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lotine-Emigrants murdered, said to be 2700-Takes 60,000 pri-
soners-Madame Elizabeth and multitudes of others sent to the
guillotine-Robertspierre, in his turn, becomes an object of fear
and jealousy-He is charged and executed in a few hours, without
trial-The convention new modelled, and the system of terror
gives way to one of greater moderation-Lyons restored-The
Jacobin society dissolved-Surprising success in Spain-She for-
sakes her allies and joins with France-The United Provinces in-
vaded and subdued-The convention pass a decree for tolerating
all religions-The war continues and is translated into Italy un-
der Gen. Buonaparte-The Pope threatened with destruction in
his ancient city-By a humiliating submission he diverts the
storm for the present-Venice with her fleet and arsenals
seized, under the mask of friendship-Bartered away to the em-
peror of Austria-Letter describing their sufferings-The empe-
ror alarmed, delivers up the key of Italy to the directory-Italy
formed into two republics, and constitutions given them by Buona-
parte-Bad example of the emperor of Austria-Buonaparte finds
excuses to seize the city of Rome-Dethrone and imprison the
pope and some of his cardinals, &c-Projects an invasion of Great
Britain-Preparative to which, he invades the Swiss cantons and
revolutionizes Switzerland-Extract of a letter describing their
distresses-A letter from the celebrated Lavator-Official note,
delivered by the Swiss minister plenipotentiary-The war exten-
ded to the cities of the nations which fell-Ecclesiastical hierar-
chy of France-An awful instance of the uncertainty of all human
things-Particulars of its numbers, riches, and importance-This
mighty mass laid in ruins-The enmity of the French government
was manifestly against the whole Christian system-The massacre
of the Carmes-Report of deplomatic committee-Acts and prin-
ciples of this strange and uncommon government, called a republic
-A Frenchman's description of the distress of his country-The
great events of this government are thus brought down from 1760
to 1798, though very imperfectly-The concentration of the marks
or signs, designated by divine wisdom and foreknowledge-It an-
swers the predictions of Sacred Writ, as if a history of facts since
their rise-Particulars enumerated-Loss of Italy in men and mo-
ney-By the policy of this government many have been destroyed
-Craft has prospered-But the most unequivocal mark, is, that by
peace it has destroyed many-This is an uncommon and unnatural
mark of character, peculiar to this government-Can scarcely be
mistaken-The same government of a fierce countenance, called
by Daniel the king of the north-Recapitulation-Character of
Gen. Buonaparte-The Scripture denunciation verified-Extract
from Bishop Hurd-Four conséquences still to follow-Roman
editors of Bible, substitute Greece or Cuthith, instead of Rome—
Resurrection of witnesses to be expected-France the dekaton-
Archbishop Usher, Mons. Jurieu, Mr. Willison of Dundee, Vi-
tringa and Dr. Goodwin, their opinions-Acts of this government

in a manifesto of the emperor of Germany-Nobility and clergy
reduced to beggary-The empires of the world, carrying on the
secret designs of Almighty God-forming a prophetical chronolo-
gy, when the promissed kingdom of Christ begins and ends-
False Messiahs-Archduke Charles of Austria, his character of
Bounaparte-Here the work is left.


Conclusion from what has appeared-If it has been shewn that

a revelation has been made, opening up the purposes of God for
reconciling the world to himself-to which end different dispen-
sations have been ordained-Fixed ages or eras established-At
the end of the present a more glorious state of things foretold-
Beginning with the second advent of the Messiah-Edward
King's observations-If certain duties are required, essential to
our happiness-We have been warned of the rise of a government
uncommon in all its parts-From the bottomless pit-The slaying
and resurrection of the witnesses-And other signs of the times
-Do not these call aloud on the servants of God to discern these


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signs of the times-The children of God to share in these suffer-
ings-Yet encouraged to hope-Awful address of St. Paul to the
Thessalonians-The destruction coming on the world to be poli-
tical as well as religious-Therefore, every character to consider
-Address to friends of the Roman hierarchy-Mr. Mede on the
the seventh trumpet-When this beast destroyed, the rest will
soon follow-The great day of the battle of Armageddon-The
great city divided into three parts-The cities of the nations fall

The beast and the kings of the earth make war against him who
sat on the throne-The Old Testament bears witness to this aw-
ful period-Mr. Mede on the fourth and fifth vial-How far this
prophesy has been fulfilled-Particulars of the destruction of Rome
by John-Mystical Babylon to have her Euphrates-These facts
sufficient to alarm European governments-Protestant nations
also deeply concerned-These governments belong to the Heaven
and earth of Papal Rome-They have the mark of the beast-
Slave trade-Observations of a pious writer-The United States

of America have also reason to fear-Congress establishing their

seal and flag-America has greatly departed from original prin-

ciples Address to her citizens-William Penn, a servant of

Christ-Maryland settled by the persecuted-They also to an-

swer for the slave trade-Antichrists in America-The latter

times of the Roman government nearly accomplished-They have

the free use of Revelation-The witnesses of God with them in a

living state-Blessed with political freedom-The ordinances of

the Gospel-Public worship a most complete example of genuine

freedom and equality-Mrs. Barbauld's elegant description of it-

Are favoured with the Scriptures and Men of piety and learning-

Prophesies now closing to a point-What prophesy is-Jerusalem

trodden down of the Gentiles-State of the Jews-The times of

the Gentiles drawing to an end-Pretended philosophers laugh

at these doctrines-Peter's admonition to them-The question

of the second advent herein fully established-Porteus, bishop of

London, his opinion-No pretensions to determine the time with

precision further than it will not exceed the year 6000-Have no

knowledge but from the Scriptures-Sufficient has appeared to

assure us that many of the preliminary steps have taken place-

The Roman government the fourth kingdom-Jerome's assertion—

Mr. Mede has put the question out of doubt-Rome has received

her death wound-Extract from Sharpe's essays-Events to come

on very fast till the seventh vial-Agree with bishop Newton re-

lating to the unfulfilled prophesies-The doctrine of the Mille-

nium, steers clear of extremes-Address of Christ to his people-

the nations of Europe particularly interested in these events-

Calculated to rouse the friends of Zion, both Christian and Jew

-The last deeply interested-Jonathan Ben Uzziel's opinion of

the four kingdoms-The present generation no excuse for infi-

delity-Christ the prince of the kingdoms of this earth-Address

to the Jews-Philo's character of the Messiah-Objections to

Christ's personal appearance on earth, founded on metaphysical
arguments, passed by as unworthy of notice-The objectors in
the situation of Moses-Dr. Doddridge's comment on Matt. 19th
ch. 28th v.-Whatever Almighty goodness has promised, Almighty
power will effect-The union of the soul with a glorified body, the
perfection of human nature-Kett's opinion on the sleep of the
soul-Words of Scripture repeated-This work finished with a
repetition of the 34th and 35th ch. of Isaiah-And Lowth's notes
And a Psalm of David-Hymn by an unknown hand.

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