JFK - An American Coup: The Truth Behind the Kennedy Assassination

John Blake Publishing, 4 nov. 2013 - 300 pages

Ever since President John F Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas fifty years ago various theories have swirled around what was a key event in American - and world - history. JFK’s death affected the Cold War, Vietnam, and the economic and social history of the United States. Whatever the conclusions of the US official Warren Report - that the President had been assassinated by a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald - many people doubt that to be true. Indeed, President Nixon later admitted on tape that the report was ‘a hoax committed on the American people.’

John Hughes-Wilson, a former colonel in British Intelligence, set out in 2007 to go through the millions of words and thousands of pieces of evidence, to put together an intelligence jigsaw of what really happened that dreadful high noon in Dallas in 1963. The result is a dramatic exposure of what really happened and a clear indication that, while some of the pieces of that jigsaw may be missing, the truth is emerging. While the US Federal Archive still keeps a million documents relating to the case under lock and key, he has uncovered enough information available for us now to see the overall picture. It is beyond reasonable doubt that Jack Kennedy was the victim of a plot to remove the President of the United States. John Hughes-Wilson highlights the facts behind:The myth of ‘Camelot’Jack Kennedy’s insatiable sex lifeWhy Marilyn Monroe had to be silencedHow the President was blackmailed by J Edgar HooverLBJ’s corrupt and murderous secretsHow the Kennedys secretly planned a coup in CubaHow a hero of the revolution wanted to work for the CIAWhy Israel and the White House were openly at loggerheadsMHow the Mafia manipulated politicians and the CIARogue elements in the CIAHow the assassination was covered up- and whyWhat the KGB discovered

Reading this book no-one can be in any doubt that JFK’s life was not at the hands of a lone deranged gunman, but a deadly plot to remove a President who threatened vested interests at home and abroad.

À propos de l'auteur (2013)

Colonel John Hughes-Wilson, the past President of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides, is one of Britain's leading military historians, and a well-reviewed author, broadcaster and commentator on a wide range of intelligence and military historical subjects.

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