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fitted to promote qur Happiness. What 4 Privilege is it to be allowed, and even commanded, to put our Trust in God, and to call our Caręs upon him, and, amidit all the Changes and Viciffatudes of this mortal Life, to make the Lord Jehovah our. Stay and our Refuge ! This is the best, the most effectual Remedy against anxious Cares, desponding Fears, and fretting Discontents! Happy ...chose, above the rest of Mankind, who, firmly relying on God's all-fufficient Goodness, and on his most gracious Promises, commit rþeir Bodies and Souls, their Concernments for the Life that now is, and for that which is to come, into bis Hands, being persuaded that he wil! order all Things really for the best, and that all his Dispensations are conducted by the steady Rules of infinite Wisdom, Righteousness, and Equity! What inward Peace and Pleasure do such Pessons enjoy, what a folid Contentment and Satisfaction of Mind, to which they are Strangers who live in the Neglect of these excellent Preçepts ! The Lord God is a Sun and Shield; be will give Grace and Glory; no good Thing will be with-bold from them that walk up: rigḥtly. Lord, of Hosts, blessed is the Man that trusteth in thee. Pl. lxxxiv. 11, 12.


Thus I have considered those Affections and Dispositions towards God, which are necessarily included in true Godliness, and in which the Religion of the Heart doth eminently confist. And it plainly appears, that this Part of our Duty is not only perfectly agreeable to right Reason, but is manifestly conducive to our own Happiness, and lays a Colid Foundation for an inward Satisfaction and Delight. What further remaineth to be considered, with Respect to our living godly in this present World, must be reserved for another Discourse,


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On Delighting in the Laws of God.


PSALM cxix. 47.

I will delight myself in thy Commandments,

which I have loved.

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E are now considering that Part of

the Duty required of us in the Divine Law which immediately relateth to God, and which may in the properest Sense be called Godliness. This includeth, as hath been already shewn, our Endeavouring to get our Minds possessed with a strong and lively Persuasion of the Existence, the Perfections, and Providence of God, and with those holy Affections and Dispositions which become reasonable Creatures towards the

supremne fupreme Being ; such as a superlative Love, a profound and filial Reverence, an absolute Submission to his Authority and Resigna-tion to his Will, and an ingenuous steady Trust and Afiance in him.

I now proceed to observe farther, that it is a necessary Part of true Godliness, or of the Duty we owe to God, to render him that religious Wardship which is his Due, and to observe those facred Rites and Ordinances which he hath appointed in bis Word. It is an important part of the Divine Law, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and ķim only shalt thou serve.

This Worshipping of God includeth, as the principai Part of it, an inward Adoration and Devotion : God is & Spirit, faith our Saviour, and they that worfaip him must worskip him in Spirit and in Truth. Our Hearts and Affections, and all the Powers of our Souls, must be engaged, when we pay our religious Homage to that most

pure and perfect Min:1, the Sovereign Lord of the Universe ; and, that we may do this in a proper Manner, we must endeavour to withdraw our Thoughts for a while from our worldly Occupations, Diversions, and Cares, and fix them upon God, realising him to our Minds in his incomparable Majesty, his Greatness, Goodness, and Purity,


Matt. iv. 1.0.


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