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another opportunity afforded her of closing with the terms of Lord Aberdeen's bill,—the distracting influence which would have otherwise militated from without against the anti-patronage party in the Assembly, removed in consequence of the palpable change in high quarters, and the way cleared for their success. But who shall declare the rest? Who, nine months ago, could have discerned through the game, the moves which we thus briefly indicate? We see, indeed, darkly as through a fog, a line which may be successfully pursued, the deputation of an anti-patronage Assembly appealing from the rulers io the people of England,—and uniting themselves, through the sympathies of a common faith, to the evangelism of the country, whether within or beyond the line of the Establishment. We can see, too, a great movement there, in the spreading heresies of Puseyism, suited apparently through the reactive principle to operate in our favor. But the event is in the hands of God, we cannot see it, we cannot see even the nearer moves,--we can see only our duty. We can but see that in this quarrel we must assert the headship of Christ and the rights of his people. And certainly though the shore be dim and dis. tant, the compass is true.”

News from the Churches.

Warren, Stark county, Ohio, Augusi 18, 1842. Within three or four weeks past brothers Whitacre, Hall, and myself, have occasion. ally visited Paris, seven miles from this place, (where our brethren have never before spoken,) where sectarianisin and infidelity had reigned triumphantly previous to our entrance; hut, to our joy and great satisfaction, the powers of darkness were driven back by the mighty car of truth, and we had the pleasure of seeing twenty-nine of our Father's children come out from the world and among the sects as willing volunteers under the blood stained banner of the Prince Messiah. May the conquests of the Redeemer's kingdom be pushed forward until the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdom of our of our Lord and of bis Christ."


Clarke county, Kentucky, August 27, 1842. The brethren of Madsion county, amongst whom Elders Collins, Stivers, White, and Bronson are proclaimers of the gospel, commenced a series of meetings on Monday the 13th of June last. At Unjon, aided hy Elder A. Raines 37 additions were obtained. At Pleasant Hill, aided hy brethren A. Raines and William Morton, 24. At Tates Creek, hy William Morton, 68. At White Oak Pond, by same, 39, At Centreville, by Elder L. Pinkerton, 17. I was with the brethren to this place, in the neighborhood of which there have been about 30 more, since I ieft, as I learned froın brother White. Six in Richmond during the labors of Elders Raines and Shannon: I learned on Wednesday that at a mecling now in continuance in the neighborhood of Tates Creek, there had been 40 obe. dient to the faith The brethren of Madison were numerous before these accessions were obtained. Great is their love of truth and the God of truth. At a meeting of the brethren of this county at Providence, on the 12th of:his month, and continuing for several days, there were 72 accessions. Our beloved brethren J Creath, Sen. A Raines and William Clarke, the laborers. At a meeting of the brethren at Antioch, assisted by brethren Creath, Raines, and Moore, 20 were obtained. The meeting ailjourned Thursday last. Our next meeting commences at Lug Lick to day.


Monroe county, Ohio, September 7, 1842. We had about eighty members this spring after the removals and changes of residence that usually take place at that season. We have received thirty-nine since, (wenty-two. of thein at our three days' meeting on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of August, held by our brethren Vanvooshies and Malam Martin, from Columbiana county; Botienfield and William Jarvis, from Antioch; Harper, from Boston, Ohin, and sohn T. Crist, from Ben Fork of Capitina. Though we are yet young in the cause, ignorant, and consequently very weak, there is a manifest growth in the brethren, an increasing desire for the sincere milk of the word that they may grow thereby, and a wonderful change in the face of society around us. My soul rejoices and inagnifies the name of the Lord.


Bethany, Virginia, September 16, 1812. Through the kind care of our heavenly Father I have again returned home, after an absence of fifteen days to the Western Reserve, during which time I alıended two ineetings. At the firsi, held at Bedford, Ohio, there were fifty-four immersed; and at the other, held at Wadsworth, Ohio, where were, making in all eighty.five, many of the in persons of high standing and intelligence. Some fifteen of the preaching breth. ren were present. The callse appears to he progressing in that country, not only in nunibers, but also in the piety and devotednces of the brethren,

W. F. M. ARNY.

Lexington, Missouri, August 17, 1842. The good cause of our Redeemer is still on the onward march in this Western country. The brethren have just closed a pro!racted meeting at Dover, ten miles from this place, where forty.four made the good confession, and were huried with the Lord in baptism.Some five or six of the number were from the Preshyterian ranks, and one from the Methodists, and seven by lelier, making in all

The preaching brethren were father M.Bride (that old pioneer in the good cause in Upper Missouri,) and T' N. Gaines.

