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Page 207 - I ever be married it shall be to an old man ; they always make the best husbands ; and it is better to be an old man's darling than a young man's warling.
Page 285 - The chapters are so lively in themselves, so mingled with shrewd views of human nature, so full of illustrative anecdotes, that the reader cannot fail to be amused.
Page 285 - Varia: Readings from Rare Books. Reprinted, by permission, from the Saturday Review, Spectator, &c. "The books discussed in this volume are no less valuable than they are rare, and the compiler is entitled to the gratitude of the public for having rendered their treasures available to the general reader."— Observer. IX. The Silent Hour : Essays, Original and Selected. By the Author of "The Gentle Life.
Page 282 - Gouff'e. The Royal Cookery Book. By JULES GOUFFE ; translated and adapted for English use by ALPHONSE GOUFFE, Head Pastrycook to her Majesty the Queen. Illustrated with large plates printed in colours. 161 Woodcuts, 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges, 2/.
Page 292 - Child's Play. Illustrated with Sixteen Coloured Drawings by EVB, printed in fac-simile by W. Dic'kes' process, and ornamented with Initial Letters. New edition, with India paper tints, royal 8vo. cloth extra, bevelled cloth, 7s.
Page 293 - Queer Little People. By the Author of " Uncle Tom's Cabin." Fcap. Is. Also by the same Author. The Little Foxes that Spoil the Grapes, Is. House and Home Papers, Is. The Pearl of Orr's Island, Illustrated by Gilbert, 5s. The Minister's Wooing. Illustrated by Phiz, 5».
Page 290 - The Black Country and its Green Border Land ; or, Expeditions and Explorations round Birmingham, Wolverhampton, &c. By Elihu Burritt. Second and cheaper edition, post 8vo. 6s. A Walk from London to John O'Groats, and from London to the Land's End and Back. With Notes by the Way. By Elihu Bnrritt.
Page 289 - Remarkable Life and Discoveries of Sebastian Cabot, of Bristol, the Founder of Great Britain's Maritime Power, Discoverer of America and its First Colonizer. By JF Nicholls. City Librarian, Bristol. Square crown 8vo.
Page 292 - Great Fun and More Fun for our Little Friends. By Harriet Myrtle. With Edward Wehnert's Pictures. 2 vols. each 5s. BELLKS LETTRES, FICTION, &c. LD Town Folks. By the Author of
Page 288 - A very handsome volume in its typographical externals, and a very useful companion to those who, when a quotation is aptly made, like to trace it to its source, to dwell on the minuticE of its application, and to find it illustrated with choice parallel passages from English and Latin authors." — Times. "A book well worth adding to one's library.

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