Historical Geology

Cengage Learning, 1 janv. 2015 - 448 pages
Offering comprehensive content for the historical geology course, HISTORICAL GEOLOGY provides students with an understanding of the principles of historical geology and how these principles are applied in unraveling Earth's history. Students will learn and understand the underlying causes of why things happened and the way they did, and how all of Earth's systems and subsystems are interrelated. Students will understand the relevancy of Earth's history as part of a dynamic and complex integrated system, not as a series of isolated and unrelated events
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Table des matières

The Dynamic and Evolving Earth
Minerals and Rocks
Plate Tectonics A Unifying Theory
Geologic Time Concepts and Principles
Rocks Fossils and Time Making Sense of the Geologic Record
Sedimentary Rocks The Archives of Earth History
Evolution The Theory and Its Supporting Evidence
Precambrian Earth and Life History The Hadean and the Archean Eon
Life of the Mesozoic Era
Cenozoic Earth History The Paleogene and Neogene Periods
Cenozoic Earth History The Quaternary Period
Life of the Cenozoic Era
Primate and Human Evolution
EnglishMetric Conversion Chart
Classification of Organisms

Precambrian Earth and Life History The Proterozoic Eon
Early Paleozoic Earth History
Late Paleozoic Earth History
Paleozoic Life History Invertebrates
Paleozoic Life History Vertebrates and Plants
Mesozoic Earth History
Mineral Identification
A Refresher on Structural Geology
Answers to MultipleChoice Review Questions
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