A history of the fortress of Malta


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Page 207 - ... 7. — The inhabitants of the islands of Malta and Gozo shall be allowed, the same as before, the free exercise of the Catholic, Apostolical, and Roman religion : their privileges and property shall likewise remain inviolate, and they shall not be subject to any extraordinary taxes. Article 8. — All civil acts passed during the government of the Order, shall still remain valid.
Page 206 - Commander-in-chief, shall be permitted to return to their own country, and their residence in Malta shall be considered in the same light as if they inhabited France. The French Republic will likewise use its influence with the Cisalpine. Ligurian, Roman, and Helvetian Republics, that this third article may remain in force for the Knights of those several nations.
Page 206 - Article 5. — The French Republic shall employ its credit with the different powers, that the knights of each nation may be allowed to exercise their right over the property of the Order of Malta, situated in their dominions.
Page 166 - ... send you twenty flags taken by our armies at the battles of Wachau, Leipzig and Hanau; it is a homage which I am pleased to render you. 1 wish you to consider it as a proof of my great satisfaction with your conduct during the regency which I entrusted to you. This letter having no other purpose, I pray God that He may have you in His holy and worthy keeping. "(Signed) NAPOLEON.
Page 118 - British blood can be poured forth like water in the defence of that rock which the common consent of Europe has entrusted to her hands. On such a day the memory of this great siege 'will have its due effect, and those ramparts, already bedewed with so much noble blood, will again witness deeds of heroism, such as shall rival, if they cannot excel, the glories of the great struggle of 1565.CHAPTER VI.
Page 25 - ... their convent there. Up to this time their organisation had been entirely military, but now that they were settled in the island of Rhodes they found themselves compelled to change their tactics, and to adopt a maritime career. They fitted out galleys with which to protect the commerce of the East from the depredations of the Infidel corsairs, who swarmed in those seas. The pirates of the Levant were at that time the scourge of the Mediterranean ; and, as the order of St. John constituted themselves...
Page 4 - Malta," says one, "owes all her grandeur and wealth to the order." Colonel Porter has said, " the fortress of Malta must ever stand an enduring record and proud memorial of that illustrious fraternity, beneath whose sway the island was raised from a barren and inhospitable rock to the proud position of the most powerful stronghold and artificial fortress in the world.
Page 231 - ... time greatly distressed by the want of provisions; when, on a sudden, they quickened their motions, and showed they were in earnest determined to accomplish the ruin of Prussia : their first act of hostility was the attack of Memel, which surrendered ; and by the articles of capitulation it was agreed that the garrison should march out with all the honors of war, after having engaged not to serve against the empress or any of her allies for the space of one year. 5. His Prussian majesty, justly...
Page 10 - Admission to this grade was only granted to those who could produce satisfactory proofs of the nobility of their descent. Every candidate must have already received the accolade of knighthood from secular hands, before he could be enrolled as a Knight of Justice in the Order of St. John.* The second class comprised the strictly ecclesiastical portion of the convent, and at a somewhat later period was...

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