The Rudiments of Civil Engineering: For the Use of Beginners [and, The Rudiments of Hydraulic Engineering, Volumes 1 à 2


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Page 100 - MATHEMATICS FOR PRACTICAL MEN: Being a Commonplace Book of Pure and Mixed Mathematics. Designed chiefly for the use of Civil Engineers, Architects and Surveyors. By OLINTHUS GREGORY, LL.D., FRAS, Enlarged by HENRY LAW, CE 4th Edition, carefully Revised by JR YOUNG, formerly Professor of Mathematics, Belfast College.
Page 4 - The High-Pressure Steam Engine. THE HIGH-PRESSURE STEAM ENGINE ; an Exposition of its Comparative Merits, and an Essay towards an Improved System of Construction, adapted especially to secure Safety and Economy. By Dr. ERNST ALBAN, Practical Machine Maker, Plau, Mecklenberg.
Page 7 - Ensamples of railway making; which, although not of English practice, are submitted, with practical illustrations, to the civil engineer, and the British and Irish public.
Page 82 - By Payne's process, patented in 1841, the timber is enclosed in a close iron vessel in which a vacuum is formed. A solution of sulphate of iron is then admitted into the vessel, which instantly insinuates itself into all the pores of the wood, previously freed from air by the vacuum, and after about a minute's exposure, impregnates its entire substance. The sulphate of iron is then withdrawn, and another solution, of muriate of lime, thrown in. The two salts then react upon each other and form two...
Page 6 - Fig. 6585, somewhat in the form of a very flat V, the point being in the centre of the road, and the drains making an acute angle with the line of the road, in the direction in which it falls. The amount of this angle should not be greater than is shown in Fig.
Page 100 - THE GREAT BRITAIN ATLANTIC STEAM SHIP of 3500 tons, constructed of iron, with engines of 1000 to 2000 horsepower, and the screw propeller; with scales and figured dimensions to all the parts.
Page 6 - An historical, statistical, and scientific account of the railways of Belgium from 1834 to 1842.
Page 3 - BOULTON AND WATT ENGINE. 1. General elevation of the engine, main pump, air vessel, &c., with longitudinal section of the engine-house and well. Elevation of the cylinder, air-pump, and condenser, with transverse section of the engine-house through the cold water cistern. 2. Longitudinal section of the engine-house and engine, main pump, air vessel, &c., to an enlarged scale. 3. Plan of the boiler-house and two boilers, showing the grates and seating of one boiler and section of another through the...
Page 100 - MATHEMATICS FOR PRACTICAL MEN: Being a Common-Place Book of Principles, Theorems, Rules, and Tables, in various departments of Pure and Mixed Mathematics, with their Applications ; especially to the pursuits of Surveyors, Architects, Mechanics, and Civil Engineers, with numerous Engravings. By OLINTHUS GREGORY, LLD $1.50.
Page 98 - Tools of modern invention ; first published by ROBERT BUCHANAN, M,E.; afterwards improved and edited by THOMAS TREDGOLD. CE ; and now re-edited, with the improvements of the present age, by GEORGE RENNIE, FRS, CE, &c., &c.

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