Brother Gaines held a meeting at the same place last month and gained eleven. Two weeks ago brother Gaines also gained ten on the other side of the river.

He is riding constantiy, and liis labors are greatly blessed. The harvest is truly plenty, but the laborers are few. May ihe churches be aroused 10 a inore diligent discharge of their duty in bringing laborers into the tield, and sustaining those already there.


Scott county, Indiana, August 18, 184! The good cause continues to receive accessions in this part of the country. On the first Lori's day in July three persons were added to the congregation at Union; and on the Friday before the fifth Lord's day of the same month we commenced a meeting at the same place, aided by our excellent brother Stephen Tribhle. The meeting continued for six days and was blessed with great success We obiained forty six additions, thinly one of them by confession, and ten of the confessors were from the Aleihodisis. On the first Lord's day in this month I obtained two more at the same plapp, making fifty one oddi. tions at one place in four weeks.


Valparaiso, August 17, 1812 I have just reached home with my family from a visit io the St. Joseph, where we have heen attending to a co-operation tipeting of the brethren in that region.

We had a refreshing time towether. Praiseit be the name of the Lord! I left on Monday. Seven up to that time had made the good confession. Prospects are bright for a large ingathering there-to see scores of hreihren all contending for obedience to ihe same Lord, owning one Lord, one faith and one baptism, meeting together from different parts of the country. and greeting pach other in the name of the Lord in that loving spirit ihat was manifester by the brethren at that meeting, is enough to melt the hardesi heart Mly soul was filled withi sentiments like the following:

"Love is the golden chain that biuds

Thie happy souls ahove.
And he's an heir of heaven that finds

His bosom glow with love.".
Proclaimers present, Corbly Martin, Rruhen Wilson, John Martindale, Jolin Sargent,
Father Dumn and Father Holmes, I wo oli veterans in the gospel and mysell.

The brethren ofite congregations on the St. Joseph have made arrangements to sustain brother Corbly Martin in the field for one year, which I think is all excellent move He is a man who parnestly and ably contends for the faith once delivered to the saints.

We hold our cooperation merling for the cours of Laporte and forler at Laporte, commencing on Friday bufore the first lourd's day in October. Cannot some of the bretli. ren froin a distante come and help us? Brother Sargent, our evangelist, bas baptized I think over 20 in these two counties since the cominencement of spring.

G. W. TURNER. Versailles, Woodforul county, Kentucky, Septemher 2, 1842. I have had a refreshing time in company with the disciples in Trimble county, Kentucky, and in Charleston, Indiana. Al the latter place we gained nine hy confession and one reclaimed; and at the formarthiriy-seven during the meeting submitted themselves to the justification which is of God; thus supiling the number of the names of the disci. ples of ihal most excellent churchi (al Mount Byrd) to upwards of two hundred, that hegan to keep the ordinances some true years since will only twenty-five. But this is not renarkable when we state in truth inat there is not a greater portion of the good spirit perhaps in any church in Kentucky. On my return home we paid our monthly visit (last Lord's day) to the Grassy Spring Church in this county, when in the two or three itays which we spent with them, seven confessed the Lord and one reclaimed That is another church that goes on like, and without any great excitement. The Lord is adding to them almost every time they mees, no matter who happens to be the. speaker.. Praised be the Lord for his goodness!


