After the Gold Rush: Creating a True Profession of Software Engineering

Microsoft Press, 1999 - 182 pages
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Steve McConnell - a leader in defining software engineering's best practices - asserts that software development is entering a new era. Now's the time, McConnell says, for the industry to take notice and take action - and establish a true profession of software engineering. But are you ready?
Through a new collection of essays, After the Gold Rush examines the state of the industry - and the critical developments already in motion that are shaping the future of professional software development.
Whether you're a programmer, student, manager, educator, or public-policy maker, After the Gold Rush illuminates your role - and your stake - in formalizing the software engineering profession. And it describes the essential next steps in developing this new world of higher productivity, lower costs, and better software.

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Software Dinosaurs
Orphans Preferred
Software Engineering Is Not Computer Science
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Steve McConnell is president and chief software engineer at Construx Software.

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