European Television Discourse in Transition

Helen Kelly-Holmes
Multilingual Matters, 1999 - 84 pages
As we enter the age of digital television with its potential offering of five hundred channels, this volume addresses the implications of the rapidly changing television environment: for societies, for groups, for identities, for communication, for our sense of time, space, place, for education, for language, for genres, for our whole way of life.

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Table des matières

The Debate
Home and Away Television Discourse in Transition
Legislators and Interpreters in the New Television
Media Literacy in the Third Age of Television
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À propos de l'auteur (1999)

Helen Kelly-Holmes is a lecturer in German in the School of Languages and European Studies, Aston University, Birmingham. Her main research interests include intercultural aspects of market and media discourses (in particular advertising) and how these relate to identities and perceptions of identities.

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