A manual of Gothic mouldings


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Page 229 - Manual of Natural History for the Use of Travellers ; being a Description of the Families of the Animal and Vegetable Kingdoms, with Remarks on the Practical Study of Geology and Meteorology. To which are appended Directions for Collecting and Preserving. By ARTHUR ADAMS. MRCS ; W.
Page 224 - Practical Hints respecting Moths and Butterflies, with Notices of their Localities; forming a Calendar of Entomological Operations throughout the Year, in pursuit of Lepidoptera. By RICHARD SHIELD.
Page 230 - Natural History of the County of Stafford; comprising its Geology, Zoology, Botany, and Meteorology: also its Antiquities, Topography, Manufactures, &c. By ROBERT GARNER, FLS 8vo, with a Geological Map and other Illustrations, 21s.
Page 229 - Anatomical Manipulation ; or, The Methods of pursuing Practical Investigations in Comparative Anatomy and Physiology. Also an Introduction to the Use of the Microscope, &c. By ALFRED TULK, MRCS, MES ; and ARTHUR HENFREY, FLS, M.Micr.S.
Page 227 - GEOLOGICAL INQUIRY RESPECTING THE WATER-BEARING STRATA OF THE COUNTRY AROUND LONDON, with reference especially to the Water Supply of the Metropolis, and including some Remarks on Springs. By JOSEPH PRESTWICH, FGS, &o. 8vo, with a Map and Woodcuts, 8».
Page 33 - The invention of the pointed bowtell, contemporaneously with the pointed arch, opened the way to a great number of new forms, all more or less referable to this common origin, and all used with the most refined taste in varying the members of complex Early English groupings.
Page 232 - MANUAL OF GOTHIC MOLDINGS. A Practical Treatise on their formations, gradual development, combinations, and varieties ; with full directions for copying them, and for determining their dates. Illustrated by nearly 600 examples. By FA PALEY, MA Second Edition, 8vo, 7».
Page 231 - Elements of Practical Knowledge ; or, The Young Inquirer Answered. Explaining in Question and Answer, and in familiar language, what most things daily used, seen, or talked of, are ; what they are made of, where found, and to what uses applicd.
Page 228 - THE AQUARIAN NATURALIST: a Manual for the Sea-side. By Professor T. RYMER JONES, FRS Post 8vo, 544 pp., with 8 Coloured Plates, 18».
Page 231 - Illustrations of Arts and manufactures; being a Selection from a Series of Papers read before the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce. By ARTHUR AIKIN, FLS, FGS, &c., late Secretary to that Institution. Foolscap 8vo, 8*. The Poor Artist; or, Seven Eye-Sights and One Object. "SCIENCE IN FABLE.

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