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arriba en cuanto á la Comision residente en la Posesion de Su Magestad Católica en el caso de muerte del juez ó árbitro Británico; concediéndose igualmente en este caso apelacion á la Comision residente en la Posesion de Sua Magestad Católica; y en general todas las disposiciones del primer caso son aplicables al presente.

Las altas Partes Contratantes se convienen en llenar cuanto antes sea posible las vacantes que ocurran en dichas comisiones, por muerte ó por otra causa. Y en el caso de que la vacante de cualquiera de los Comisionados Españoles en las Posesiones Británicos, o de los Comisionados Británicos en la Posesion Española, no esten llenas despues del término de siete meses para América y doce para Africa, los buques que sean llevados á dichas Posesiones respectivamente dejarán de tener el derecho susodicho de apelacion.

Hecho en Madrid á 23 de Setiembre del año de nuestro Señor 1817.




manner as above-specified for the Commission resident in the Possession of His Catholic Majesty, in the event of the death of the British judge or arbitrator; an appeal being in this case likewise allowed to the Commission resident in the Possession of His Catholic Majesty; and in general, all the provisions of the former case being to be applied to the present.

The high Contracting Parties have agreed to supply, as soon as possible, the vacancies that may arise in the above-mentioned Commissions, from death or any other cause; and in case that the vacancy of any of the Spanish Commissioners in the British Possessions, or of the British Commissioners in the Spanish Possession be not supplied at the end of the term of seven months for America and of twelve for Africa, the vessels which shall be brought to the said Possessions respectively, shall cease to have the right of appeal above-stipulated.

Done at Madrid, the 23d day of September, in the year of our Lord, 1817.





TREATY between Great Britain and Sweden. Signed at Upsal, 11th April (9th May), 1654.*

(Translation from the Latin.)

I. That from henceforth there be and remain a good, firm, sincere, and perpetual peace, amity, alliance, and correspondence between the Protector and Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the Queen and Kingdom of Sweden, and all and singular their Dominions, Kingdoms, Countries, Provinces, Islands, Plantations, Lands, Cities, Towns, People, Citizens, and generally all their subjects and inhabitants, so that each part treat and use the other with all real friendship and affection.

II. The said Confederates, their people, subjects and inhabitants shall, as opportunity is offered, take care of, and promote the welfare of each other; and shall advertise each other, upon knowledge thereof, of all imminent dangers, plots, and conspiracies of enemies against the other; and, as much as in them lies, oppose and hinder the same. Neither shall the one Confederate, either by himself, or any else, treat of, act, or attempt any thing to the prejudice and disadvantage of the other, his lands or dominions, in whatsoever place, whether at sea or land; nor shall any way assist the rebels or enemies of the other, to the damage of the Confederate, nor receive, or entertain within His Dominions, any rebel or Traitor, who shall attempt any thing against the other's State, much less afford them any counsel, help, or favor, or permit it to be done by any of His subjects, people, and inhabitants.

* Renewed by Article II of the Treaty of Orebro, 1812.

III. The said Protector and Commonwealth, and the said Queen and Kingdom, shall take diligent care, that, as much as in them lies, all impediments and obstacles be removed, which have hitherto interrupted the freedom of navigation, and commerce, as well between both nations, as with other people and countries within the Dominions, lands, seas, and rivers of either, and shall sincerely endeavour to assert, maintain, defend, and promote the aforesaid liberty of navigation and commerce, against all the disturbers thereof, by such ways and means, as either in this present Treaty, or hereafter shall be agreed upon; neither shall they suffer, that either by themselves, their subjects and people, or through their default, any thing be done or committed contrary hereunto.

IV. That either of the aforesaid Confederates, Their people and subjects, may, without any safe conduct, licence, general or special, freely and securely go and enter by land or sea, in and to the Kingdoms, Countries, Provinces, Lands, Islands, Cities, Villages, Towns, whether walled or unwalled, fortified, or otherwise, havens, and whatsoever Dominions of the other, and there stay and from thence return or pass through; and in the same places, upon just prices to procure, and have provision of victuals, for their use and sustenance, and to be used with all friendly offices; and that either Confederate, Their people and subjects, may trade and have commerce in all places where commerce hath hitherto been exercised, in what goods and merchandizes they please, and may freely import and export the same, paying the customs which are due; and conforming themselves to the laws and ordinances of the said Commonwealth and Kingdom, whether the same respect, trade, or any other right; which presupposed, the people, subjects, and inhabitants of both Confederates, shall have and enjoy in each other's Kingdoms, Countries, Lands and Dominions, as large and ample privileges, relaxations, liberties and immunities, as any other foreigner at present doth, or hereafter shall enjoy there.

V. No merchants, captains, and masters of ships, mariners, nor any persons, ships, goods, or merchandize, belonging to either Confederate, shall upon any public, or private account, by virtue of any edict general or special, within any the lands, havens, sea

roads, coasts or Dominions of the other, for any public service or expedition of war, or any other cause, much less for any private use, be seized, embarked, arrested, forced by violence or be any way molested or injured; provided only such arrests, as are conformable to justice and equity be not hereby prohibited, so be it they are made according to the ordinary course of law, and not granted upon private affection or partiality, but are requisite for the administration of right and justice.


VI. In case any of the ships of either Confederate, whether of war or merchants, belonging to the subjects, and people of either, be by occasion of tempests, pursuit of pirates and enemies, or any other urgent necessity constrained to put into each other's havens, roads, or shores, they shall be received there with all kindness and humanity, and enjoy all friendly protection, and be permitted to refresh themselves and procure, at a reasonable price, all things needful for their sustenance, reparation, or use; neither shall they be hindered from going out of the said ports or roads, at their pleasure, without paying any customs or duties; provided they do nothing contrary to the laws, ordinances, and customs of the place, which the said ships shall enter into or abide in.

VII. In like manner, if any ship or ships, whether public or private, belonging to either Confederate, Their people and subjects, shall, within any the coasts or Dominions of the other, stick upon the sands, or be forced to lighten their burden, or be wrecked or suffer any damage, all friendly help and relief, shall be given them upon a competent reward. And whatever shall be remaining of the goods thrown overboard or after shipwreck, or any other damage sustained, shall be kept in safe custody, and restored to the owner, or whom the said owner shall appoint.

VIII. In case the people and subjects on either part, whether they be merchants, factors, or servants, masters of ships, mariners or such others, who travel and inhabit within the Dominions of the other, or those who act on their behalf before any Court of Judicature for the recovery of their debts, or for other lawful occasions, shall stand in need of the magistrate's help, the same shall be readily, and according to the equity of their cause, in friendly manner granted them, and justice shall be administered

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