they build a frail hope of this world's conversion. But this is the word of the flying angel, uttered with a loud voice, saying, •Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come! »

Signs of the Tim:s. We ask from the friends and proclaimers of the "second advent near," especially from their editors and pamphleteers, a reciprocation of our civilities. We will give to our readers every prominent argu. ment and exposition of particular prophecies found in their publica. tions, and we will expect from them a republication of our objections to their expositions and views. We will state our difficulties and objections in the most candid manner, and will be desirous to have them obviated, if possible. We have no objections to the immediate personal return of the Messiah within their computations; on the con. trary, we would regard it as glad tidings of great joy to all the childrea of God, who love the kingdom and the appearing of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Nothing can be more exhilarating than the thought that within the short period of two years from this date, all our misfortunes, cares, vexations, sins, sorrows, and afflictions will be for ever past; that we shall witness the destruction of one world and the creation of another; and that we shall see the whole family

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