Bowling Green, Kentucky, August 13, 1842. To the Congregations of Disciples South of Green River. Dear Brethren-Agreeable to our previous appointment for an annual meeting at Pleasant Hill Meeting House, near the Dripping Spring, on the 4th instant, we have had the pleasure of ineeting and becoming acquainted with many of the brethren from the adjoining counties; yet we have lo regret, that many whom we confidently expected to see, were not present; and we have to complain that hut two of the teaching brethren, who live south of us, were with us. We trust that it was not owing to any indifference felt as the objects and inportance of the meeting. We had, however, nine teaching brethren with us-to wit: J. T. Jobpson and R. C. Rice, of Georgetown; S. Jones, Rob erts, Smith, Callahan, Biby, Embury, and George W. Elley. We had much good reaching and 36 additions during a social interview of soine 5 days. We are truly gratified in heing able to report to you the results of our meeting and some of the information receive ed from the congregations.

Our next annual meeting will be held in Morganfield, Union county, beginning on the Friday before the 2d Lord's day in August, 1843, lo which meeting special attention is now invited, and it is desired that at that time we shall hear from every church south of Green river, and those in Hardin county, and all south of that between Green and the Ohio rivers.

Written or verbal communications were received from churches, while very many were unheard from. The annexed statement will show the results of our call upon theni:

1 Morganfield, Union county, present number, 50.!

2 Cypress, Union county, commenced in 1838, organized with 15 members, increase last year 10, present number, 52.

3 Union, Union county, 1840, organized with 7, increase last year 11, present number 30.

4. Barren, Henderson county, 1831, organized with 11, increase last year 7, present number 145.

5 Liberty, Henderson county, increase last year 10, present number 31.
6 New Antioch, Davis county, present number 50.
7 Christian Union, Hopkins county, present number 45

Near Madisonville, Hopkins county, present number 60.
9 Republican, Hopkins county, increase last year 10, present number 30.
10 Rumsey, Mulenberg, 1842, organized with 14, present number 14.

11 Lebanon, Trigg county 1838, organized with 9, increase last year 33, present num. ber 63.

12 Hopkinsville, Christian county, 1832, organized with 13, increase last year 59, pre sent number 157.

13 Little River, Christian county, 1827, organized with 11, increase last year 30, present number 80

14 Elkton, Todd county, 1837, organized with 14, increase last year 31, present number 70.

15 Berea, Logan county, 1841, organized with 19, increase last year 44, present num. ber 79

16 Keysburg, Logan county, 1842, organized with 19, increase last year 19. present number 38

17 Bee Lick, Logan county, present number 60.

18. Russelville, Logan county, 1841, organized with 8, increase last year 14, present number 22

19 Bethany, Logan county, 1840, organized with 7, increase last year 3), present number 60

20 Hartford, Ohio county, 1839, organized with 12, increase last year 33, present number 91.

21 Welch's Creek, Butler county, 1840, organized with 7, present number 37.

22. Franklin, Simpson county, 1842, organized with 15, increase last year 42, present number 57.

23 Bethel, Warren county, 1839, organized with 15, increase last year 25, present number 74.

24 Pleasant Hill, Warren county, 1835, organized with 25, increase last year 42, present number 12).

25 Rogers S. House, Warren county, 1841, organized with 43, increase last year 30, present number 54

26 Prewett's Knobh. Barren county, 1841, organized with 5, increasc last year 2, present number 26.

27 Salem, Barren county, 1828, increase last year 53, present number 64.
28 Leeper's, Barren county, present number 63
29 Glasgow, Barren county, present mumber 170.
30 Mount Zion, Barren county, 1830, present number 70.

Woodsonville, Hart county, 1836, increase last year 36, present number 66.
32 Mount Horeb, 1838, increase last year 37, present number 73.
33 Rolling Fork, Hardin county, present nuniber 120.

34 Middle Creek, Hardin county, present number 55.
35 Stone Meeting House, Ilardin connty, present nuinber 40.
36 Hodginsville, Hardin county, present number 20

Judian Creek, Monroe county, present number 35. 38 Martinsburg, Monroe county. '39 Sulphur Lick, do. 40 Tompkinsville, do. 41 Slaughter's Stone Meeting llouse, dio. 42 Hanover, Cumberland county, 43 Burksville, Cumberland county 41 Crocus Creek, do. Reported by E. II. Smith. From bis know. ledge of these churches, there are at least 500 members.

