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which, from interested motives, would level the boundary of these kingdoms, and establish for an axiom, “ Point de Pyrenées !" one glance from the frontier-rocks will suffice, to enable us to comprehend that Nature herself is hostile to the union.

Yearning towards the land of their birth, often in anxious conjecture of the event of the internal strife of distracted Spain, our travellers would while away the hours in discussing news, with which, from their vicinity to the stage of action, they were constantly supplied; and the letters occasionally received from Jayme and Paquita ever came pregnant with fresh and exhilirating hopes for their favourite canse. “ The King," Jayme would write,“ is daily receiving reinforcements from the ranks of his opponents; whilst the Christinos, defeated in every rencontre by the intrepid Zumalacarregui

, (whose star was in the ascendant,) were now supplicating for the aid of mercenaries in their behalf."

Merced's usual promenade was upon the road leading to Bayonne, and wound through a varied scene of wood, hill, and dale. One morning, accompanied, as usual, by her father, she had not proceeded far in the accustomed route before Don Ruy expressed a wish that they should vary their excursion. .

“ You cannot,” archly observed the hidalgo, expect another letter so soon, my child !"

Merced blushed, - her favourite walk had indeed for its object the probability of encountering the Bayonne letter-carrier, and thus acquiring, some few minutes earlier, possession of her lover's correspondence. But she had not openly confessed that such was the cause for her preference of the direction they were taking. Hastily assenting, however, to his proposal, as if to refute the implied insinuation, she turned back with her father in order to take a foot-path leading to the romantic site of the baths of Cambo. But the steady progress of the post-office Mercury had just then brought him in sight of the " jolie Espagnole."

With increased speed he overtook them, and presented Merced with a despatch.

“Another budget !” observed Don Ruy. Faith, child, such close correspondence may subject us to the surveillance of the French police ; and thus Herbert may actually involve you with Louis Philippe !"

“No treason, father, I trust !”

“Very suspicious, nevertheless. What can De Clifford possibly find to say ? I am at a loss to conceive."

“Read, and judge, Sir," said Merced, instantly presenting him the letter with the seal unbroken,-for, on recognising the handwriting, she generally hesitated a moment in conjecture of what Herbert's letter might contain,-as if she wished to lengthen, by anticipation, the pleasure it was calculated to convey.

“ No, daughter !- it was an idle question," said the hidalgo, pressing her hand, and gratified by her confidence-"you are the betrothed wife of Herbert de Clifford, and his authority will speedily supersede your father's. Yet, as the friend of your future husband, I shall be happy to learn that the affairs he quitted us upon are in prosperous train, and the result likely to be satisfactory to all parties. But you shall tell me as much or as little as you please.”

Merced now opened the letter, and read

Herbert de Clifford to Merced de Valmarino.

“ Affairs at length are settled. I leave England to-night, and perhaps shall be with you even before this letter.

“ Events have come to pass which have realized every fond wish of my heart. . Have I deserved so much happiness? One short twelvemonth past, Merced, I was an isolated being — now, Providence has bestowed upon me every blessing I can desire.

“ You are acquainted with much of my story —with circumstances which your delicacy, for my sake, will consign hereafter tɔ oblisionThe memory of one luckless victim,-my illstarred mother,-may still be the honourable theme of our regrets—and I have inherited her name. The venerable authors of her being have bestowed her inheritance upon her child. Success favoured my researches :—the proofs and attestations which Alice Downie voluntarily placed in my power fully revealed the mystery of my birth, -and my lineaments, more faithfully than all, confirmed my identity. Time, which softens resentment, and soothes the deepest pang, had gradually restored my ill-fated mother's memory to the affection of her parents : her death cancelled the sentence of her earthly judges-her sufferings in this world, let us hope, have atoned to the heavenly One. Of kim, to whom I owe my being-my tongue shall never discourse but in prayer

“ With a new name I have inberited an income ample for the enjoyment of life-together

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