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in the conspiracy with Palafox, Van Halen, Calbo de Rozas, and others, has taken up his residence at Paris, where Doña Vicentita,-who thus fortunately escaped, in time, some revelations of implication with the nefarious projects of Montreil, brought to light at his death,—has exchanged political control for that of fashion ; and counts among her adherents the leading exquisites of St. Germain.

Indulgent Reader, farewell! If thus far you have borne with the desultory tale related in the foregoing pages, permit us now to take our respectful leave. Such good company we quit with reluctance. But are we singular in “ loving to hear ourselves talk”? If, therefore, we have not already transgressed too largely upon your patience, we beg to conclude with a paragraph just placed in our hands, and calculated to set at rest the hearts of the tender and sympathizing.


Before going to press, we have to acquaint the reader, that, since the compilation of the above narrative, Herbert Campbell, Esq., (late De Clifford,) is now settled in his native country. A few select friends surround his hospitable board ; and his charming lady, who forms the delight of the circle, is now in that interesting situation which, in the refined terms of this intellectual age, is denominated “ Domestic solicitude."

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