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on Earth, and shall be perfectly so in the heavenly State, that World of everlasting Light and Love, where we Mall see him as be is, and shall behold bis Face in Righteousness, and be for ever satisfied with bis Likeness.


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The Works of the Lord are great, fought

of all them that have Pleasure therein.


T is the great Advantage of Religion,

and which should mightily recommead it to our Esteem and Choice, that what it injoins upon us as our Duty is really conducive to our highest Happiness. Of this kind is the Precept we have been considering, which requireth us, to delight ourselves in God. This is a Duty of great Extent. It


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includes in the first Place our Delighting in
the Fulness of his infinite Perfection, and in
those incomparable "Attributes and Excel-
lencies which render him the worthy Ob-
ject of the highest Love, Esteem, and Ad-
piration of all reafonable Beings. Several
of these Perfections and Attributes were
distinctly considered, and it was shewn
that the Contemplation and Belief of those
glorious Perfections of the Deity, and a
Sense of the special Interest which good
Men have in them, must needs furnish, a
pure and noble Satisfaction and Joy to well-
disposed Minds.

I now proceed to observe, that our des
lighting in God does also include our taking
Pleasure in his wonderful Works, as ex-
hibiting the Displays of his Glory. And
indeed this is nearly connected with the
former : Por to delight in God's Works,
in the Senfe which we are now to confi-
der it, is really to delight in his Perfections
as shining forth in his marvellous Works.
But it nray be of use to treat of this Matter
distinctly, and these Words of the Pfalmift
are very apposite to this Purpose : The Works
of the Lord are great, fought out of all
then that have Pleafure therein. It is here
given as the Character of truly good and
religious Persons, that they have Pleasure in


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the Works of God : They seek them out, they make them the chosen Subject of their Contemplations and diligent Researches, not merely to gratify a speculative Curiosity, but that they may be thereby led to love, to reverence, to admire and celebrate the glorious Author.

The Works of the Lord may for the greater Distinctness be distributed under three Heads, each of which, duly considered and improved, will minister just Ground of delighting in him; the Works of Creation, of Providence, and of Redemption.

First, We should delight in God's Works of Creation, i. e. we should delight in contemplating the Discoveries of Glory as fhining forth in the Creation of the World, and the various Orders of Beings in ita The Glory of the Lord, faith the Pfalmist, mall endure for ever : The Lord shall rejoice in bis Works. He is represented as taking a Divine Satisfaction and Complacency in the Works which he hath made, the Contria vances of his own Wisdom, and the Production of his Power and Goodness; and, if we could take a comprehensive View of the great System of Nature, and behold all the Parts of it in their mutual Connections and Dependencies, in their various Relations ta one another and to the Whole, what a ra


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