Blood and Champagne: The Life and Times of Robert Capa

Macmillan, 2002 - 298 pages
This title looks at the life of one of the most extraordinary photographers of our time, Robert Capa. A Hungarian, he was driven from his country by political oppression and became the greatest war photographer of his generation with his work during the Spanish Civil War. His work during Wolrd War II made him a legend as he covered many of the significant moments of the war, crossing the Atlantic with the first convoys, enduring the London Blitz and following the Allies through North Africa, Italy and then the liberation of France. Founder of Magnum, he was one of the earliest casualties of what would become the Vietnam war, being killed in IndoChina in 1954. He was a friend of Hemingway, Gary Cooper, Gene Kelly, John Huston, lover of Ingrid Bergman.

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BLOOD AND CHAMPAGNE: The Life and Times of Robert Capa

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Fast-paced biography of the daredevil war photographer who died in combat at age 40.Kershaw (Jack London, 1998) relies heavily on Robert Capa's 1947 memoir Slightly Out of Focus and the Richard Whelan ... Consulter l'avis complet

Blood and champagne: the life and times of Robert Capa

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As the title of this fine biography suggests, Robert Capa's life represented a curious blend of danger and glamour. One of the most highly celebrated war photographers of the century, Capa (1914-54 ... Consulter l'avis complet

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