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Prejudices against Religion removed, and

the Practice of Piety and Virtue recom-
mended, as the highest Pleasure and De-

PROVERBS iii. 17.
Her Ways are Ways of Pleasantness, and all

ker Parbs are Peace. P. 345, 363

On the Credibility and Proofs of the Gospel-


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JOHN XX. 30, 31.
And many other Things truly did Jesus in the

Presence of bis Disciples, which are not
written in this Book. But these are writ-
ten, that we might believe that Jesus is the
Christ, the Son of God; and that, be-
lieving, ge might bave Life through bis

P. 379, 401, 427

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On the Delight a good Man bas in the

Contemplation of God and his glorious

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Delight thyself in the Lord, and he shall give

thee the Desires of thine Heart.


F all the Prejudices that are apt to render Men averse to Religion,

there is none, more common, or which hath à more pernicious Influence than this, that they look upon it as an Enemy to the Pleasure and Satisfaction of human Life. They represent it to themselves a gloomy and melancholy Thing, Voli III.



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sour and unfociable, in which no Pleasure or Enjoyment is to be found, nothing that can yield an agreeable Entertainment in this present State. Whilst Perfons are under the Power of such Prejudices, the Arguments and Motives of Religion are in a great Measure loft upon them. When they form such a disagreeable and unamiable Idea of a religious and virtuous Life, as if it were inconsistent with their present Happiness, scarce will the Promise of Heaven itself allure them to it; especially when it is regarded as a State of consummate Holiness and Purity.

It is therefore of great Importance to endeavour to get our Minds divested of these Prejudices against Religion, and brought to a high Estimation of it, and Delight in it; and to this Purpose we should endeavour to fix our Views upon its Excellency and Loveliness, to represent it to our Minds in an agreeable and amiable which is its true and proper Light, and to behold at in its own lovely Form, and in the beautiful Harmony of all its Parts, all conspiring, to entertain the noblest Affections of the human Mind. We should pursue these Reflections till we come to this, as our deliberate fixed Persuasion, that Religion duly known and practised hath a Tendency to promote 3


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