The Radon Transform and Some of Its Applications

Courier Corporation, 1 oct. 2007 - 295 pages
Of value to mathematicians, physicists, engineers, and medical imaging scientists this excellent introduction to Radon transform covers both theory and applications. It also features a rich array of examples and literature that forms a valuable reference. The author, a professor in the Department of Physics at the University of South Florida, wrote this pioneering work  in 1983. This edition is his revised and updated version.
In addition to presenting background on the properties of the Radon transform itself--complete with examples that demonstrate the more subtle points--this book illustrates numerous applications and offers extensive guidance to related literature. Beginning with major applications in medicine, optics, astronomy, and other fields, it progresses to formal definitions of the transform and related properties. Subsequent chapters cover relationships with other transforms, inversion, series methods, and recent developments. Clear, easy to read, and well organized, the mathematical treatment is accessible to a wide audience. Helpful appendixes include a translation of the 1917 paper by J. Radon that announced the transform's discovery, plus practical information on generalized and special functions.

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