45 Columbia, Adair county, present number 70 46

Mount Pleasant, Adair county, present number 85. 47 Mount Gilead, Adair county, present number 90. 48 Jamestown, Adair county, present number 50. 49 Bethel, Adair county, present number 00 50

Antioch. Adair county, present number 40. 51 Marrow bone Monroe county, 1830, present number 47.

From the above report we have 269 members in the different organizations when con. gregated, 609 additions during the past year, and 3295 disciples in the 51 churches, many of whom were organized within the last four years. We rejoice to say, brethren, that we learn from the letters received that many of the churches are ineeting regularly on the first day of the week for worsliin Beloved brethren, let us increase our efforts to sustain the cause both at home and abroad: at home liy family culture, by reading the sacred oracles with our families, and prayer to God for the salvation of all both at home and abroad If the churches will exert themselves to spread the iruth far and near the coming twelve months, the results must be glorious. Untie the hands of such as are able to plead this good cause, and send them forti into the highways and hedges to proclaim the gospel And finally, brethren, let us, one and all, add to our faith all the graces of our holy religion, while we look for the second appearing of our Lord. By order of the churches,



Little York, Indiana, August 21, 1842. On the second Lord's day in July I preached in the vicinity of Lille York At the close of my discourse six persons joined the ariny of the faithi: one of them was from the Melodists Avain I visited the same place on the third Saturday in this month, and held it Iwo days' meeting, and obtained eleven additions. The prospect still good.


New Lisbon, Ohio, July 13, 1842. I arrived here two hours since from Fairfield, at which place I ended a meeting last night. Sixteen were immersed, and two added from the Old Bible Christians"-18 in all. I will give you a line in a few days from this place again, informing you of the result of our meeting which we commence lo.morrow evening.


Paris, Tennessee, August 10, 1842 I have been laboring in this place for several days. Pive persons have confessed and obeyed the Lord—three on Monday evening, and two at 9 o'clock last night, and one on Lord's day, in the country-in all, six. Praised be the Lord! I expect to speak to the citizens again to night, and anticipate more additions.


Fredericksburg, Virginia, September 5, 1812. Since I left Bethany my lahors have been contined principally to Fredericksburg, Caro. line, and the valley of Virginia. After speaking in Fredericksburg for ten days, two of sisier Walker's daughters confessed and obeyed the Lord. After which five store made The good confession and put on Christ In Carolin', within the last two weeks, thirty. four have been added to the churches-Antioch and Emmans We liad here the assist. ance of broiher Seizer from King William, and brothers Abel and Magruder from Charlottesville. The brethren in, Fredericksburg also assisted in the good work, and brother P. Woolfolk gave several warm and spirited exhortations Amongst the number haptized in Caroline were Mr. J. Woolfolk, Mr. Boler, and D:. Wriglie, gentlemen with whom you are acquainted, and whose example will doubtless exert a salutary influence in behalf of the cause in Caroline and King Williami.' in Shenandoah we had fisty-five additions, making in all seventy-seven since the fourth Lord's day in June. Blessed be the name of The Lord! Let us reiurn thanks to his holy name, and go forth with more zeal and more energy to the good work,

"Our God will needfulaid bestow,
And on our labors shine."


Georgetown, Kentucky, August 15, 1842. Brother R. C. Rice and myself have just returned home from a lour of nine weeks in the Green River section of this state, lahored mostly in the boundary of the evangelist G.W. Elley, who was with us during the trip We commenced operatioris at Russels. ville, and from thence proceeded to Elkton, Hopkinsville, Belle View. Red River, Adairs ville, Keesburg, Franklin, Grass Dale, Bethel, Bethany, Fountain Head, Gallatin, and tłopewell in Tennessee, Dripping Springs and Salem, at which places we lahored most faithfully for several days. We sueceeded heyond the expectations of all at each of those points, and the cause is so far elevated at most of them that all the efforts of the opposition will prove unavajling if the brethren prove true and loyal to the good cause.

