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"One hand on Scythia, th' other on the More."-SPENSER.




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Akbar's Revenue Settlements. -"B itain's Destiny: Growth or Decay?"
-"Industrial Depression: its Cause and Cure.' "National or
International Currency?"-The Importance of Oriental Classical
Studies. British Central Africa Protectorate.-Uganda Protec-
torate. Federated Malay States.-Livingstone College, Leyton,
London, E.

The Mahábhárata: A Criticism, by C. V. Vaidyá, M.A., LL.B., Hon.

Fellow of the University of Bombay.-The Emancipation of Egypt,

by A. Z. Translated from the Italian. -The Historical Develop-

ment of the Qor'án, by the Rev. Edward Sell, D.D., Honorary

Canon of St. George's Cathedral, Madras, Fellow of the University

of Madras.-River, Land, and Sun, being Sketches of the London

Church Missionary Society's Egypt Mission, by Minna C. Gollock.

-A Catechism of Tamil Grammar, No. 2, by the Rev. G. U. Pope,

M.A., D.D., Lecturer in Tamil and Telugu in the University of

Oxford, etc.-The Far Eastern Tropics: Studies in the Adminis-

tration of Tropical Dependencies, by Alleyne Ireland, F.R.G.S.—

The Risen Sun, by Baron Suyematsu.-John of Damascus, by

Douglas Ainslie. -Les Mémoires Historiques de Se-ma Ts'ien.

Translated and annotated by Édouard Chavannes, Professor at the

College of France.-Le Shinn-toïsme, by Michel Revon, formerly

Professor of French Law at the Imperial University, Tōkyō.-A

History of Ottom in Poetry, by the late E. J. W. Gibb. Edited

by Edward G. Browne, M.A., M.B., Sir Thomas Adams Professor

of Arabic and Fellow of Pembroke College in the University of

Cambridge.-Hebrew Humour, and other Essays, by J. Chotzner,

Ph.D., late Hebrew Tutor at Harrow.-The Private Diary of

Ananda Ranga Pillai, Dubash to Joseph François Dupleix. Trans-

lated from the Tamil, by order of the Government of Madras, by

Sir E. Frederick Price, K.C.S.I., assisted by K. Rangachari, B. A.

Vol. I.-Historical and Modern Atlas of the British Empire.

Specially prepared for Students by C. Grant Robertson, M. A.,

Oxon, Fellow of All Souls' College, Oxford, and J. G. Bartholomew,

F.R.S.E., F.R.G.S.-China and Religion, by E. H. Parker,

Professor of Chinese at the Victoria University of Manchester.-

From the Cape to the Zambesi, by G. T. Hutchinson.
With an

introduction by Colonel F. Rhodes, C.B., D.S.O.; with many

illustrations from photographs by Colonel Rhodes and the author.

-Muhammad and the Rise of Islám, by D. S. Margoliouth. —

Tibet and Turkestan: A Journey through Old Lands and a Study

of New Conditions, by Oscar Terry Crosby, F.R.G.S.-An Abridged

Translation into English of Ibn Isfandiyar's History of Tabaristan,

by E. G. Browne, M.A., M. B.-Das religiose Leben des Hindus,

von Ad. Stiegelmann ("Christenthum und Zeitgeist," Hefte zu

Glauben und Wissen, Heft VI.).—The Gold and Silver Wares of

Assam: A Monograph, by F. C. Henniker, I.C.S.-A Monograph

on Gold and Silver Ware produced in the United Provinces, by

A. P. Charles, Esq., B.A., I.C.S.

The Jātaka; or, Stories of the Buddha's former Births. Translated from

the Pali by various hands under the editorship of Professor E. B.

Cowell. Vol. V. Translated by H. T. Francis, M.A., sometime

Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.-The Lands of

the Eastern Caliphate: Mesopotamia, Persia, and Central Asia,

from the Moslem Conquest to the time of Timur ("Cambridge

Geographical Series "), by G. le Strange.-A Tamil Prose Reader,

by the Rev. G. U. Pope, M.A., D.D., Balliol College, Oxford.--

Géographie de l'Empire de Chine (Cours Superieur), by Rev. L.

Richard, S.J. (Hia Chï-shï).—The Philosophy of the Upanishads,

by Paul Deussen, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy in the University

of Kiel. Authorized English translation by Rev. A. S. Geden,

M.A., Tutor in Old Testament Languages, Literature, and Classics,

Wesleyan College, Richmond.--With the Abyssinians in Somali-

land, by Major J. Willes Jennings, D.S Ó., R. A. M.C., and

Christopher Addison, M.D. With a preface by Colonel A. N.

Rochfort, C. B.-Shinto the Way of the Gods, by W. G. Aston,

C. M.G., D. Lit. -Part I. of the Tadhkiratu 'L-Awliyá ("Memoirs

of the Saints") of Muhammad ibn Ibráhím Faridu' DDin 'Attár.




Asiatic Quarterly Review,


JANUARY, 1906.



THE brief Report on the recent history of Tea Culture in Assam, lately issued as a Blue-book by Mr. Kershaw for the Government of Assam, accompanied by voluminous returns for the year 1904, is a record of work that may well make us feel proud of our race. Read with the "Tea and Coffee" Blue-book laid before the Imperial Parliament by the Board of Trade in August last, it shows the planting community of India bravely and resolutely struggling against the most intolerable fiscal oppression-oppression that is all the more galling because it is gratuitous and unnecessary, benefiting no one, hated even by those who impose it, and maintained simply in deference to the fanatical prejudices of the slaves of an antiquated and obsolete economic fetish.

Like all other Indian producers, the tea-planter contributes heavily to the Imperial exchequer of India, not merely, or even mainly, in the shape of the direct taxation. imposed upon him, but indirectly by reason of the currency and exchange policy of the Government. Everyone is agreed that this policy is a right and necessary one for India, and therefore for the Empire; but due consideration should be shown towards the interests that suffer from its



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