Compendium of Regional Diagnosis in Affections of the Brain and Spinal Cord: A Concise Introduction to the Principles of Clinical Localization in Diseases and Injuries of the Central Nervous System

Rebman, 1914 - 222 pages
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Page 223 - Tumours, and other circumscribed Lesions of the Brain. By Bernard Hollander, MD With Preface by Dr. Jul. Morel, late Belgian State Commissioner in Lunacy.
Page 51 - Quadriceps Gracilis Adductor brevis Obturator ext. Adduct. magn. Adduct. minim. Articularis gen. Semitendinosus Semimembranosus Biceps femoris Tibialis ant.
Page 36 - The fourth chapter discusses the various theories that have been put forward to account for the internal architecture of the adult long bones.
Page 53 - M. supraspinatus M. infraspinatus M. latissimus dors. M. teres major M. subscapularis M. deltoideus M. teres minor M. biceps brach. M. coracobrachialis M. brachialis int. M. pronator teres M. flexor carpi rad. M. palm. long. M. flex. digit. sublim. M. flex. poll. long. M. flex. digit. prof. (radiale Hälfte) M.
Page 46 - Anterior root lesions, . . . unless very extensive, merely weaken and do not completely paralyze the muscle, owing to the fact that, as a rule, the muscle is innervated from several roots.
Page 102 - It innervates all the external muscles of the eye except the external rectus and the superior oblique...
Page 209 - ... cases can only be described as variable. Disorders of sensation were noticed in only nine of the entire twenty-eight cases. These disorders of sensation are what Bing calls direct thalamic symptoms, being dependent upon the function of the thalamus, which he calls "the great connecting station . . . through which practically the whole of the sensory tracts must pass before diverging to the cortex.
Page 54 - M. tibialis ant. M. extens. digit. long. M. extens. hall. long. M. extens. digit. brev. M. extens. hall. brev. Mm. peronei M. gastrocnemius\ | M. soleus / M. tibialis post.
Page 53 - M. flex, digit. (radial portion) M. abduct, poll. brev. M. flex. poll. brev. M. opponens poll. M. flexor carpi uln. M. flex, digit, prof. (ulnar portion) M. adductor poll. Mm.
Page 96 - ... which terminate in two nuclei, the ascending branches in the ventral nucleus, the descending branches in the dorsal nucleus. The ventral or accessory nucleus lies between the cochlear and vestibular divisions ventrally to the restiform body. The dorsal nucleus, often called the acoustic tubercle, forms a rounded projection on the lateral and dorsal aspects of the restiform body. From these two nuclei new relays of fibres start, and cross the median raphe (where they form the trapezium) to run...

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