We lahored every day for eight weeks, and continued in fine health. The additions were 238 Thanks and praise to the Lord for all his goodness! The congregation at Grassy Springs, in Woodford county, sustamed brother Rice while thus engaged. May the lord bless them for their work of faith and labor of love! The brethren in Georgetown and in the vicinity bave acred nobly in this matter and seem resolved 10 push evangelizing to the extent of their power. I trust the time is at hand when all the faithful brethrer will. steemit a great privilege to aid in the proclamation of the gospel to the poor and destitute. We are under obligations to have evangelists proclaiming the gospel all over the United States.

I regret deeply that I was not at home to enjoy your society during your recent tour through Kentucky But we must submit. May the Lord still smile and upon and bless you in all your nenevolent efforts to build up the cause of primitive Christianity!

Were it ot for the preachers, Christians would unle upon the Bible alone in less than one year, in wy judgment We need not hope anything from them. They are ruled by an unholy ambition and a party spirit; and when they dare do so, they rule those under them witli a rod ofron.

J. T. JOHNSON. To the Congregations of Disciples in Georgetown and at Grassy

Spring, Woodford County, Kentucky. Beloved Brethren-Wetake this public oecasion lu tender to you an acknowledgment of our gratitude for the inestimable lavor which you have bestowed upon us and the common cause of our Lord, through the labors of your able Evangelisis J T. Johnson and R.C. Rice, who, in conjunction with our Evangelisi, George W. Elley, have been Jaboring most faithfully in ile several counties around us, and at this point, for some 7 weeks The result has been truly cheering. About 240 additions have been made to the churches in our state, including some 41 near Gallavit, Tennessee, at Hopewell. Their Jahors will be remembered, and we trust appreciated by many who are both in and out of the church.

We have greai reason to thank God, beloved hreihren, for such liberality on your part, in sending to our aid two such faithful workinen. For many years we have been almost destitute of laborers, and through many embarrassmen's thus far we have moved on. II our brethren in Northern Kentucky, who are so abundantly able to aid us will again let their love be once more inanifest in sending us seasonable aid, we shall before many years be able to sustain the cause throughout the t'xtent of the Green River counties.

May the great Head of the church greally bless you in your labors of love, and may we
long strive together for the unity of the faith in the bonds of peace.
Done by order of the churches in co operation, altheir annual meeting, held at Pleasant
Hill Meeting House, near the Dripping Spring, Warren county, August®, 1842.


Elders. To the Congregations of Chris', composing the co-operation in the

counties of Warren, Simpson, and Logan. Your Evanselist George W Elley would most affectionately and respectfully submit the following report at the termination of his labors A series of meetings were commenced hy brutlar J. T. Johnson and myself, embracing a period of five weeks, in the months of August and september past, at Hartford, Russelville, Friendship, Franklin, Bethel, and Smith's Grove, which resulted in 58 additions. Since that time there have been added within the range of any operatious, up to the 13th June past, 10 i, making the total number of 169.

The third Lord's lay in Julie last I commenced a series of meetings, assisted hy brothers Johnson and II. C Rice, with the presence and aid of brothers H. T. Anderson and C. Day. On iwo occasions meelings were held at Russelsville, Elkton, Hopkinsville, Belle View, 10 miles south west of Berea, Adairsville and Keyshurg, in Logan county, Frank. lin, White's school house in Tennesser, Bethel, Bethany, Gallatin, and Hopewell in Ten!!ssee, ernbracing a period of 7 weeks, and resulting in 184 additions to the churches; and up to this time at Pleasant Hill Meeting, 36 additions more have been gained; making the total number of additions since the 1st of September last, 389; and 220 during the past 7 weeks.

Since October last three churches have been formed-one in Russelville, numbering 22; one at Franklin, 57; and one 8 miles above Bowling Green, on Big Warren River, 54. Of the above total number of 389, there were from the Baptists, 58; Methodists, 10; Pres. byterians, 6. Total from the parties, (uniting upon the word of God as the only bond of Christian union.) 74.

Beloved brethren, in view of all the difficulties which have been around us and the ehurches, amidst untiring opposition and much misrepresentation, we have cause to thank God and huckle on again the armor for additional efforts in the good cause of our Lord. Sinners will he converted, and scores of the pious from all the parties will rally to the Bible, and that alone as the constitution of the church of God, if we do our duty.

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