Society of the Spectacle

Rebel Press, 1983 - 119 pages
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The Das Kapital of the 20th century. An essential text, and the main theoretical work of the situationists. Few works of political and cultural theory have been as enduringly provocative. From its publication amid the social upheavals of the 1960's up to the present, the volatile theses of this book have decisively transformed debates on the shape of modernity, capitalism, and everyday life in the late 20th century. This new edition is the Ken Knabb translation. Certainly it has the most "modern" design of all three editions, as well as a short new introduction from the translator.

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Some keen insight into late capitalism nonetheless. - Goodreads
God the writing in this was painful to get through. - Goodreads
Very aphorismic writing. - Goodreads

Review: The Society of the Spectacle

Avis d'utilisateur  - Ernest Hogan - Goodreads

McLuhanoid Marxist theory that predicts our information age, and has some very interesting concepts about time that are helping me with some time travel conceptualizing I need for one of my novels. Consulter l'avis complet

Review: The Society of the Spectacle

Avis d'utilisateur  - Jacob - Goodreads

Debord's critique of the spectacle is crazy. If you are willing to trudge through this work (which isn't very long, but very dense), I suspect your view will change in regard to the commodification of ... Consulter l'avis complet

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À propos de l'auteur (1983)

Guy Debord was born in Paris in 1931 and committed suicide in 1994. A Marxist theorist, French writer, poet, filmmaker, hypergraphist and founding member of the groups Letterist International and Situationist International, Debord is best known as the leading theoretician of the situationist movement. His works translated into English include The Society of the Spectacle, Comments on the Society of the Spectacle, and Panegyric.

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