The Present Condition of Mexico: Message from the President of the United States in Answer to Resolution of the House of the 3d of March Last, Transmitting Report from the Department of State Regarding the Present Condition of Mexico

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1862 - 434 pages

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Page 138 - America has devolved upon me the charge of making known to you, for the information of the government of the United States, the sentiments entertained by his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, upon the existing relations of the two countries.
Page 187 - The undersigned, Secretary of State of the United States, has the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the note of Sir Charles R.
Page 1 - I transmit a report from the Secretary of State and the documents by which it was accompanied. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. WASHINGTON, April 75, 1862.
Page 27 - The supreme power of the Federation is divided for its exercise into legislative, executive and judicial. Two or more of these powers shall never be united in one person or corporation, nor shall the legislative power be vested in one individual except in the case of extraordinary powers granted to the executive, in accordance with the provisions of Article 29.
Page 140 - In the name of God and by the authority of the Mexican people. The Representatives of the different States, of the District, and of the Territories which compose the Republic of Mexico, called...
Page 208 - The President, however, deems it his duty to express to the allies, in all candor and frankness, the opinion that no monarchical government which could be founded in Mexico, in the presence of foreign navies and armies in the waters and upon the soil of Mexico, would have any prospect of security or permanency. Secondly, that the instability of such a monarchy there would be enhanced if the throne should be assigned to any person not of Mexican nativity. That under such circumstances the new government...
Page 28 - The citizens of both countries, respectively, shall be exempt from compulsory service in the army or navy; nor shall they be subjected to any other charges, or contributions, or taxes, than such as are paid by the citizens of the States in which they reside.
Page 140 - THE RIGHTS OF MAN. Article 1. The Mexican people recognize that the rights of man are the basis and the object of social institutions.
Page 8 - You will not fail to assure the government of Mexico that the President neither has, nor can ever have, any sympathy with such designs, in whatever quarter they may arise, or whatever character they may take on.
Page 145 - Zacatecas, is incorporated in San Luis Potosi. The municipalities of Ojo Caliente and San Francisco de los Adames, which have belonged to San Luis, as well as the towns of Nueva, Tlaxcala and San Andres del Teul, which have belonged to Jalisco, are incorporated in Zacatecas.

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